Thursday, January 28, 2021

House of Hellish Harlots ver0.015 (Doctoress + Potions)

The new version of "House of Hellish Harlots" is available for patrons and can be found here:

Here's the full change list:


- I've added some, both physical and personality.  This is getting close to final finished version there.  I think they cover close to everything I want to cover.  Submissive/Dominant keep their names for now, but might get renamed to Passive/Assertive at some point if I feel I need to remove confusion with the usual BDSM definitions.

- There is a proper character creation section at the start that explains what the stats are.

- Personality stats can be set at the beginning (but not Physical stats, those are still random, for now).


- Players can use these to temporarily alter both physical and personality stats.  Get strong enough to survive Anna Boa's hugs!

these are sold by:


- She sells an assortment of stats-altering potions.  (That have no side effects!)

- She also gives the player a fun and pleasurable way to convert semen to coins. (Completely risk free!)


- Some tweaks to standardise Action point management.

- Some new ailments for her to cure.  (That are completely unrelated to potions and the side effects they absolutely do not have.)


- Alsharajea Hira, the Corruptress.  She's a very bad succubus with a big juicy ass that loves anal.

- Queen Colubridis.  A "Queen" lamia with big appetites and a wicked blowjob.

I must admit to being a little scared when the poll popped up Queen Colubridis (gluttonous lamia) and I saw just how many pages I'd written on her.  She is indeed gluttonous.  I might write more on it in a future post, but for now I think I'm just going to let the long ones go long and let players have fun with them.

It's still a Patreon-exclusive at the moment, but I am getting closer and closer to having enough content to put out a proper public release (2 more NPCs, a proper intro, and maybe 10 or so new harlots).


  1. Oh yeah, everything is coming together great. Its awesome to see that you are working hard.

    Bought more of your books from all the way in good ol' California.

    However your story "Crabs" made me want to take a hot shower after reading it.

    My god, I don't see that being on Literotica...

    Was Horror Head writing there? Lol

    Anyway, I wanted to ask a couple of questions:

    Is Nicole friends with Madam Voluptula? Are they also friends with the Succubus Heart Squad?

    Is Inari a monster? Some stories call her a "fox" so is she some kind of kitsune or werefox? Why is she interested in managing succubi and other sex monsters?

    Will Nicole and the other succubi posing as prostitutes on Earth ever encounter any monster hunting humans? Would love to see guys like the dude from "Slayer vs. Succubus" or "Nazi vs. Succubus" taking them on.

    That's all I have. Write on man and I eagerly wait for a response from your.

    ~~Your fan from California

    1. Thanks. Glad you enjoyed them.

      Yep, I'm pretty sure I would not be able to put "Crabs" up on literotica. :D

      Inari connects a few of the Earth-bound succubi/monster girls. Voluptula and Nicole were supposed to team-up in a novel idea I had, but that stalled. I'm hoping I can get it up and running again some day as they work well together.

      The prison guard from Nazi vs Succubus is a character I want to use again as a succubus hunter. I have an arc of stories sketched out for him leading up to present day. He's interesting as I can switch him around from saviour to antagonist depending on if the succubus is good or evil (it probably takes him a while to work out that some are like Nicole).

      So much to write!

  2. Also to expand on my earlier comment.

    You should check out the hot and tall busty vampire chick from Resident Evil Village. It would probably give you succubus fuel, wink wink lol

    Especially her blood thirsty daughters that look like pretty goth girls. ��

    1. I'm looking forward to RE Village. Big Goth Vamp chick seems to have really taken off. As it's Resident Evil I'm sure her appearance will switch to horrifying blob monster at some point, but it's a great character design. I wonder if they'll use her like Mr X in the RE2 remake.

  3. Why not do a Let's Play of RE 8 on Youtube. You aren't just a writer, but a great gamer too.

    The German man being a Succubus Hunter sounds amazing.

    I actually have one last question.

    You said in later posts that your succubi are basically "semen vampires" so I thought about and wondered why none of the succubi ever screw the Incubi for their semen.

    They obviously have better stamina than the average human male.

    Is it because a human is more tasty than feeding on another daemon?

    If succubi like Verde, Rosa, Nyte, Ceruela (adult form) Nicole, Nurse Honey were presented a human man and an incubus, would they choose the man to screw instead of the male daemon?

    1. A proper let's play might not be a good idea. I have a face for radio and a voice for silent movies. :D

      Succubi and Incubi would screw each other for pleasure (and maybe to assert dominance depending on power levels). But probably not for feeding.

      Not 100% on that, as I haven't thought much on incubi other than they exist in places like H-space.

      Maybe there is some energy transfer involved. In which case feeding is possible, but succubi find humans tastier.

      Or it could be some other aspect - the semen is a conduit to life/soul energy that humans have and incubi don't.

      Might even be something that varies from succubi or the setting (even though most of my settings overlap). Some seem fine with the liquid meal, while others use it as a means to pull out life energy or the soul.

      Phil's succubi would definitely choose the man over the incubus. I think that makes sense for any setting where succubi/incubi are supernaturally good at sex. They would have to find humans more attractive otherwise they would little incentive for the daemons to interact with humanity at all (they'd be too busy screwing each other!).

  4. Aw, but thanks for considering the Let's Play idea.

    From re-reading all the Succubus Summoning chapters. I think I can finally say why they screw humans.

    While the succubi can bang each other for pleasure (Verde and Rosa screwing each other in the bath, Verde inflicting pain on Ntye) its not so much the pleasure when it comes to humans.

    There is a reason why the daemons of Hell want human souls. Human life energy and fluids must be special for the succubus, especially from virgin men. (Verde doing a strange "prayer" when she took Phil's first time)

    And not to mention Verde says "We are predators and you are prey, its the oldest law" pretty much implying that the daemons predation on mankind is necessary in the grand scheme.

    I can see why Phil's succubi would choose the man. Its not about just getting their rocks off, its about feeding on a special energy/fluid the human man has.

    Nurse Honey would be the most interested in the man since she collects human souls.

    I think that's what makes the incubus inferior to the human man, do you agree?

    About Verde (she's my favorite :D)

    Why is Verde considered the non-violent type succubus? Can't she just summon the thorn whip she used on Ntye to attack her enemies.

    I feel like since she's centuries old, Verde should know how to fight. Ntye even states that succubi should become good fighters.

    If she had to take down a resisting man she wants too screw, would she be bold enough to tackle him to the ground?

    Same with Nurse Honey. Can she fight too? Is her magic stronger in her true form? Why does she like collecting human souls instead draining humans dry?

    Sorry if I keep bothering you with my "pesky" questions its just because I've became hooked on your work after reading A Succubus for Remembrance.

    1. It's something I try to balance out. One of the problems I have with typical horror vampires is they tend to be super-strong, super-fast and have powerful mesmeric abilities, which makes them a little boring.

      Demons can have a similar problem. I like succubi as sneaky subversive agents that use their seductive abilities to wield power behind the scenes. Once they start tearing men apart with their bare hands it just makes them into another generic demon and less interesting. They win by making people so horny they'd rather fuck them than fight them.

      Admittedly, it's something I'm not too good at keeping to, as being physically dominant plays so well to femdom tropes it creeps in a lot.

      The one exception to that is Nyte. She does love a good fight and is not a typical succubus in that regard. Even then, she'd likely be outclassed by a similarly ranked rage daemon that is all about brute force and ripping things apart with its bare hands.

  5. If you're still interested in MGQ news, there's been a recent update:

  6. Awesome, more news about MGQ. Anyway I just checked out Locked in With a Succubus and the scene of where George was speaking with Nicole about his massage with the other girl...

    I could understand as the massage girl and snake girl could accidentally eat him because he's so yummy for being an older virgin, but what was wrong with George being sent at the village of horny wolf women?

    He wouldn't be eaten by the cat girl or the wolf women, especially if he tells them Inari sent them. Why get sent to Nicole and not them?

    1. He'd stand less chance there. They're even wilder. The smell of a matured virgin would drive them crazy. He'd have a great time, but he wouldn't be coming home. :D

  7. Its great you are letting your fans ask questions. I actually like to expand on the Incubus thing that the other guy said.

    Could you simulate what would happen if Phil's succubi have a human man and incubus in the same room. (Lets use Bate)

    Bate: *steps back as Rosa, Verde, Nurse Honey, Ntyle, and Cerluea apporches him*

    Bate: Wait, there is an incubus here that has more stamina than me. I can't satisfy you all, why don't you bang the incubus? Why do you love screwing human men when you can screw other daemons?

    I know Phil's succubi will prefer humans, but im interested to know what will they say if asked this question. Can you write what each of their responses are if you don't mind.

    1. I don't think most of my readers would like the answer here as given how the Dominion of Lust works, it would likely end up with the incubus joining the succubi in having fun with Bate.

      I'd have to get someone else to write the scene as the incubus involvement would be too much of a turn-off for me to be able write a good scene. H-space and the Dominion of Lust in SS are fairly similar. Incubi exist and are just as non-choosy as the succubi, but as I'm only writing what turns me on, the incubi only get to have their fun off-screen so to speak.

      As Phil's succubi have varying degrees of a sort of morality, a lot would also depend on how they feel about the man, the incubus and what they can sense the man feels about the incubus. If they decide they don't want to let the incubus join in, then Rosa will peel off to 'distract' the incubus (i.e. bang him stupid) and the others will make sure to save a little bit of the man for her afterwards.

  8. What's the is the "race/subclass and power level" the succubus summoning (succubi) I mean Like (Lesser succubus,Succubus,Arc Succubus,Elder succubus Queen succubus, Lilim,Elder Lilim,Queen Lilim? + Another question the 8th not mentoned dominium is Lie right? Mean: Lust,Gluttony,Greed,Sloth,Wrath,Envy,Pride (and the 8th Lie)

    1. Those are mostly things I'm keeping close to my chest for now - either because I haven't finalised them, or it's something I want to hold back for a future reveal.

      Phil's succubi are a good deal more powerful than they let on, but where they fit within an overall hierarchy is something I can't answer at this point.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. My guess is . Verde and Rose is Ordinary succubus or Arch Succubus (later probably) , Nyte Elder Succubus,Cέrμləa is Lilim (at least)Mamǝḵā Bēyˁṯān is Elder Succubus.

  11. Ah, I got it. Also they have different levels of morality? Interesting. Does that make Verde the "nicest" and Nurse Honey the most wicked?

    Also can Cerluea shapeshift into a monstrous form? She "ate" the fat warlock, or did she just soul drain him by touching him? Its been bothering me after I read the chapter.

    1. Also can Cerluea shapeshift into a monstrous form? She "ate" the fat warlock, or did she just soul drain him by touching him? Its been bothering me after I read the chapter. I think none Mr G eated him. (or if i readed correctly) But Cerulea far stronger than the other succubus in the series

    2. Less different levels of morality and more that they're non-human and have fairly alien values.

      Verde forms strong attachments to her warlocks, but will happily succ to death people that mean nothing to her (although she'll be very nice about it and they will enjoy it). Rosa is a little chaotic. Cerulea is very chaotic. Nyte has a twisted concept of fair play, but is horribly disproportionate in acting on it. Nurse Honey is wicked in the sense she wants all her warlocks to end up in her 'belly', but she won't force it and will serve them well until it's time for debts to be paid.

      All of them are fairly morally ambiguous because they're daemons. In other stories they could be implacable and terrifying monsters. Luckily for Phil they like him.

      Cerulea has many forms.

  12. Fascinating. We are getting behind the scenes of the story. Let me add my own question:

    Why are the succubi interested in Phil? We know he's not going to be the "Harry Potter" of warlocks, but why does Verde, Rosa, Cerluea, and even Nyte like him? Except Nurse Honey because she still wants to absorb him.

    Was Verde not supposed to revive him when he was nearly killed by the spider daemon? Nyte seemed to be upset at Verde for doing it as she wanted to speak with her privately.

  13. Because Phil shows enough skill and knowledge? The kid is no tough guy action hero, but he knows enough to get by.

    Now when Corene was saying to the male feminist scum bag about having a friend that hunts down terrible men like him, was she referring to Nicole, Madam Voluptula or a succubus you didn't introduce yet?

    1. Nicole. That's who she was on the phone to. I need to write more Nicole stories. So much to do at the moment! :D