Saturday, December 17, 2011

Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 2 is Out!

I was going to do a "While you're waiting for Toro Toro to finish Chapter 2 of Monster Girl Quest, you might also be interested in..." post, but:


For a detailed guide on how to understand what's going on if you (like me, sadly) can't read Japanese, there's my earlier post here. If you'd rather wait for a translated version, I'm sure the ever-busy RogueTranslator will be beavering away on it over the Xmas period. He has a blog now to keep people updated, which is here.

It's great to see the game has already sold nearly 2,000 copies (on the Japanese site) in the first couple of hours. It also makes me think I should really find a way to work some of my ideas into a game rather than only writing books (and maybe keeping Horror-head under tighter control!). :D

As usual I will attempt to ride on Alice's tail like a little remora freeloading scraps. If you like this game, I'm fairly sure you'll also enjoy my books. ;)

Anyway, I think I may be...uh...occupied for this evening.

For...ahem...research purposes. Obviously.


  1. Thanks Hydra, it is a great distraction. Though so far I'm a little disappointed after the first hour. Seems like the artistic quality took a nose dive for simplicity and numbers. Hopefully things later on rectify it.

  2. It seems about the same to me. The artwork for the first game was always a little hit and miss. They get around it with having so much content there's usually something for everyone. :)

  3. Yeap, they meet the standards of the last one. Just a series of misses with many of the plant and slime monsters. Gotta say I like the golem and witch succubus, thanks for catching the release! Now if only each monster had a skilled writer making a background story leading up to each encounter.

  4. The succubus fights all seem to have a lot of extra pictures. Kudos to the artist(s) there. I wonder if the Kenkou Cross pieces were all commissioned in advance a year or so back. He's one of the best artists, but his scenes seem a little static with few pictures compared to some of the other fights.

    I'm near the end of the game and the story seems fairly skilled already to me :). I'll give the game a full review (with no spoilers) here in a couple of days.

    I think I'll attempt a similar project once I find more time between writing projects. The market for plain words alone isn't so large now in the multimedia age :). People expect more. The biggest problem will be assembling people with the right skills. :)