Thursday, January 25, 2018

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox [part 2] - 43: Succubus Village (alt)

Bit later than normal this week. I’m away this weekend and have had to spend most of the week doing some prep for the trip.


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After a trip through a very odd – and chaos-infused Remina castle – we pass through Hades and enter another parallel world.  On the surface, this looks exactly like the one we left.  Undine and Sylph both pipe up to let us know they feel more life and energy in the natural elements.  A more bounteous world?  That would make a change.

There are some changes.  The mysterious research facility isn’t there.  Neither is the God Bird Shrine.  We also don’t have to pass through the nightmare wilderness to head into the greener pastures surrounding Lady Village and Succubus Village.  Of the two, only Succubus Village is present, and it’s the only place we can actually go as the route to Gold Port is cut off by mountains.

The only place you can go in this alternate world

No open world nonsense here then.  Time to go to the only place we can.

It is Succubus Village, but the fashions and buildings are off.  Alice thinks they look about 500 years in the past.  This is confirmed by a villager, who informs us this is the year 965.

That’s the era the great hero Heinrich was active, and a year before he fought this era’s Demon King (Black Alice), Luka helpfully points out.

After this is established, a commotion kicks off in the north of the village.  The big mansion hasn’t been built yet, there’s a small house instead.  Currently a bunch of soldiers are ringed around the door.

Something is afoot

Apparently there’s a powerful succubus queen in the basement.  The soldiers are waiting for powerful hero Heinrich to come along, which they mistake Luka for being, for reasons that don’t seem so stupid later.  You can either play along or tell the truth.  They let you through anyway (although Sonya will admonish you if you pretend to be Heinrich).

There isn’t a succubus queen in the basement.  There are two succubus queens in the basement.

Double trouble or twincest paradise?

Ah, this shouldn’t be a surprise.  In this storyline the Succubus Witch didn’t perform the ritual to bring Lilith & Lilim into the present.  So, the other way the game can bring them in is to have us fight them in the past.  Which is what we do.

Lilith (2 or is it 1) & Lilim

Both are fairly strong succubi.  As usual, the imp squad is pretty handy for this battle.  (If I was speed-running the game rather than pootling around trying to log every item drop, I think I’d just run Alice and the three imps and not bother with any other character.)

This also raises a question.  If this is Lilith, and busty gorgeous MILF shikibus is Lilith, which is the Lilith Lilith?

They run off after being defeated, which makes me wonder if they can be recruited.

Then things get interesting.  I suspect some readers have been waiting for my take on this moment for a while.  And yes, I accidentally spoilered it a few posts ago by taking a screenshot I’d missed using my current party rather than the party I had at the time.

With the Lilith (2, or should that be 1?) twins defeated, it’s time for the real hero Heinrich to show up.

Heinrich looks like someone we know

And it becomes rather obvious why everyone mistook Luka for him.

This is not the interesting thing.  The interesting thing is who happens to be accompanying him.

Hey isn't that...

That is Black Alice.  The Black Alice.

Some people like lore in their computer RPGs.  Dark Souls has spawned multiple Youtube videos going over the snippets of world background parcelled out on item descriptions.  This pairing threw me off guard based on what we know from the original series.

In the original series, Black Alice was one of the few out-and-out evil characters (the other was Cassandra).  Most of the other antagonists had some sort of excuse.  La Croix blew herself up in an accident.  Promestein was shunned by all the other angels and locked away for daring to seek truths about the world.  Even Ilias was just painfully lonely.

Not Black Alice.  She didn’t care.  She was in it for the lulz.  She wasn’t even meant to be the major antagonist.  Promestein dredged her up as a speedbump to throw in the way of Luka, and she nearly went on to eat the entire universe.  Because it was funny.

So, it’s rather surprising to see her here.

Our Alice also recognises who she is straight off the bat.  When Heinrich and Alicetroemeria (I’m curious what the name actually is – it sounds like Toro Toro Resistance translated a posh European name to Japanese, which then got scrambled when translated back) leave and tell Luka to join them at the inn, Alice warns Luka to be ready for a fight.

When Alice confirms to the others that it is Black Alice, the demon king of this era, Luka and Sonya wonder why she would be travelling with the hero on a quest to destroy the demon king.  i.e. her.  Alice thinks Black Alice might be doing it just to mess with Heinrich’s head.

Except we’ve seen this scenario before.  In the original series it was Alice choosing to travel alongside the wannabe hero who’d pledged to destroy her.  That makes me wonder if there is some element of history repeating itself here.  Is Black Alice doing as Alice did in the original series – tagging along with the hero because they like him and think he has potential as a future mate?  If this is the case, what went wrong?

Did it go wrong because of Black Alice, or did she go wrong because of it?

It does raise some interesting questions.

There is no fight at the inn.  They can be found in the upstairs room where Heinrich will talk briefly about one of the battles that made his name.  Then he asks who Luka is.

Uh oh.

There are multiple responses.  You can lie, fudge the truth a little, or even tell Heinrich you’re from a parallel world.  It doesn’t really matter.  Mephisto butts in straight after to tell us she’s receiving a message from our world.

While this might seem weird in the context of time travel, technically we’re in a parallel world rather than the past of our world, so it still sort of makes sense that time would be travelling as normal back in Luka’s world.  The fact that she can even receive a signal at all Mephisto attributes to Luka acting as some form of relay antenna.

The news she receives is not good.  The demon army is on the move.  Grand Noah, San Ilias, Sabasa and Grangold are all being invaded.  The party needs to get back right away to help defend the cities.

Heinrich, being a hero, offers to come along as well, but Luka and the others insist he stay behind as his own battles are just as important.

Time to use a harpy feather and warp back to Grand Noah.  The invasion is fully in progress.  The city is in chaos and the streets are full of horny elves.  Alice suggests we search out and take down the leader.  Seems like a…

Uh, what are you doing here?

Oh.  I think things just got complicated.

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  1. The original Lilith is the "busty gorgeous MILF shikibus", and succubi throughout history have been named after her. This is mentioned in Harpy Village when you first hear about the Lilith Sisters. On another note, you do get to recruit Lilith and Lilim, but much later.

    Hope you enjoy your trip.

    1. Incidentally, if you had chosen Ilias instead of Alice, you wouldn't recruit Alicetroemeria here. Instead, you would end up recruiting Heinrich at a later point in the game.

  2. Really? It's fairly plausible to me.
    In Part 1 of MGQ, the Lilith sisters describe Black Alice as being rather nice, until a hero broke her heart or something of the like (and Heinrich just so happens to be the only hero who stood a chance against her).
    {Lilith: All of the love that Alice the Eighth had 500 years ago... that hateful Hero destroyed it.
    Lilim: Not just us, but her Majesty as well... Sister, I hate that hero.}
    Then when you fight her in Part 3, she'll make a comment about the Spirits as if she's known them personally whenever you struggle out of her grasp (and Heinrich is the only one aside from Luka who's used the Spirits to his benefit).
    {Fight 2: Gnome... Tactless power. She should learn not to interrupt things.
    Fight 3: Gnome... still being summoned. After I've killed this Hero, you're next.}
    So seeing Black Alice accompanying Heinrich like it ain't no thang, a la Alice XVI in MGQ, isn't much of a surprise since me and a friend of mine predicted that this would happen...

    What we didn't predict, however, was that she'd be dressed up like a cute witch.

    1. Considering how Heinrech died/ ended up, I think we already know why Black Alice went homicdal in a way, or part of why anyways. He had the chance to do what Luka ended up doing, fighting Illias with all his allies... but he decided to go it alone.

      Likely he meant for Black Alice and the Spirits to live on while he sacrificed himself defeating Illias... but Black Alice likely disapproved. Vehemently. Like spurning her love in favor of saving the world. He tried to be the Hero's Hero, willing to sacrifice everything to save everyone... only to find that sacrifices like that weren't needed. Or wanted. Except by Illias.

    2. Um... no. Not at all. Ilias has said that, the moment Heinrich struck down Black Alice, she's kept her in reserve. By the time he "killed" her, he didn't even know Ilias wanted to kill all monsters until it was too late. Besides, it takes a bit more than saying "I'm going to go it alone" to make someone unilaterally flip their moral compass; this isn't RWBY or something like that.

      What's more likely is that something happened between Succubus Village (since they're still companions at this point), and arriving at the Monster Lord's Castle, that has caused such a split to happen in the first place... At least, that's my theory; she could just be unapologetically sadistic.

  3. Black Alice was crazy even before she and Heinrich split up. Heinrich became famous when he stopped some of her minions from attacking a meeting of kings, and they first met when her living teddy bear was attacking people. Many of the monsters in her castle, including her own sister (The future 9th Monster Lord. Black Alice never had kids.), are fed up with her warmongering rule and are planning to oust her.
    Check out her Grandeur theater skit too. I don't think words do it justice.

    As for why she's traveling with Heinrich, in her castle dialogue with Alice she claims it's interesting for people in conflict to be traveling together. This is achieved by roleplaying as a human witch. Black Alice is honestly more crazy than evil.
    For all her murderous craziness, she is still apparently generous to some though. She tags along as a favor to her kin Alice, and consequently doesn't join in the llias route.

    By the way, her name is the files is Alicetromeria. It's probably based on the flower alstroemeria.

    1. Have you played through the game on the Ilias route? What does Heinrich have to say about his relationship with "Alicetroemeria"?

    2. He seems oblivious to her true nature, although he does think she's a bit eccentric and comments she's prone to disappearing for days.
      To his credit he's still not as dense as Luka. I'd elaborate, but it's a bit of a spoiler.