Friday, August 29, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 12.

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough I started here.  Now we’re onto the final world.  Please note Violated Hero 5 is a mucky hentai game, so if you’re too young to read about such things or easily offended by the smutty stuff, you should stop reading now.

Back to the game and Luka-clone knocks over the 9th boss, General Sweet.  Ariel, being the bloodthirsty little minx she is, tells Luka-clone to get a deathblow in before taking a breather.

By now we know that Luka-clone doesn’t roll that way.  General Sweet tries to take advantage by sighing in his ear.  That might have worked on useless Luka-clone ver 4.0, but this Luka-clone has a bit more of a spine than previous VH protagonists and turns her down.  General Sweet likes strong-willed men and agrees to his demands to stop oppressing the weak humans.  I think.  Auto-translation struggled with that conversation.

Now it’s back to the world tree.  There’s only one world left and from the silhouette the boss of that world looks to be Satan.

This leaves me wondering what happened to this girl.

Violated Hero follows a set formula now.  Ten minor boss characters and five major boss characters.  So far we’ve seen nine of the minor boss characters.  The one missing is the succubus with a blind fold.

Back at the world tree and Luka-clone is debating whether to continue.  Safi and Satan both kicked his ass with ease last time around.  Ariel doesn’t think he has enough power either.  Which makes me wonder what the point of this was in the first place – irritate the other world bosses and then leave it at that?  Luka-clone decides to go to the last world anyway as he’s a big dumb hero.

Before we go, the scene shifts to mystery Alice-clone with a silly hat.  She’s waiting for the worlds to lose balance and fulfil the conditions of a curse.  Sounds ominous.

Ariel takes us to the demon world and we’re welcomed by a mysterious voice that makes Ariel quake with fear.

Hey, what happened to the map bits?  Are we just going to get thrown into a boss fight here.

Oh, it’s the goddess Luna Tea.  No wonder Ariel is terrified.

And then we go to map selection and it’s off to the demon world we go.

The first stage has another bonus mini-boss to bash us into senseless pulp during the Bad Bad End.

The mooks are pretty little unicorn dark angels.  One has black feathers.  The other has white feathers and looks more angelic.

The mini-boss is another Lily.  Nope, I don’t know what she is either.

I throw the fight to see how bad the Bad End is and it’s sexy, surprisingly.  Lily knocks us down and is very happy we’re now nice and compliant.  Then cue some very suspicious squishy sounds.  Sounds like LIly is giving us a very sloppy blowjob.  It’s spoilt a little when her wings turn into a mouth and she starts swallowing our lower body.  At least she lets us come before eating us.

Um, I might have thrown this fight more than once.  The voice actress makes some deliciously filthy blowjob sounds.


That moment of weakness out of the way it’s time to continue Luka-clone’s epic quest.

Lily ver 2.0 gives an impressive 3 bonus points when defeated.  I continue my strategy of spreading everything equally as it seems to have worked out so far.

Onto the next stage and . . . uh oh . . . I sense a boss pile up in our future.

(Which makes me wonder again what happened to succubus with a blindfold.)

Here’s number one: Safi, Pissed Off Dragon Princess.  Oh, and she’s going to give us much more shameful treatment if she kicks our ass this time.  Better win, Luka-clone.  That tail is going to end up in a place you’d rather it didn’t if you lose.

This time the Sense Enemy attack isn’t greyed out, which means this is a normal boss fight.  Safi has a whopping 400 HP and it takes all of my MP in special attacks to bring her down.  Good job I took the time to grind through every level until it was 100% explored then.

That’s canon!Luka-clone, though.  Poor alt!Luka-clone has to take it for the team again to discover exactly which shameful acts Safi desires to punish us with.  Be brave, alt!Luka-clone!

Safi uses her tail as her feeler attack.  By wrapping it around our cock rather than using it as a suction tube for some reason.

After beating us Safi decides it would be a waste to kill us and decides to make us her subordinate.  Luka-clone refuses to betray humanity and says he’d rather die.  That doesn’t faze Safi.  She’s a dominatrix dragon girl.  Breaking Luka-clone into her personal manservant is her idea of fun.

And she starts by wrapping those big fluffy breasts right around our cock.  Um, I’m not sure the international guild of dominatrices would approve of this technique.

Although, from the descriptions, it sounds like Safi is some kind of Judo black belt in the art of paizuri.  Luka-clone’s cock gets the full treatment.  She threatens to draw out all of Luka-clone’s sperm until his balls shrivel up.  I don’t think she’s milked a VH protagonist before.  Their testicles contain hidden sub-dimensions full of oceans of sperm.

At the first ejaculation Safi goes wild over the smell and starts licking it off Luka-clone’s cock.  I’m wondering who’s breaking who here to be honest.

Then the art and descriptions diverge again as Safi starts giving Luka-clone a very sloppy blowjob.

The second part of Safi’s fiendish plan to break us in appears to involve fucking our brains out reverse cowgirl style.

Hey, works for me.

To avoid ending up as Safi’s personal manservant all Luka-clone has to do is hold on and not come.  Right, like that’s ever happening.


Enjoy your new life as Safi’s slave, Luka-clone.

As Safi is one of the five major bosses that means she gets an additional bonus hentai scene.  Before this there’s a little filler scene where Safi and Satan squabble over Luka-clone.  Safi isn’t in any mood to share her spoils and Satan doesn’t want to push the issue as she likes her subordinates to be strong-willed and ruthless.

Then the bonus third scene.  And here come the chains . . .

It’s Safi on top on her bed.  She does the usual VH trick of using magic to prevent us from coming until we beg for release.  Obviously it’s super-effective versus Luka-clone and he breaks in a big explosion of cum.  I think Safi likes her new pet.

I think you got off fairly lightly there, Luka-clone mate.  That could have been a lot worse.  No spiky dragon tails in the ass for starters.

I finally have competition this time around.  There’s this chapter here where Jackson falls to the wiles of a bubble-blowing dragon girl.  For anyone wondering what happened to that series, I will be getting back to it once I get some other projects out of the way (most notably Succubus Summoning 201).

Judging by the order of the silhouettes, I guess next time we’ll be taking on Satan, who probably isn’t the overall Big Bad if her fight appears this early.


  1. Is it just me or does Safi's head seem smaller in the last pic?

    Btw I've heard that the protagonists of VH are made up of 80% sperm instead of water, it would definitely explain a list of things.'s it going with Succubus Summoning?

    1. Succubus Summoning 210 is mostly typed up. Being ill for most of the first half of August knocked me off schedule. There's a short story I'm working on for Literotica's Summer contest that should go up next week. 210 should follow soon after as long as the 2nd draft looks okay.