Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 5

It’s time for more Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World!  This game features adult content, so be warned.  In our last post we had a sword duel with a lizard girl and came out victorious.

Then it’s back to more running and dodging through the ruins, which I thought we’d already left after the background to the lizard girl showed rolling plains.

A different kind of sparkle indicates a side street and there’s another cutscene VN section with the book.  I still have no clue what this is about.  I’m guessing Luka-clone is reminiscing about the good ole days when you didn’t have to worry about being accosted by nymphomaniac sex demons on the way to picking up your morning paper.

Quit whining, Luka-clone.  You have a magic resurrection sword.  You can fuck any damn succubus you want without worrying about the consequences.

The path starts to wind its way past pools of water and some new sexy times scenes show up.  The slime girl one is fairly nice.  She’s certainly making creative use of her amorphous body.

I never knew slime girls could be so... creative

This has always been one of the things that winds me up about Dieselmine’s games.  These little sex animations are pretty sweet.  But then they half-ass the whole thing by making every succubus sprite look the same and it be completely random which scene plays.  One succubus tags you and you get a scene of a fairy yee-hawing away on your erection, then the exact same succubus sprite tags you again and this time it’s a scene of a slime girl doing... well everything.  There’s abstraction and then there’s half-assing it so it doesn’t make sense.

Making the player hunt down specific sprites to see all the different animations might have added a little more playability to these sections (or made them more annoying, who knows).

We’re in an area with a lot of water so I guess it’s time for... fish tits.

Free Hugs!


It’s a school of bubbly mermaids.  On the DLSite documentation they’re referred to as Doctor Fish, which sounds so weird I think some kind of weird translation error must have taken place at some point.  As with the goblin gang-bang squad, the 2D sprites bob around in a way that emphasises their bubbly cuteness.

They all rush in and drag us into the lake for a fight.

The fight is versus a trio.  I guess they specialise in songs with status-boosting effects.  Given the game mechanics, it’s a bit superfluous.  For round one Luka-clone has the toughness of a piece of wet tissue paper.

The Bad End is them swarming around and giving our erection a good licking.

Maybe they are doctors and this is them giving our penis a good examination... with their tongues.  Lick.  Lick.  Lick.

Are you sure this is an examination?

Splurt.  Yes, everything is in working order.

Um, you do know human beings can’t breathe underwater, right?

Glub glub glub.

The sword works its magic.  Luka-clone wakes up on the lake bottom and crawls back to dry land.

Only to be dragged right back in again by our overeager fishy companions.

Their animated sex attack is more licky licky licky.  And this is where I’m puzzled.  It’s the exact same scene – same artwork even – as used in the Bad End.  Why not animate the Bad End CGIs as well?  Maybe a full screen is too much work in comparison to the little cut-away scenes.  Maybe it looked weird and bad with only part of the picture animated.  Still seems a shame.  I think the animations, even as cut-away windows, would have added a lot to the Bad End scenes.

That’s enough fishy nonsense anyway.  And while this is normally the point where I plug my own stories, I appear to have a paucity of work when it comes to mermaids.  It’s not like they’re probably the most recognisable mainstream monster girl, on account of being present in fairy tales for centuries, or anything.  Do sea anemones count?  They live in the sea as well.

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  1. Re: "Doctor" fish: It's the name used for a species of fish used in some spas, the idea being that people put their feet in the fish tank and the fish nibble and suck painlessly at dead skin on the feet to effectively give a kind of unusual pedicure.

    I guess in the game instead they go for the penis instead.

    1. Here:

    2. Ah, yep. That makes sense now.

    3. There's a dead semen joke in there somewhere that just hasn't translated, isn't there? It's the only thing that makes sense...

  2. For all of the coverage that slime girl is providing, she's neglecting the balls.