Saturday, October 08, 2011

October is the month for new manyeyedhydra stories

Not only do I have a 3rd anthology coming out on the 21st (I may have mentioned this a few times), but I also have a few runners in Literotica's annual Halloween competition.

"Guard Duty" features gangsters, a mysterious crime boss and a succubus in a cage. It expands on the little universe I'm slowly putting together and introduces a new player. It also features a very nasty bit of philosophical fridge horror if you look hard enough.

"Naga Massage Review" is a follow-up to "Naga Special Massage" and shows a different aspect of the lovely Amanda.

I might also enter a new Nicole story for the less death-by-sex inclined if I manage to finish it in time.

So there you go. Stories are like buses. You wait ages for one to show up and then a whole bunch appear at once.

Enjoy! ;)


  1. I've read the competition rules but couldn't see the mechanism for voting. Is it just the star rating on the story? If so, voted. Great work, by the way. I loved the worldbuilding, and am dying to know more.

  2. Yep, it's just the star rating with a minimum vote threshold to qualify. Neither story is looking too hot score-wise at the moment, but I'm not exactly surprised. I'm mainly in there for the higher profile the stories get. ;)