Monday, January 20, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 11

The plot thickens and the game is afoot for our walkthrough of Violated Hero 4.  All ten sub-bosses are out of the way and it’s time to lay siege to the kingdoms of the main devil king generals.  While this might sound exciting in a fantasy-for-all-ages sort of way, Violated Hero 4 is an extremely hentai game, so please go no further if you’re under the age of 18.

We haven’t quite got all the sub-bosses out of the way.  Beatdown still has to be applied to that wolf chick.  No problem . . .

This is where I realise I forgot to save right before that encounter.  Oops, sorry Hisui.  Looks like we have to go back and have Lilith slap you down all over again.  And she’s so polite as well.

A quick run down the lower path and Fenrir joins the inevitable harem ending as well.  She doesn’t seem so sold on the humans and monsters living in harmony (presumably because she likes eating them), but she’s an aggressive little minx and likes the idea of testing her strength against “malevolent deity” Sharia.

Lilith seems happy.  Probably because she’s assembled quite an army for her coup.

Oh hello.  Motive.  Lilith wants to be free.

After the pep talk is over an arrow has appeared on the map to indicate a new big area has opened up.

But before we go on, I didn’t manage to find the stats boost foe so it’s time to go back through and 100% Fenrir’s region.

Ah-ha.  there she is.

She looks a little spiky.  She really means business as well.  No little coquettish reveal of her boobs after going to less than half HP.  Oh, her change is to lose that skimpy little loincloth.

(This is the crystal snowglobe you can view previously fought enemies in.  It can be accessed from the status screen).

Yeah, didn’t notice that.  Presumably because I was trying very hard not to get decapitated by those crystal blades.

There are only two paths through Fenrir’s area.  After that it’s time to head off to the lair of the devil king generals.  Erm.  Eeny, meeny, miny, mo . . .

I guess behind each door is one of the devil kings.  I’m also guessing the scribble on the front tells me which is which.  As I still can’t read kanji we’re going to have to guess.  I start with the far left door on a hunch that might be the order you’re supposed to go through them.

From the silhouettes I guess this is Anua’s (she of the floppy donkey ears) realm.  Looks like there’s only one wandering mook type as well.

Ooh.  Scary demon castle music and background.

And disappointment as the new wandering mook is a palette-swapped version of the harpy.  Her name is Monica.  Karina still eats wandering mooks.

This area seems infested with Monicas, as two more attack us before we find the exclamation mark at the end.  And . . .

Hello Anua, the Anubis.

In Egyptian mythology Anubis is a he and a jackal-headed god of the dead.  It also seems to be a popular monster girl.  Kenkou Cross drew one in his Encyclopaedia and there were Anubis monster girls in both Violated Quest and Tokyo Tenma.  Thankfully the monster girl version loses the jackal head (we’ve had enough canine blowjobs already, thanks VH), although Anua is still stuck with a pair of silly ears.

Oops, Anua let’s slip Lilith is one of devil kings.  Awkward.  It also makes me wonder what would have happened had I gone to one of the other locations first.  Lilith lays out the terms.  If Anua loses she has to join us to fight Sharia.  If she wins she gets to do with this “baby” what she sees fit.

Hey wait!  I’m not sure I like this plan.

Unsurprisingly, neither does Luka-clone.

And . . . Fight!

Um, that lower body looks a little . . . beastly.  And she has a 1000 HP, which is more than twice as much as anyone else encountered so far.

I decide to go all out for this one as there’s a reasonable chance she might just beat me anyway.  If repeated uses of Lilith’s special attack prevail I can always go back to the previous save and throw the fight to see the Bad End.

Anua’s first couple of attacks only do 1 damage each.  Unfortunately, after spaffing away all his SP, Luka-clone only manages to knock about 300 HP off.  Time to play lucky dip with the potions.  Thankfully this time I find the super potion to restore full HP and SP (it’s the 3rd one).

A couple of super potions later and about a gallon of cum spurted into Lilith’s tail and Anua falls over.

So we move onto the next area, right?

Not so fast, Luka-clone.

Save, load old save, throw fight, hyuk hyuk.

Sorry Luka-clone buddy.

Luka-clone fighting alone knocks off 37 of Anua’s 1000 HP before succumbing to one too many axe slaps and it’s time for the Bad End.

Hmm.  It would appear the artist has made a mistake.  I’m sure these bodies are the wrong way around.

. . .

! ! !

! ! ! ! !

Here’s an interesting little biology factoid.  Did you know that the female spotted hyena possesses an enlarged clitoris that resembles the male penis?  Spotted hyena social structures are matriarchal.  The females are dominant and reinforce this dominance through the use of their pseudo-penis.

Why are you mentioning this, Mr Hydra?

Uh, no particular reason.  No particular reason at all . . .


At least the next scene is a little more conventional.  Well as conventional as you can get with a monster girl with the lower body of a lion/hyena/jackal.  Anua flops on top and her pussy is so hot and tight Luka-clone comes right away.  This is not enough for Anua and she furiously humps us until the white stuff starts flowing freely.  I’m thinking Luka-clone might be about to get fully acquainted with Anua’s Land of the Dead as he blacks out, but it’s not quite the end yet.

A few months later and all the generals are back at the castle (even Lilith) and gloating about the areas they’ve recaptured.  Anua has been quiet in the general crushing of human resistance because she has her own Luka-clone shaped bag of concentrated semen to play with every night.

Ah, so they’re pretty much re-running Violated Hero 2 completely.  In that game the four generals each had a 3rd bonus H-scene after the end.

The others ask if they can have a go with Luka-clone as well.  Anua is willing to share him . . . but they’ll have to go down into her Land of the Dead.  The others are less than keen about this.

(This is also Insector’s ending from VH2, although in that example Luka-clone was stashed inside her abdomen)

Then it’s off to Anua’s lair for a spot of hairy facesitting.  I think Luka-clone’s under there somewhere.

After a little bit of pussy licking from Luka-clone, Anua splits her tail in two, hoovers up Luka-clone’s dick with one tail and the other – you guessed it – in the ass.  Luka-clone comes and keeps licking away.  Anua is so happy with our pussy licking she . . . pisses in our face.

Um, thanks Anua.

Anubis mating rituals leave a lot to be desired.

Okay, who’s up next.  Ah.  It’s – ulp! – angry Makina.


  1. She also has him drink it.

  2. I'm curious about what the designers were thinking

    Why would they find something like that erotic?

    1. i agree i mean some of these were nice but must are desturbing i found VH2 to have the best monster girls...but lilith is still the hottest :D

  3. This is 2-tall here to remind all good boys and girls to just say no to oshikko.