Friday, January 10, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 4! part 5

And welcome to part 5 of my Violated Hero 4 walkthrough.  The usual disclaimers apply – if you’re easily offended by dodgy Japanese eroge or under the age of 18 please go away now.  It’s for your own good.

Last up our hapless hero met a truly frightful end.  Tentacles, vore, gratuitously hot sex and one giant worm combined in a big ole slimeball of squick.  But now it’s safe to come back out from behind the sofa as Alice – uh, I mean Lilith – takes down the Giant Sandworm in two special attacks.  Come clean now, Lilith.  You’re really the Demon Lord, aren’t you?

Defeated, Karina tries to get away, but Lilith seals her body until she agrees to join the party.

Hmm, I’m starting to think this might be all about Lilith gathering forces to mount a coup.  Apart from defeating a solitary harpy, Luka-clone’s only contributions so far have been to stick his dick in Lilith’s tail when ordered to do so.  I fear for us, Luka-clone buddy.  We’re being saved for a bad bad Bad End.

The game also seems to have realised that Lilith is a little busted, as it sends her away after the fight.  Luka-clone mopes for a bit.  She’s not worth it dude, she’s only going to suck out your soul after she’s pulled off this coup thing.

Oh, that’s why she flew off.

Sharia, aka The Big Bad has just shown up.  Girls, might need a little help here . . .

Typical, they’ve run off too.  And my translator still hasn’t decided whether Sharia is a genie or malevolent deity.  I’m hoping for genieMalevolent deity sounds a bit hard.

Now she’s asking us to prostrate ourselves.  Xueli from VH2 did this as well.  And then she stamped on our balls, coz . . . Violated Hero.

Luka-clone gets all defiant and tries to hit her with his sword, which rebounds off a magical forcefield.  Sharia points out nobody other than gods have raised a blade against her in 700 years.  My guess is no one as stupid as Luka-clone has come along in 700 years.  It’s Lilith’s fault for violating the Darwin principle.

And here come the feet.

Hmm, I’m getting a strange sense of deja vu here.

That’s Xueli, the Big Bad from VH2.

I told you.  They tell you it’s just a bit of toe sucking, but then it always leads to the . . .

. . . oof . . . trampling.

Suffice to say, the first confrontation with the Demon Lord did not go so well.  Lilith drags our unconscious ass back to the inn.  After waking up Luka-clone immediately justifies the 700-year-stupidity tag by suggesting Lilith might have run away from Sharia earlier like a big cowardly custard.  It doesn’t matter if it’s the truth.  If a woman asks, “Does my bum look big in this?” you lie!  For pity’s sake, lie!

Luka-clone has the usual “How can I go up against the Demon Lord when she crushed me like a bug” doubts before gamely carrying on.  Lilith still seems to be absent from the party though.  I use Karina’s special attack instead and she vomits a big tide of blue stuff over some hapless harpy.

Then a new wandering mook shows up.

Fair enough VH, looks like you’ve finally got the sexy monster girl concept for the everyday mooks now as well.  I get Karina to barf all over her and Busty finishes her off with laser-guided milk streams.  Yeah, it’s that kind of game.  The other path through section 2-1 ends in a chest and then it’s off to section 2-2.

Walking through 2-2, I trigger an event.  Rather than being a chest or a heal tile, it reveals her:

Hmm, you’re not a boss and I don’t think you’re a wandering mook either.  Plus, that big floating mouth thing makes me nervous.  Eat her, Karina!

Eliza hits rather hard, but a couple of gulps later she’s in Karina’s belly.  Her mystery is resolved as she’s one of the special enemies that gives bonus points to stats when defeated.  They’ve been present in all of the previous VH games, but usually as male monsters – dragons and armoured knights and such.

This time I manage to pick the path without a trap and follow it right to the end where the 5th boss, Reria and Ruria, wait.

Reria and Ruria are a pair of siamese cyclops twins.  They’re dressed up like those elegant gothic lolitas and look like they crawled out of one of Marilyn Manson’s wet dreams.  Not a bad creature design actually, although they’re not my idea of hawt.

Reria and Ruria talk a lot and have a tentacle-sex attack that looks like a sex-toy sheath.  This makes sense given their appearance and a couple of the criticisms I carried over from VH3 (tentacle sex attacks from monster girls that clearly don’t have tentacles and ugly wandering mooks) seem to have been fixed in VH4.  I still think VH could make better use of that sex attack.  Reria and Ruria zap me into oblivion with their magic long before the sex attack reaches fruition (or should that be spurtition).

Siamese cyclops twins?  I genuinely have no idea what’s going to come in these H-scenes.

Ah, so it’s a double facial triggered by their ‘Devil Eye’.  Then it’s followed by a double blowjob because two heads – or should that be two tongues – are better than one.  After having both of their eyes splattered with Luka-clone’s cum, Reria and Ruria use their eye powers to knock us out and it’s off to Bad End, part 2.


They’ve put a collar and chain on our hero.  How adorable.  Then it’s time for a bit of nookie.  Reria and Ruria are a little handy with their magic eyes and use them to control when Luka-clone can ejaculate.

Hmm.  I’m not entirely sure what’s up with the voice artist(s).  She(they) sound a little . . . enthusiastic.

Finally the creepy cyclops twins let Luka-clone come and make him their slave afterwards

At least it’s an improvement over being eaten and digested.

I don’t actually have a dog to fight in this round of MEHydra vs Violated Hero as I must confess I’ve never understood the one-eyed monster girl thing.  I’ve seen plenty of artwork crop up on monster girl fan sites, so I know it definitely is a thing, just not one I get.

“Magic cyclop’s eyes”, “hypnosis”, “mind control”, and “ejaculation denial” all go down in the notebook as regions of the fetish map to explore in future stories.

And I’ll leave it at that for now.  Come back for part 6 as we head off to a brand new area.


  1. I'd say the Siamese twins look pretty nice actually. Do you think we'll see something Reria and Ruria and their costumes in a story of yours? Siamese cyclops twins is kind of novel I feel.

    1. Not sure. I like to cover all the monster girl fetishes, but the cyclops one doesn't hit my buttons. If I can think of a suitable angle that works I'll write it.

  2. Honestly Xueli was so much hotter than Sharia.