Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Reviews, Lovely Reviews (Me this time)

Reviews are like buses, wait ages for one to come along and then you get two in the same week.

Here’s a lovely one for A Succubus for Halloween on The Horror Fiction Review:

The horror writer in me that died over a decade ago might have unearthed himself and done a little jig after reading that. As a quasi-self-published author, I always have doubts about whether my work is actually good enough to see print. Reviews like this are great for kicking those bad thoughts back down into the cellar where they belong.

And a nice (and detailed!) one from Tera for A Succubus for Christmas over on The Succubi’s Tale blog:

That one did remind me I’ve been neglecting the fun stories of late. I haven’t written anything like "Slayer vs. Succubus" for a while, something I intend to correct. Don’t worry. I’m not going to stop with the dark stories either. Balance is good. Always keep the audience on their toes. That way they don’t see it coming when you sock them in the guts…

I haven’t seen a big increase in sales after the reviews. That’s fine. Contrary to what some people say about us self-published ruffians, money is not our sole motivation. I’m having fun writing and I’m glad to see I’m not embarrassing myself with my efforts.

I think I might hold off on letting the folks know about the pseudonym for a while—not sure how they’d take to “kinky and depraved”. :D


  1. So how is your Succubus Summoning 203 coming along?

  2. Is parked behind the lead story for the next short story collection due out in the summer. Should have wrapped that up a month ago, but the succubus tablet story has proven v difficult to write.

    Once that's out it's back to SS, where I'm currently around 205-206. 203 introduces a lot of new characters and is large. Debating whether it should become 203 & 204.