Saturday, January 07, 2012

Follow-up on Robin Scott, Plagiarist

Clicking on the amazon links in the post below now takes you to the lovely realm of amazon's 404, Not Found page. To their credit, amazon were very prompt in taking down the stolen work after I contacted them.

Sadly Robin Scott is still active--still tweeting on twitter, still posti...stealing stories. I know most of the other stories she has on amazon are taken from as well, but they're not my stories, so I can't do anything about it. It's up to the respective authors to take action. I did, however, take the liberty of contacting the authors whose work I recognised with details of what they needed to do... ;)

If you recognise one of her books as work you posted previously to Literotica, contact with links to the stolen work, your story on Literotica and I also included a link to my author page as it shows the date when the story was first published online.

Anyway, hopefully that's the end of my involvement in this and I can get back to other things. Like this...

(Yes, I know you'd rather see Succubus Summoning 201...I'm getting there... ;) )


  1. I kinda hope this thief would get caught, fined, and reprimanded. Any profit that he/she makes is a reward and only being taken off amazon will unlikely change the behavior.

    Glad to see the Suc 101 and I can't wait to see how things progress with 201. Sometimes I wonder though, is it hard to work on? I figure with such resounding success from the first one, it makes it feel like 201 would have to be better and triggers that perfectionist side which we know is a bane for creative writing. However you do it though, I'm sure it will be well liked and if you ever need another pair of eyes to work the kinks out let us know. ;-)

  2. The thief is down. The other authors noticed and amazon pulled the lot.

    I have the arc planned out for 201. There are more characters and a few more moving parts so it's a little trickier to write. My main problem is finding the time to have a clear run at it. Nanowrimo attempts in November and December didn't really work out as I couldn't successfully clear my plate enough to be able to give it my full attention.