Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Sources of Inspiration: #1 Artwork

If anyone's ever wondered where the ideas for the stories come from, the answer is there's a big black pool of sludge sitting in the back of mind. I don't like to look too deep inside it - I'm afraid of what I might find in the depths - but occasionally ideas bubble up to the surface like bubbles of noxious gas.

Yep, as pretentious and wangsty as I thought it'd read.

I get inspiration from all sorts of places. Let's start with the artwork.

Monster-girls Uploader is full of various monster-girl pics.

I love the Japanese; they're completely crazy. One of my goals is to write stories that are as equally wierd and bizarre as Japanese films/anime/manga. Every time I think I'm getting close I come across something else that blows my mind with its warped audacity and realise I've still got a way to go in the insanity erotica stakes.

The MGU board started mainly as fansite for the Monster Girl Encyclopedia entries of Kenkou Cross. It's also a good resource for other succubus/monster girls artwork. They've recently moved so the picture threads are in the process of building back up again. There's also plenty of fanfics, some of which should be looking for a wider audience.

Hentai foundry also has the occasional gorgeous succubus pic show up from time to time.

Deviant Art goes without saying. I don't check it as frequently as I should because it's so freaking large.

Like everything on the internet, the quality is variable but there are gems around if you look hard enough.

I'm not lying about that big pool of sludge at the back of my head. I don't ask; I just fish 'em out and type them down.

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