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Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-6 Bubble Bother

Time to get a little XXX-rated.  Also, if anyone was wondering what was happening to a certain errant warlock, "Succubus Summoning 205" is now up on

Jackson in HRPG-World: 4-6 Bubble Bother

Bab snapped gum between her full lips.  She looked up at him with her deep green eyes.

“Have you ever had a bubblegum blowjob?” she asked.

“Um no,” Jackson said.  “What’s one of them?”  That particular sex act was outside his sphere of sexual experience.

Bab blew a bright pink bubble about the size of a grapefruit.  The sticky gum membrane enfolded the swollen tip of his cock and then rolled down the shaft.  Jackson looked down and saw his member vanish inside the bubble until it was a vague dark blur at the heart of a translucent pink sphere.  This time the bubble membrane held.  He felt it clinging to the outside of his penis as the bubble expanded around it.  It felt pretty good—like he’d just entered a snug pussy barely large enough to contain him.

Given the choice he’d rather have put his hard-on in her mouth or vagina (or even ass).  As weird as it looked, the bubble wasn’t a bad substitute, though.

Bab looked up at him.  Sexual desire glimmered in her big moist eyes.  She had quills instead of hair, but with eyes like that Jackson didn’t really care.  She bobbed her head back and forth, bouncing the pink and surprisingly durable bubble against his groin.

Oh.  Okay.  That was a pretty damn good substitute for a pussy, Jackson thought.

As she bobbed the membrane peeled back from the root of his cock and then rolled back down to envelop his whole length.  The bubble flattened and the pressure was like a gentle squeeze around his cock.  It felt like he was plunging his cock into something soft, yielding and sensual.

Bab puffed her cheeks and blew.  She played the bubble like a musical instrument.  The notes were little pulses of bliss she blew into Jackson’s body.  He rocked unsteadily on wobbly knees.

The dragon girl moved her hands to his buttocks.  Her fingers dug into his soft cheeks and encouraged him to thrust faster and stronger.  Jackson wouldn’t have done this normally.  He’d be too frightened of choking the girl and causing her to gag on his cock.  This wasn’t a concern with the bubble forming a flexible cushion between them.  The tip of his cock could just about reach the open ring of her mouth and that was it.  Bab kissed him through the membrane and blew more bubble into his lap.

Jackson felt like he was balls deep in something moist and soft, a sensation reinforced by the elastic membrane pressing up against and partially enfolding his scrotum.  Bab’s hand slid down between his legs.  Her nails tickled against first his anus before dancing down to whisper through the hairs on the underside of his testicles.

Her ministrations caused Jackson to press forwards until the bubble was squashed between them and her lips formed a ring around the tip of his cock.  She placed her other hand against the side of the bubble and raised a long, wickedly pointed nail.

The nail came down and the bubble popped with a whoosh.

Jackson felt like he’d done the same.  His hips jerked forwards and semen erupted from his cock as if tethered to turbo-charged rocket.  Whoosh seemed the right word.  His cum flooded out and was soaked up by the pink gum of the collapsing bubble.  Bab sucked it all back into her mouth and made little sounds of appreciation as she chewed on the gum.

“I knew you’d taste delicious,” she said.  She looked up at him with big green eyes and smiled as she savoured the gum.

Jackson rocked on his feet.  His nerves were still jangling.  That was quite some trick she’d pulled off with the bubblegum.  And quite some ejaculation.  Taken a bit out of him, he thought as he huffed for breath.

“You look a little unsteady there,” Bab said.  “Here, let me help out.”

Her head ducked back down.  Lower this time.  He heard her blowing and realised she was blowing up another bubble.  His cock, remembering the last bubble she’d blown and the feel of it, twitched eagerly.  Jackson didn’t feel sticky gum against his crotch this time.  Bab was much lower—between his legs.  He looked over his shoulder and saw a shiny purple balloon expanding behind him.  It was almost as big as the bubble that had enveloped him and carried him up to the bedroom earlier.

He turned around to see Bab standing in front of him.  She put a hand on his chest and shoved.

“Put your feet up,” she said as he fell back into the giant bubble.

The membranous surface gave and deformed as Jackson’s weight fell into it.  This bubble was less firm.  It sagged into a loose toroid shape with Jackson in the centre.  It supported his weight like a beanbag, but bouncier.

The bounce became more pronounced as, giggling, Bab dived in on top of him.  She snuggled up next to him, stared at him with her big green eyes and smiled coquettishly.

“I love fooling around on one of these things,” she said.

“I’m a little confused,” Jackson said.  “What has all this to do with a platform game?”

“It’s the hero’s reward,” Bab said, “for rescuing the princess.”  She kissed him on the cheek.

“Call me suspicious, but I don’t remember any end-of-game scene where the grateful princess rewards the hero with hardcore sex acts.”

Bab started moving around on the bubble, causing it to sway up and down.  She climbed over Jackson’s body, turning around to face his feet.

“And how would you know, did you complete any of them?”

Of course he hadn’t.  They were too bloody hard.  Game developers were sadists back in those days.

“Thought not,” Bab continued, taking his silence for a negative.  “They could have ended in a full harem orgy, with gorgeous dusky maidens performing every sex act imaginable on the triumphant hero for all you knew.”

Jackson’s dick gave a little twitch at ‘every sex act imaginable’.  It didn’t escape Bab’s notice.

Just as it hadn’t escaped Jackson’s notice that Bab’s knees were pressed down on the bubble on either side of his head and he had a close-up view of the neat, hairless folds of her sex positioned right over his face.

“I would have heard about it,” he said.  “The moral nutters would have totally lost their shit for starters.  They went berserk over that Easter egg in GTA, and it wasn’t even in the game.”

“Shh,” Bab said.  “It’s your turn.”

She wiggled her crotch in his face to indicate what she meant by ‘his turn’.

“Now put that tongue out and give my pussy a good licking.  If you’re good I’ll reward you with some bubblegum 69.”

She smiled back at him and blew a little pink bubble before snapping the gum back into her mouth.  Jackson’s cock twitched at the sound.

to be continued...


  1. Yay, i almost forgot about "205" i've been enjoying this little series so much.
    Thanks for both uploads.

  2. Nice to see this. Will you be putting this series in another book or something?

    And I was happy to see the Succubus Summoning 205 update.

    1. Yep, will be an ebook at some point. I'll need to source a cover, which might be tricky.

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  5. You know it's sad of me to say this, especially when this series is pretty funny and erotic but I feel I'm more emotionally invested in Succubus Summoning. However do not take what I just said as disdain because I think this is a high quality series that is very funny and erotic, and will be a great success, like your older series.

    Succubus Summoning is just closer to my heart, being the series that got me interested in your stories.

    With that said I have several questions/requests regarding Succubus Summoning:

    1. Among the 5 succubi, we know Cerulea may be the oldest, but what about Nyte and Nurse Honey? Who of the two is the older? Is Nyte older than Nurse Honey or vice-versa?

    2. I remember we once discussed a possibility where one of Cerulea's powers is an ability to create an identical doppelganger ala Morrigan Aensland. However I wonder if Nyte could also have such an ability? She seems, perhaps, the most traveled among the succubi Phil knows and who knows what techniques she's picked up over the years/centuries.

    3. Regarding Phil and Nyte, I know we've discussed before about possible chapters where Phil and Nyte get to be alone together (something no doubt Phil would be terrified of).

    However if you do decide to do a chapter for just Nyte and Phil alone, can we have Nyte hold Phil tightly to her, like in Succubus Summoning 109, with her wings, arms, and legs all wrapped tightly around him. With her breasts squashed against his chest and a deep kiss with tongue action. (However for this chapter, perhaps have it where her sadomasochism is toned down a little for Phil. It'd be nice to have him enjoy most of the sex with her this time and not have it be a test like in SS109.)

    I have to admit I love your kissing scenes, as embarrassing as it is for me to admit that. They somehow add more to the eroticism in my opinion, and Nyte is already sexy as hell (no puns or anything intended). These two kiss scenes from Succubus Summoning 109 Page 2 were always very hot to me:

    "[b]He didn't feel like the life was being sucked out of him though. Her lips felt soft and warm. A teasing little tongue wriggled between his lips and tickled the end of his tongue.[/b]"
    "[b]Within the intimate darkness her hot lips found his for a luxurious kiss.[/b]"

    3a. May we get also scene where Nyte gives Phil a titjob and blowjob at the same time? I think she, and Cerulea as well, are the only ones who haven't given Phil a titjob at the least.

    1. Hi, yeah, the HRPG-World was meant to be some throwaway game parodies. I suspect an over-arching plot will start to emerge. They always do for some reason.

      1. I keep the succubi's backgrounds vague to keep their mystery. It might get answered in a future chapter.

      2. Haven't decided if Nyte has that ability or not.

      3. Nurse Honey gets focus next chapter (although not necessarily with Phil). That scene might fit. If not, I have a scene planned for Nyte in a later chapter.

    2. Hey do my questions and requests annoy you? I don't mean to pester you or anything and if they do get annoying just tell me to stop.

    3. Ha, not at all. Long day at work so I was in terse sentence mode for some reason :)

  6. Will we ever get to see a scene that shows what exactly goes on in Nurse Honey to a soul that has been absorbed by her? She talks of paradise and rest for a soul absorbed by her, but the screaming thing attempting to get out suggests horrific tortures and despair.

    1. Nurse Honey isn't trustworthy. Phil is right to be very frightened of that fate. I'll go into it in more detail in later chapters.

  7. Happy to see new stories from you. I had a couple of minor criticisms about your writing in SS205. (1) The "ash" metaphor seemed a little played out (I take it you were trying to be thematic about it, but it just struck me as repetitive). (2) At one point you wrote "an opening opened up" - that just struck me as an unusually unimaginative turn of phrase.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

    1. Ha, my inconsistent prose style strikes again. The ash metaphor is to reflect how Phil felt - like all his energy had been burnt up and taken.

      The "an opening opened up". Ugh! yeah, not sure how that one slipped through. It won't be in the ebook version. :)