Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Monster Girl Quest. In English!

After checking the blog’s stats page I was surprised to see daily hits holding steady around 800-1000. I expected them to drop off once I’d finished the Locked in with a Succubus serial and especially when I fell off the radar for the last couple of weeks trying to fight off writer’s block.

A quick check of the google search terms reveals most of you are here looking for the Monster Girl Quest game.


That’s *sob* cool. It’s a *sob* cool game. *sob*

Joking aside, I’m really glad the game appears to be picking up a lot of interest. Torotoro Resistance (I hope I’ve got that right) did a fantastic job in creating a complex H-game with a great story to go with the CG sets. That it’s attracted a lot of interest is marvellous, as it means there’s plenty of incentive to get the other chapters done.

(Yep, I’m waiting eagerly for chapter two as well)

Of course, as I set this blog up to promote my books, it would be remiss of me not to point out if you like the many sexy bad endings found in this game, then you will also like my stories. Yeah, I know you’d expect me to say that anyway, but in this case I feel I can do so without a shred of guilt. Writing about sexy, delectable succubi bringing their victims to an ecstatic end is my specialty. If you like the game you WILL like my stories. Give one of my books a try. ;)

In the meantime, in case you weren’t already aware of it, the fantastically hard-working IchigoGyuunyuu/RogueTranslator has finished work on an English translation of the game. Information on which can be found here.


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  2. There's a guy on youtube who's doing a walkthrough of the first chapter of this game.

  3. Really? I can't see that lasting long before youtube pull it. :)

    Ah-ha. Seen it. Big black boxes placed over any offending cocks and boobies. :D

    I'm not sure a walkthrough is so useful for this game. After all, it's losing the battles that's the fun part! :)