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Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 13

The Violated Hero 5 playthrough is now into the major bosses (despite one of the minor bosses going missing somewhere).  If you’ve just joined now, the start of it all is back here.  If you’ve just joined now and you’re not old enough to read about perverse sex scenes or are a puritanical holier-than-thou sort that starts frothing at the mouth at the first signs of lewdness, scram.

Last up we took down the first of the major bosses - Safi the Pissed Off Dragon Princess.

Safi doesn’t take losing too well.  I think she wants to murder us.

Whoops, translation boo-boo.  Turns out Safi wants a quick death now she’s been defeated.  That’s not going to happen as Luka-clone doesn’t do that killing thing.

Ariel is really unhappy about this.  Probably because Safi is significantly more powerful than the other world bosses and Ariel is terrified of her.

Wow, Ariel isn’t letting Luka-clone be merciful this time.  She pushes him aside so she can do the dirty deed herself.  And there was me thinking she wasn’t the sort to get her hands dirty.

Luka-clone gets in the way and stops her.  Even Safi thinks it’s ridiculous.

It works though, as we go back to the map screen without any blood being spilled.

Two steps later and we’re in the throne room of the demon king.

Boss rush.

Yep, Satan shows up and it’s time for major boss fight no.2.  Satan looks like she wants to do bad things to us, Luka-clone.  Really filthy things.

It’s a proper fight.  No options greyed out like they were during the hopeless boss fights.

Oh, so it’s just the 500 HP then.  That’s a hundred more than Safi and we only just managed to beat her.  You might not be needed this time, alt!Luka-clone.

We’ve reached the point in the game where it’s time to start quaffing those potions we’ve been hording.  I use all my MP in special attacks.  After that she still has 145 HP and I have considerably less.  I do have super potions, though, so I do the unfair thing and take one to send both HP and MP back to max.  Satan switches to her feeler attack.  As with Safi, it’s a tail wrapped around Luka-clone’s dangly bits.  As with all feeler attacks in Violated Hero, it doesn’t do anything.

Oddly, the 2nd special attack is more effective than the 3rd.  A hit with that is enough to send her to the floor.

Sorry, alt!Luka-clone.  Looks like you’re needed after all.  You know the drill . . .

Luka-clone throws the fight and hits the deck.  Ariel rants for a bit and then runs away very quickly.  It’s going to be very weird if she turns out to be a harder fight than either Safi or Satan.

Satan asks Luka-clone if he’s giving up.  Luka-clone never gives up inside.  Unfortunately his body has been bashed all over the place and isn’t getting the message.  Satan says she’s going to enjoy tormenting us.

So what you got, Satan babe?

Hmm.  Not sure what’s going on here.  Is she just going to stare Luka-clone’s cock into ejaculation.

She blows on it as well (blows air rather than an actual blowjob).

And that’s enough to get Luka-clone to pop.  That’s the ultimate humiliation right there.  She gets us to come without even touching our cock.

Satan Wins: Flawless Sexality.

She asks if Luka-clone has any left in his balls.  I don’t think she’s encountered a Violated Hero protagonist before.  It’s the same principle as Doctor Who’s TARDIS, if the TARDIS was filled from floor to ceiling with cum.

Satan gets bored of not touching, turns her tail into a suction tube and sucks up Luka-clone’s cock.  She squirts some hot juices down the pipe to give some lubrication and then finds the right suction rhythm to leave us completely helpless.

There is much sucking, followed by much coming, and finally the middle of the tail swells up in a big bulge filled with semen.  Plenty more where that came from.  (although not for me. Time to look for the zinc tablets)

Scene two is time to unleash the fucky fucky.

Not right away.  Satan gets some teasing in by rubbing the outside of her pussy against Luka-clone’s erection.  She tells him she’ll put his cock in her juicy pussy if he agrees to be her semen slave.

Luka-clone refuses.  Satan puts him in anyway.  She’s not going to let that spoil her fun.  Once inside, Luka-clone ejaculates right away.

That’s too fast for Satan.  She falls back on the classic Violated Hero sex torture – using magic to block Luka-clone from coming.  Then she rides him until it becomes unbearable and Luka-clone cracks (as he always does).

Beaten, Luka-clone takes the oath to become her semen slave.  Given how much juice his testicles produce he’ll probably be able to survive for a long long time.

Or maybe not.  Satan is one hungry gal for sperm.  After she releases the magic lock Luka-clone lets go with a typical cumplosion.  Then Satan keeps going . . . and going . . . and going.  She keeps squeezing ejaculation after ejaculation out of Luka-clone.  This is an interesting contest.  Who will win – The bottomless appetite of Satan versus the bottomless balls of Luka-clone.  I reckon they’ll have to call it off as a draw once the screen gets filled up with so much creamy white stuff no-one can see what’s going on anymore.

And there’s a third scene to come!

First there’s an interlude announcing Satan as uncontested ruler of all ten worlds.  Ariel and Goddess Luna Tea have both buggered off somewhere and Satan is bored at the lack of opposition.

Safi comes in to warn her not to get complacent.  Satan wanders off, saying she’s off to kill some time (and we all know what that means given that she has Luka-clone stashed away somewhere).

She invites Safi along!

Well well, seems like Satan is not as reluctant to share as Safi was.

Mmm, yes.  Now that’s what I call a sexy Bad End.  Luka-clone is sandwiched between the ginormous boobies of Safi and Satan.  It’s been a long road, Luka-clone buddy, with many painful and humiliating ends, but it was worth it.

Then Luka-clone spoils it by coming without Satan’s permission.

She asks Safi to punish us for our lack of control.  Oh well, I was surprised it didn’t happen last time around to be honest.  Finally Safi’s malleable dragon tail ends up in Luka-clone’s ass.

Focus on the big soft boobies smothering your face, Luka-clone.

Satan uses her magic to prevent another premature accident and they both give him a right proper fucking.

After a couple of monster ejaculations Luka-clone wonders if he’s going to die.  Satan tells him no way.  She likes her new semen slave.  She’s going to keep him around for hundreds, no thousands of years.  And this is bad because . . .

Mmm, I liked those scenes.  This might be because I’m very partial to demon girls with ginormous soft boobs.

If you want more hot succubi sandwiching helpless male victims, this little book is full of it (plus a five-succubi-on-one orgy.  I don’t believe in half measures when it comes to writing erotica).

Let’s see if the angelic duo can keep up the high standards.

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  1. Nice scenes :) That flawless victory comment you made was hilarious and so true.

    Funny enough that Satan ( who is considered to be the overlord ) does share Sion for a sandwiching, compared to Safi who acted more selfish. Well I guess, Satan knows how to keep her underlings happy ;)