Sunday, January 19, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 10

It’s time for more Let’s Play Violated Hero 4.  VH4 is an eroge and I will be posting screenshots, so if you’re not allowed/don’t want to see sexy stuff please leave now.

Last time it looked like Luka-clone was going to get another one of those Not-So-Bad Bad Ends as Hisui the scarlet ogress dragged him off for marriage and intensive baby-making sessions.  Sadly, the stork did not arrive for this happy couple and Luka-clone expired after three days of solid nookie.  The twists of fate, or rather rampant save-scummery, give us a second chance and this time we let our number one gal, Lilith, slap the big-titted ogress back in line.

Afterwards Luka-clone asks Hisui if she wants to join their merry band of suicide seekers.  She’s pretty sure Demon King Sharia will beat them all to a pulp, but she must be about as bright as the standard fantasy ogre as she decides to join anyway.  Ah, that’s because she still has baby fever.  Luka-clone offers to do the deed once their quest is over.

Uh dude.  Baby-making with red ogresses is not easy.  Three days.  Then you died.

Oh well.  Cross that bridge when we get to it.

And speaking of bridges, it’s time to go to the second one of area 4.  After we’ve fully cleared the last . . .

Ah yeah.  Level designer on a coffee break.  Off to area 4-2 we go.  And the last sub-boss, Fenrir the Wolfess.


At least this one has branches.  And an extra wandering mook by the looks of things.  I wonder if this is another of those stats-boosting unique monsters.

Ooh, the other dragongnewt girl is all sparky.  And unimaginatively named Thunder.

This is the other wandering mook, Inuga.  Nope, I don’t know what she is either.

Still not helping.

At the end of the lower path is Fenrir, the 10th and last of the sub-bosses.

In Norse mythology Fenrir is the son of Loki and a gigantic wolf foretold to eat the god Odin.  Loki’s other offspring were the giant serpent Jormungand and ruler of the underworld Hel.  Loki had badass genes.

In VH4-world Fenrir is a hot wolf chick.  I think.  I’m not sure if those huge and toothy wolf heads behind her are part of her body or friends.  If they’re friends can we tell them to fuck off and go chase Busty while we get down to the steamy stuff?

Lilith says Fenrir is quite powerful despite being a child (relatively - although I suppose any breast size lower than double Ds qualifies as loli in VH-World).

Fenrir does not like that.

And what’s with all those weird tentacle things that look like somebody had their intestines ripped out.  Does pulling out to show her whole form help with the ‘is that bit part of Fenrir?’ conundrum.


Fenrir: “I’m cute”

Followed by three bloody claw slashes down the centre of the screen.

Um, I’ll let you know just as soon as I’ve pushed my internal organs back in.

Fenrir’s sex attack is a lick from a giant dripping tongue.  I really hope that’s from Fenrir personally as getting blown by a giant toothy wolf is beyond even my ridiculously broad concept of erotic.

Fenrir keeps telling me how cute she is and asking if I’m liking this . . . while the screen is getting totally splattered with blood.  This does not bode well for the Bad End.

Ah, so it’s a footjob.  With very sharp toenails.

Still don’t know what all those tentacles are.  Unless Fenrir is suffering from the mother of all prolapses.

You know, looking at those claws on her feet I think this might be one of the few instances where I’m glad Japanese porn pixellates the penis, especially when those big pixels go a darker colour.

Ouch.  Ouch.  Ouchies.  Watch it with the pointy bits.

Then it’s off to Bad End part two.  Thankfully Fenrir has decided Luka-clone is more fun to keep around as a toy and decides not to throw him to her wolves.

Eugh, then we were getting hot wolf blowjobs after all.

At least they fuck off and it’s just Fenrir and her weird prolapsed intestinal tentacle things.  She binds up Luka-clone and climbs on top for a ride.  Unsurprisingly, one of those weird intestinal tentacle things ends up in Luka-clone’s ass.  Intestine to intestine – I suppose it could be erotic.

furiously scribbles down ideas...  the internet trembles in fear...

Luka-clone comes buckets.  Unfortunately, so does Fenrir’s intestinal tentacle thing and Luka-clone complains about the burning enema applied to his guts.

Happy gooey times in Jeuri’s chest seems like such a long long time ago.

Think of Lilith, Luka-clone buddy.

And as for the MEHydra vs. Violated Hero deathmatch, Fenrir laughs at my feeble love story and violates me with her ass tentacles.

Loki, you need to keep better control of your kids.

That’ll do for part 10.  Part eleven gets exciting as we go after one of the big three.  Will it be angry Makina, big tentacles or . . . floppy donkey ears.


  1. I do love how you try to talk to and encourage Luka-clone.

    And indeed, Fenrir's design is confusing.

  2. Wait, now are you sure that some of those tentacles weren't in luka-clone's mouth?