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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 31: North Ocean Floor Temple

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Do you like tentacles?

Because we’re probably going to get a lot of tentacles.

Yup, we’re descending down to the North Ocean Floor Temple where the grass seaweed is green and the girls are pretty have tentacles.

The entrance is here, which unlocks after talking to the right NPC in Goddard.

Showing it again because it makes more sense to have it in this post

I’m not entirely sure we need to be here just yet.  Amira doesn’t mention it (Amira is useless – all she seems interested in is finding the last Yamatai Village runaway hiding out at the Succubus Village) and it hasn’t really come up.  But it’s here and... tentacles...?

Alice also questions what we’re doing here.  But then, a random bit of dried squid starts talking to us out of our backpack.

A quest given by a talking piece of dried squid

Aha.  It’s Kraken, Queen of the South Ocean Floor Temple.  You might remember her from the first game.  One of the shikibus sisters (Astaroth, I think) sucked all her power out before letting Meia the Mermaid run wild with her... ahem... rather dubious fantasies.  She’s been relegated to forgotten key item ever since.  Which is probably not a bad thing.  Thankfully, JRPGs distinguish between plot-important key items and random food, otherwise we might have accidentally fed her to Alice.

Kraken pipes up now, because she thinks the Queen of the North Seas, Poseidoness, might be able to restore her to her original state.

Hoorah.  It’s not pointless tentacle chasing after all.  We have a mission!

And a lot of new “friends” to play with.

If I remember right, Dagon was the only minor encounter on the way to Poseidoness in the original MGQ series.  Dagon has already been re-used in the pirate cave, which means we’re going to need some fresh monster girl blood to populate this area.  Leave it to Setouchi and UN_DO.

Repeat girl Starfish (note: don't take her up on her "challenge")

New girls Coral and Arch Jelly

...and a very busty squid girl

Okay, so starfish girl is not new.  She showed up on the ghost ship in the original series.  Once again, if you lose to her, she’ll challenge you to hold out against her vagina-type-thing otherwise... well, if you know anything about starfish physiology... it won’t matter anyway.  You won’t hold out and things get... icky (like stomach-turned-inside-out-and-wrapped-around-you icky).

Elder Scylla and Arch Jelly are slightly more considerate dining partners as they appear more interested in Luka’s sperm than Luka’s... well everything.

I’m normally fairly ambivalent on UN_DO’s art.  The results tend to be highly variable, even in the same piece.  One thing I will give him credit for is that his monster girls often have multiple scenes, and Elder Scylla has three you can request back on the MS Fish (after you recruit her).

The first is a blowjob.

Sure, I wouldn't say no to a blowjob

Seems innocuous enough...


Anxiety levels rising.

It’s not as bad as it looks.  Elder Scylla knows many many tricks with her tentacle tongues and uses them to squeeze a lot of white juice out of us.  That’ll be Luka done for the day.

But no.  We have to find out what other tentacular pleasures Elder Scylla has in store for us.  For science and... er... stuff.

Option two is a tentacle job.  Luka gets pulled into the squirming mass and buried beneath Elder Scylla’s ample bosom while she gets to work.

Getting tentacled

What would we call this – Scylla frottage?  Suckers are involved.  It gets messy.

Option three is pretty much the same artwork as two, but Luka gets full sex this time.  Elder Scylla’s vagina is full of tentacles because she’s a scylla and all scylla orifices are full of tentacles.  She knows how to use them to give us a proper ”squeezing”.

Nice stuff, but I wish they’d not try to reinforce the whole MILF elder thing by making heroic warrior Luka look about 12 again.  Whatever, I’m just here for the boobies (with which Elder Scylla is more than amply endowed).

If you haven’t had your fill of tentacles, we can always hop inside Arch Jelly’s bell for a bit of bouncy fun.

Jelly tentacle heaven... I think

She’s surprisingly non-carnivorous for a jellyfish girl, although she will use those tentacles to give us a thorough wringing out.

But we must resist all these tentacular temptations.  We have Queen Kraken to save (who is even filthier with her tentacles if I remember the first game series correctly).

One thing to be aware of in the North Ocean Floor Temple is that the lighter blue water tiles are shallow enough to walk on.  There’s a fair bit of treasure hidden away in all the chests.

Poseidoness can be found at the end of the undersea dungeon.

Did I mention the theme for today is tentacles...?

She’s a bit of a dim bulb (which she was in the original game, if I remember right), so trying to explain we’re here to help her friend Kraken out gets nowhere and she eventually loses her temper and attacks us.

Time for more tentacles.  (But hopefully less of the crab claws and other crustacean stuff she’s got going on there.)

A few lightning bolts to her noggin soon knocks some sense back into her, but doesn’t resolve the problem.  As we’ve already worked out, Poseidoness is not the brightest bulb in the box.  She’s a warrior type, so she doesn’t have the knowledge or power to restore Kraken.  She thinks the queen of the mermaids might, but the mermaids are in hiding and she doesn’t know where to find her.  She also shows no inclination to join the party either.  I think we might have to come back with a restored Kraken to recruit her.

Soooo, this whole trip was a waste of time really...

(I can picture Alice saying, “I told you” in the background.)

It’s not a complete waste of time as Poseidoness insists on giving us a silver orb.

Hmm, wasn’t that an important plot item in the original series.  Are we supposed to pick it up here as well?

You know that feeling when you think you might have done something in the wrong order...

Oh well.  Let’s go back to Grangold.  We should be able to open the gate blocking us off from the west of the country now.

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  1. All but two of the orbs can be obtained before the plot tells you to get them, which is quite a ways away.
    It's kind of funny of when the war council starts talking about which orb is where, only for the party to keep saying "already have it."

    From what I recall their locations in Paradox are:
    Green Orb: Automatically gained during the plot through the Queen Cup.
    Silver Orb: Northern Sea Temple.
    Yellow Orb: Pyramid, with Sphinx.
    Purple Orb: Ghost Ship, treasure.
    Red Orb: Minor spoiler.
    Blue Orb: Destroyed by Astaroth. Major spoiler.

  2. You're getting closer to one of the points where the Alice and Ilias routes seriously diverge, namely a companion who can only be recruited on the Alice route. Based on what I've seen in a Youtube Let's Play, she's an extremely interesting character who's also useful in a gameplay sense. While you'll probably do so anyway, I recommend that you keep her in the party at all times in order to see her dialogue.