Monday, August 25, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 10

This is the continuation of my Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  The first part can be found hereViolated Hero 5 is a sexy monster girl game featuring plenty of sex and other naughtiness.  If you’re not old enough to read about such things, or are easily offended by such things, please navigate your internet browser to safer shores now.

Last up we ended up being cocooned by the charming moth girl, Lapis.  In canon reality Luka-clone beats her down and tries again to get a world boss to promise not to molest humans.  Ariel mocks his continued naivety by saying monster girls don’t understand such negotiations.

Lapis surprises both of them by agreeing to Luka-clone’s demands.

Ah, it turns out she wasn’t subjugating the humans anyway.  She stayed in her lair and humans came to her because they wanted to be “attacked”.

Sounds legit.  We’re all perverts.

Luka-clone realises he hasn’t actually changed anything again.  Lapis is very eager for him to come back so she can “attack” him again.  She reinforces this by flashing her naked boobies at him.  Lapis definitely knows the route straight to a man’s penis even if she is a little freaky looking below the waist.

Then the scene jumps over to the demon palace where Safi is worried about the juggernaut-like advance of Luka-clone.  (Um you remember the fight we had – 0, 0, 0 to you, then 9999 to me.  That wasn’t close.)

Then it’s back to the World Tree for the next step.

Oh, but before we can move onto World 8 Ariel is saying Luka-clone needs to get stronger.  He needs to let her provide him with more divine protection.

This is just an excuse for you to molest him again, isn’t it Ariel.


I don’t know why Luka-clone looks so unhappy.  This is as close as VH gets to a good end.

Ariel starts with rubbing the outside of her pussy against Luka-clone’s dick.  That’s enough to make him come.  A lot.

But this is the last divine protection of an angel.  Ariel wants fourth base and gets it.  They carry on for a bit and Luka-clone comes enough for an entire baseball team.

Ariel, I think you burst the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.

Oddly, VH5 seems to be the reverse of VH4.  From what I’ve seen so far I suspect Ariel isn’t a fighter at all.  That means she’s the one hanging around to provide the sex power ups while Luka-clone does the fighting.  This is a straight role reversal from Lilith and the protagonist in VH4.

Then it’s off to Mirror World and, ooh, looks like another mini-boss.

The first wandering mook is Hikari.  No idea what she is, but nice legs.

The new special attack is, however, extremely powerful, doing 199 in one hit.

Hikari’s sister, Underworld, is hotter.  Although the whole “Die!” part is a little off-putting.

The mini-boss is some kind of crazy rabbit girl thing with a giant mallet.  I’m not sure what that white stuff is flying all over the place.  Did Luka-clone get burst again without anyone telling us?

I’m not sure losing to these crazy mini-bosses is a good idea.  Rabbit girl celebrates winning by giving Luka-clone’s danglies a severe kicking.  Then she raises the hammer.  Thankfully Luka-clone loses consciousness before his junk gets squished into a pancake and we don’t have to dwell on it too much.

I’m getting the feeling these mini-boss ends are mainly Bad Bad Ends rather than Sexy Bad Ends.

At the end of the level is a hall of mirrors.  I’m going to go out on a limb and guess the mirror demon from the fan vote resides here.

Luka-clone freaks out when a mirror speaks to him.  Then the mirror demon appears asking if she’s the most beautiful of all.

Not really, to be honest.

When they had the fan vote my pick would have been the mirror demon.  I was a little disappointed when I saw the promotional artwork as I felt they’d botched the finished design.  The original smouldered and looked hot.  The final version has a squashed face with too-big eyes and looks cartoony rather than hot.  It’s a shame they didn’t keep to the style of the mockup.

Here’s the original for contrast.  Maybe it’s just me.

In the fight her feeler attack looks like the basic sex toy, but dipped in shiny goop.

After alt!Luka-clone loses the fight Ariel is pissed off because she lost a beauty contest or something, and storms off, leaving Luka-clone alone with Myra, the mirror demon.  She thinks he should be punished for daring to compare her beauty with another woman.  And as she gets her beauty from fresh male energy . . .

It looks like we’re starting with mirror demon paizuri.

Ah, it’s cleverer than that.  Myra is doing naughty stuff to Luka-clone’s reflection and he feels it as though it’s happening to him.

The artwork doesn’t match the early description.  It sounds like Myra runs her hands all over Luka-clone’s reflection, getting him crazily turned on to the point he pushes his cock into the mirror and she starts titwanking him.  To VH5’s credit, the sex scenes have shown a lot of imagination and creativity this time around.  It’s a shame the other artwork of Myra (and to some extent a lot of the other bosses) is so wonky.

Luka-clone spurts a couple of times and that’s enough for Myra to be able to pull him into the mirror.  Then it’s time for mirror demon gangbang.

She gets us to come with a bit of pussy fold rubbing on the outside.

Then she takes us inside . . .

She squeezes Luka-clone until he comes.  Then she rides him frenziedly until he comes.  Then she decides to keep him as a semen doll.  As Violated Hero Bad Ends go, that’s probably one of the better ways to lose.

Another imaginative scene overall.  Once again Violated Hero stomps me by going off into territories I haven’t yet covered in my own stories.  The mirror thing has definitely given me some ideas.  We’ll see how they pan out in a future story.

Come back next time when we take on the second fan vote girl, General Sweet.


  1. I have to say, that sounds like a really great scene.

  2. The mirror demon stuff sounds hot!

    You know I've been thinking something: these games involve the heroes beating the beautiful monster girl lord and then getting into a femdom gangbang. It makes me wonder if any stories where the hero gets to the final dungeon, fights the monster girl boss, and loses, and then is trapped with the monster girl boss who reveals the entire plan or whatever was to lure the hero down to be her sex slave or partner or whatever?

    Yeah I'm rambling. TLDR: hero fights monster/demon girl lord, loses and gets locked in with the M/DGL, and then monster/demon girl lord reveals the entire plan was to lure the hero to be the sex slave of the lord.

    1. That sounds a bit like MGQ and Alice, sort of.

    2. I have a fantasy parody idea kicking around in my ideas file along the same lines. It was much darker though. The group were a bunch of idiot powergamers transplanted to a fantasy world. The succubus boss plays them really easily and they fuck things up royally. Main problem with the idea was the protagonists were all total assholes.

    3. But sometimes it's enjoyable seeing assholes get what they deserve. :-) I'd like to read that.

    4. That does sound interesting, but I'd prefer if maybe the travelling party slowly dwindled as each member got separate bad ends from different monstergirls.
      So maybe the Theif is grabbed by a busty mimic but doesnt escape her chest before it closes trapping him forever. His party cant open it so they have to leave him.
      The fighter is incorporated into a painting monstergirl. The white mage is buried beneath a horde of mindless zombie girls. The fencer is pulled beneath the earth by a swarm of earthworm girls, the female member is absorbed by an anglerfish mermaid, etc, all leading along the way to the monster lord.

  3. Would it be possible to take off the menu before posting screenshots, sorry but the artwork is just too good for it to be hidden.

    1. I do if it's obscuring an important bit of the action. Otherwise got to keep some things hidden, same as not showing all the variant CGIs. Don't want Dieselmine slapping me with a DMCA for giving away all of their game's secrets ;)

  4. Perhaps Myra is not the most beautiful of them all, but she is definitely the most beautiful childlike-looking one in my opinion :) She also has arguably the best scenes compared to them ( Moth girl, Android, Octo-girl, Slime, Alraune, General Sweet).