Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 11

The Violated Hero 5 playthrough continues.  The usual rules apply – minors and the perpetually outraged should leave now.  If you’ve just arrived here and have no idea what this is all about, the first part can be found here.

Last up we met the first of the fan winners and Luka-clone got gang-banged by multiple copies of the mirror demon, Myra.

In canon reality Luka-clone smacks Myra around with his special attacks and wins fairly rapidly.  This causes Myra a massive crisis of confidence.  Ariel chooses to make it worse by getting some quality taunts in.  Girls are cruel.

Luka-clone does his heroic peacekeeper bit and tells Myra she’s beautiful.  Because of this she agrees to stop attacking the puny humans.  This annoys Ariel, and after shouting at Luka-clone a bit she storms of to report back to the Big Boss Angel, Luna Tea.

Ariel thinks she’s in Luna Tea’s good books until Luna Tea asks how Luka-clone managed to get to the alien world (I presume she means Cura of the Incubator’s world).

Ariel blames it on a helpful passing monster daughter.

Luna Tea asks why Ariel didn’t report this earlier.

(Uh oh, someone’s in t-r-o-u-b-l-e . . .)

Ariel is terrified she’s about to get a smiting, but the goddess lets her go to continue on “supporting” Luka-clone.  Luna Tea ponders for a moment and wonders if it’s time to advance her plans to save everyone from extinction.

Hey wait a moment.  Extinction?  That’s a bit deep and heavy for a Big Boobs hentai game.

Ariel, being the bully she is, takes her fear out on Luka-clone by surprise attacking him and savagely kicking him around.

And then it’s off to world number 9.  This is the realm of the other fan winner.  I think her name is General Sweet or something like that.  She’s supposed to have a fortress.  The stage pictures look like gates.

The level looks like a crystalline forest.  The first wandering mook is . . .

. . . so sickeningly cute I think I need a sick bucket.

Her name is Sugar.  Death by diabetes imminent.

The other mook’s name is Candy.  I dub this world toothrot world.

At the end of the level Luka-clone notices the strong smell of sweets.  Ariel warns us to be on our guard and then the boss makes an appearance.

This is the other fan winner.  As with the mirror demon the final artwork is a little disappointing.  I don’t know why Dieselmine chose to lolify/cartoonify most of the boss characters this time around.  In previous games they’ve tended to have a broader range of looks.  The original design for this boss had a sexy Harlequin thing going for it, but somehow they’ve ended up with a fairly nondescript oppai loli in a uniform.

Back in the game Ariel is berating Luka-clone for not getting on with the fighting already.  Luka-clone is still baffled at how such a sweet-looking girl could end up the boss of fortress world.  General Sweet takes the opportunity of Luka-clone’s stupidity to try and enthrall us with her sweet breath.  Thankfully Ariel is on hand to scold us out of it.

And then the fight.  How cute (blerggghle), General Sweet breathes love hearts at us.  As she’s a fairly normal looking human she obviously gets the generic feeler attack that matches the colour of her uniform.  Can no-one at Dieselmine draw animated handjobs?

After canon!Luka-clone wins the fight I do the save and reload trick and force alt!Luka-clone to throw the fight.  He dutifully does, falling over at the end as he is overcome by General Sweet’s sweet breath.

She tells us we don’t need to be afraid.

This is Violated Hero, of course we’re afraid.

General Sweet sighs sweet breath over us until Luka-clone melts away into unconsciousness.  Then she carries us off to have her wicked way with us.  She seems nice enough that this might be a “Nice” Bad End.  But this is Violated Hero, so there’s always the possibility she might suddenly morph into a ravening tentacle beast and ravage bits of us we’d rather not be ravaged.

First up and it seems harmless enough.  Luka-clone gets a face full of massive boob while General Sweet blows on his ear.

The artwork doesn’t show it, but General Sweet follows up a bit of ear blowing with some ear licking.  Once Luka-clone is nicely relaxed she starts on a gentle handjob and eventually the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen is painting the screen white.

So far, so gentle.

What does scene two have in store for us?

Oh, that would be chains and a collar around the neck.

Uh oh.

To be fair, General Sweet is definitely looking more cartoon-like than child-like.  I still think the Harlequin face would have suited her better.

Luka-clone still has his face buried in monster tit.  I don’t think he has any choice in this.

And then it’s time for the fucky fucky.  And many many pops from the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  General Sweet tells him at the end that he doesn’t have to worry about anything anymore as she’ll take good care of him.  So it’s a “Nice” Bad End after all.  Are you feeling okay, Violated Hero?

After some fairly brutal scenes at the beginning, Violated Hero definitely seems to have toned down the brutality over the last few worlds.  Maybe this will change once we head off to the final world, the demon world.


  1. Typo: "Luka-clone is still baffled at how suck a sweet-looking girl ..."

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