Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Succubus Summoning 101: Excerpt

Succubus Summoning 101 is coming out this Friday. While I can't really hype it up to the same degree as A Succubus for Halloween, I couldn't pass the opportunity to post a little excerpt. Take flight with Rosa...

(warning: things get a little hot and steamy from here. If you're easily offended, or not 18, and got here by accident, now would be a safe time to leave :) )
Don't warn them, it takes away the surprise.

* * * *

Phil dashed for the door.

Five succubi in heat. There was no way he’d survive that. He had to get out of the castle and take his chances in the forest.

He got halfway across the courtyard before Rosa swooped down out of the sky and gathered him up in her embrace.

“Fleeing prey, my favourite,” Rosa laughed as she carried him up into the lurid pink sky.

Phil struggled, but Rosa wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. She crushed her soft lips against his and kissed him until the fight left his body. His body went limp in her embrace.

“We’ve never fucked while flying, have we fledgling?” Rosa laughed as her broad wings held them motionless in the sky. “This is going to be fun.”

Phil’s thoughts were clouded and his limbs felt weak. Rosa’s hot kiss had drained all the resistance from him. Her powerful thighs wrapped around his waist and he shivered in pleasurable surprise as his erection slid into her moist vagina.


Hot and tight.

Rosa’s body boiled with lust. Her heat enfolded his body and overwhelmed his senses. Still flapping her wings to keep them airborne, she thrust her hips against him. Her lust was contagious. Phil pushed back against her, feeling his cock slide against the hot walls of her pussy.

Rosa laughed with wild abandon and swooped around the black stone minarets of the castle. The horizon and the sky became one dizzying blur to Phil as he span in Rosa’s embrace. Faster and faster she flew, until Phil felt the wind streaming through his hair and down the naked skin of his back. Higher she took them, until the castle became toy-sized beneath them. They were suspended in the sky, their bodies slamming together in passion.

She planted another fiery kiss on Phil’s lips as their bodies slowly turned and ascent changed into a steep dive. Rosa cried with passion as the wind whistled past them. Phil’s heart thudded in his throat as they hurtled downwards. He saw the dark stone walls of the castle rushing up to meet them.

Did Rosa know? Did she care? Her wings were folded back against her body as they continued their steep dive.

The black walls and spiky towers filled Phil’s vision now, and still Rosa showed no signs of slowing down. Too fast. She wasn’t going to be able to pull up in time. They were going to be dashed against the walls. They were going to die.

They were going to…

They didn’t hit.

Phil opened his eyes and almost wished he hadn’t as narrow stone walls whizzed by in a blur. They were plunging through some kind of chimney system inside the castle. Rosa navigated the turns and sudden forks with a speed that left Phil breathless. Mere inches separated his naked flesh from the hard stone as it zipped past.

They fell deeper through the castle until the walls opened out into a cavernous pentagonal room. Phil saw a floor covered in blood-red sheets and scattered with pastel cushions rushing up to meet them before his view changed with a lurch. Rosa had flipped him mid-air and he was now looking up at a ceiling covered in swathes of plush velvet and embedded with large mirrors.

Their descent abruptly slowed as Rosa opened her great red wings above him. Not enough, Phil thought. They were still falling too quickly. He was still going to hit the ground har—

They hit the floor with a soft whumpf. Sheets and pillows were thrown up in the air by the impact. The floor gave beneath him and he realised he’d landed on a gigantic bed, luxuriously soft and very deep. He sank into the surface with Rosa’s hot body riding on top of him, the impact driving his cock deeper into her tight pussy.

Their downward momentum was halted and then reversed as the bed sprang back. Phil was bounced upwards and into Rosa’s embrace. Her pussy squeezed around his cock and Phil groaned as he exploded within her, the head of his cock wedged deep into her hot flesh. At the same time Rosa’s vagina shuddered and shivered around his member as she too was claimed by a violent orgasm.

She rode him as the bed swayed and undulated beneath them, her hot pussy fluttering around his cock. Phil bucked and thrashed in helpless pleasure as she stretched out his orgasm until the ecstasy became almost unbearable. His balls convulsed as her dripping vagina hungrily sucked the seed from his body.

Phil thought he might expire from the pleasure, but gradually the wild pitching motions of the bed died down and his orgasm slowly petered out with it. He gasped great lungfuls of air as his jangling body recovered from the release.

“Whew, that was good,” Rosa said. Beads of sweat spilled from her forehead and formed on her full breasts.

Once Phil got his breath back, he took a look around at his surroundings. He was in a large pentagonal room with stone walls. The entire floor seemed to be taken up with this gigantic bed. Soft cushions and pillows were piled high all around him.

“Well done, Rosa. I see you’ve captured our little plaything.”

* * * *

Succubus Summoning 101. Out (finally!) as a novel this Friday.

As for the long-awaited Succubus Summoning 201, coming soon... ;)


  1. Looking forward to it! I can finally replace the one I put together in Microsoft Word from all the separate chapters, and moved onto my e-reader...

  2. I'm intensely happy to see this! Soon Succubus Summoning 203 will come! Man I hope in it can we can see Nyte and Phil have some alone time together. Just the two of them.

    1. I'm not sure Phil would be too thrilled with that! :) It's not up yet, but 203 does feature Nyte having some fun with another hapless Wargsnouts student.

  3. Congratulations once again on publishing your novel. One question though: what's up with the chapter titles? I understand what they mean (I think), but I'm wondering if you were aiming for a specific effect/theme/whatever.

    1. Lesson titles. It's supposed to be laid out like a university/college time table for an extended day.

      Most of them have ambiguous or dual meaning. Think Contract.

  4. Hm. It's still listed as "Coming soon" on Excessica...

    1. Yeah, that was my blunder. It's the first time I've been involved on the uploading side and I missed off updating one of the fields in the upload form. Should be fixed now

  5. 1. Hey M.E., Rosa says in 109 that Nyte liked Phil, and thus that was the reason why despite being chained up he hadn't had his arms broken. However we later find out in 114 that the ritual was a success and Phil was their master. Did that factor in any way to how Nyte would treat him in 109, despite him not knowing about being their master? Or did such a thing not really factor into how she would've treated him in 109?

    2. Regarding your novels and the stories you've posted up on websites, are there any differences in the website version story compared to the novel version story, like more content in the novel story or whatever?

    3. If you do have Phil and Nyte get some alone time, I think an interesting conflict at the beginning would be to have that "Bedmistress of the Palace of Infernal and Iniquitous pleasures" featured in 201 encounter Phil and Nyte. Then they (Nyte and the Bedmistress) start snarking at each other about what constitutes pleasure, before deciding Phil should choose. I suspect he'd choose Nyte, not just because she'd probably do unspeakable things to him for slighting/rejecting her, but also because Nyte seems to treat him as more than just someone to be "milked like a cow."

    1. Hi.

      1. "Master" doesn't necessarily mean what we think it means.

      2. The novel version has tighter editing and I removed the recaps from the beginning of each chapter as they're only needed for a monthly serial. There's also some extra scenes featuring Phil and the Wargsnouts staff that adds a little more worldbuilding.

      3. The bedmistress and friends have important roles in 201 ;)

    2. M.E. I understand that "Master" doesn't necessarily mean what we think it means. My question was did Nyte's knowledge of Phil influence her decision of liking him, or was it his own actions in 109, not screaming despite being in immense pain, that endeared him to her?

    3. I can't say too much as what 'Master' actually means will be a recurring puzzle throughout the series. Nyte's morality is alien, but consistent. You'll see in future chapters.