Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Text Play Monmusu Conquered World! part 10

I did originally plan to post this on Monday, but then a lovely piece of Succubus Summoning artwork happened.  Anyway, it’s back to my Text Play of Monmusu Conquered World, the first part of which can be found here.  Monmusu Conquered World is an adult (i.e. sex) game, so the usual warnings apply.

Last up we had carnal relations with a humanoid mosquito.

This time, we’ll probably be having carnal relations with a snake girl.

Welcome to the wacky world of monster girl hentai games.

After taking out Doppelganger, Atomis and Mosquina, it’s time to take on the last one of the quartet – Lamia.

Before then, there’s the usual run-and-dodge filler section, where the grisly fate awaiting us if we get caught is being smothered in enormous norks.

Who cares about breathing...

Hmm, not exactly sure I’d class that as a grisly fate...

Stop whining, Luka-clone.  Some people pay good money for that.

The second run-and-dodge section is at the beach.

Snake girl.  Stone statues.  Not suspicious at all...

Hmm, those ‘statues’ look rather suspicious.  Has someone been getting their mythology mixed up?  Lamia, Medusa – both sort of snaky.

Although, wasn’t Lamia half-lioness in the myths?  It was very confusing back then.

Turns out, it’s me that’s confused.  A check of the product page reveals snake gal’s name is Gorgon, despite the lack of snakes for hair.

Ah, then that means – sorry Luka-clone buddy – being turned to stone is in our future.

The confrontation with Lamia – sorry, Gorgon – is at the beach.  Once again, while I really like Setouchi’s work in Monster Girl Quest, the art style doesn’t seem to fit here, or maybe it’s just not one of his better creations.  Maybe snake girls are just too vanilla, given that Setouchi’s usual creations have tentacles and orifices of dubious use all over the place.

Lamia?  Gorgon?

The fight lasts all of one round as Gorgon turns us to stone with a single glance.  I told you to pack the mirrored shield, Luka-clone.

The Bad End is Gorgon giving us a big old sloppy blowjob.  She gets to take a good drink on the semen fountain and everything would be all right with the world if she didn’t insist on turning us to stone in the process.

Pre-transformation to a semen fountain

Look, Gorgon, you don’t need to turn us to stone to make sure we stay hard.  You can get medicine for that nowadays.  The little blue pill works wonders for those sort of... ahem... problems.

No good.  Oh well, if the magical resurrection sword can pull us out of a painting, reversing statuefication should be no biggee.

Gorgon is a little shy with the whole sex-battling stuff.  It takes a while to see what her sex attack his, but eventually she puts us to sleep, wraps us up in her coils and starts bouncing away.  As with everything else about this encounter, it looks slightly awkward.

Snake girl sex is complicated

And then the game breaks.  At this point I’m in round three, the auto-win fight where Gorgon’s attacks all do 0 damage.  But this doesn’t grant me immunity to status changes like sleep.  Now, in most generic JRPGs, the sleep status is broken the moment the sleeping character gets hit by a physical attack.  Except Gorgon doesn’t seem to have any sort of physical attack.  It’s all magic.  Which means there’s nothing to knock us out of sleep status.  And Gorgon can’t kill us either as none of her attacks do any damage.

The only way to escape the endless hell (heaven?) of squeezy sex is to close the game down and restart from the last save point.

Well played, Gorgon.  That’s one way to beat the unbeatable opponent, I suppose.  Very Undertale.

At least we still have control of our save files (a hentai game where a sexy succubus meddles with those, Undertale-style, could open up a lot of interesting possibilities), so it’s back to beat the snake.

Um, that was an unfortunate euphemism.

Let’s leave it right there.  Gorgon at least seems to take the loss pretty well.

So what do I have in the way of sexy snek women?  Oh, there’s Amanda, the lovely naga masseuse/dominatrix.  She’s lovely.  But don’t piss her off in the room, otherwise bad things will happen...

I really need to write about her again.

That’s it for this session.  Next up... hmm, I actually have no clue what’s up next.  Come back in a couple of days to find out.


  1. "a hentai game where a sexy succubus meddles with those, Undertale-style, could open up a lot of interesting possibilities"

    Didn't you write a couple of stories where this takes place? If I remember, one was a slime girl messing with the screen choices; and the other was a couple of succubi snu-snuing a character to level 1 after messing with his character stats (or something).