Saturday, August 02, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 3

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthroughViolated Hero 5 is a sexually explicit (and sexually bizarre!) hentai game.  If you’re likely to bothered by such things please bugger off now.

Last time we saw Dieselmine maintaining their reputation for unhinged Bad Ends as Luka-clone ended up being ingested and then impregnated by the alraune Chestnut.  (This should be advance warning of what to expect from this game).

Now we go back to the ‘true’ universe where Luka-clone won the fight.  Ariel reveals herself to be a bloodthirsty little minx.  She wants Luka-clone to finish Chestnut off while she’s vulnerable.  Luka-clone, being a pathetic little goody-two-shoes hero, is reluctant to do this.  (and Chestnut gives him two good reasons not to)

Rather than off her, Luka-clone forces Chestnut to promise she won’t subjugate and squeeze the energy out of the feeble humans.  Ariel is pissed off with this, but it will keep the players at home happy.  No one wants to kick the pretty girl in the tits, even if she is a semen-squeezing horror.

If you’d seen what happened in the Bad End you’d be singing a different tune, Luka-clone buddy . . .

Ariel tries to ascribe the victory to her divine protection.  Um, not convinced by that.  She definitely seems loopy.  With this world freed (sort of—I doubt Chestnut will be sticking to her promise) Ariel looks for a way to get to the next world.

Ooh, cutaway to a demonic throne room.  Luka-clone’s activities have not gone unnoticed.  It’s time to introduce the main bad guys.

The big bad is Satan him . . . er . . . herself.  She’s supposedly a sadistic tyrant that rules over all ten worlds.  She looks slutty.  We like slutty.

With her is Dragon Princess Safi.  She appears to be Satan’s lieutenant.  I guess that makes her both the literal and figurative Dragon.  She looks pissed off.

So will Satan do the obvious RPG thing of sitting on her ass while the plucky hero levels up enough to be able to beat her?  Nope, she’s going to get out there right now and nip this in the bud.  Smart gal . . . uh . . . supreme demonic majesty.

Back to tree world and Ariel is telling Luka-clone about how they can metastatise to the next world.  Metastatise?  I’m guessing that is a weird translation bug.

Ariel proves she isn’t completely useless by offering to teach Luka-clone some magic.  This is interrupted as Satan makes an appearance along with Pissed-Off Princess Safi.

Being a noble angel, Ariel stays behind to even the odds and at least make it 2 vs 2.

Does she bollocks.  She’s off in the sky before Luka-clone can even smell Satan’s slutty perfume.

So, 2 vs 1, with the 2 being the supreme evil rulers of all the worlds.  Fair odds then.

They shout a bit at Luka-clone.  Seems a little unfair.  Maybe they should have left someone stronger than Little Miss Potted Plant to rule this world.  It’s all Ariel’s fault anyway.  She forced us to do it.

Hmm, Luka-clone, why are you going into battle stance?  This is Satan and your level isn’t even out of the single digits yet.

He thinks he can end this all right now if he defeats the demon king.

Yeah right, like that’s going to happen.

Satan is quite generous.  We get three free attacks, all dealing precisely zero damage, before she slaps us for 9999 damage.  Yep, that old standby—the unwinnable boss fight to set up how badass the final boss is.

With Luka-clone smeared across the floor, it’s Pinched-Face Princess Safi who takes on the mantle of bloodthirsty minx as she tries to talk Satan into delivering the finishing blow.  She’d get on well with Ariel I reckon.  They’re probably going to sexy double-team Luka-clone at some point anyway.  After taking a promising pro-active approach Satan returns to the failbook of evil overlords everywhere and decides Luka-clone isn’t worth bothering with . . . for now.  That’s understandable given that she’s just flattened us in comprehensively one-sided fashion.  I guess we’re going to need to grind through a lot of random mooks.

Once the big bads have departed Ariel decides it’s safe to return and she gives Luka-clone some shit for his pathetic attempt at resistance.

Hey, we tried.  Where were you?

Ariel’s pep talk involves kicking Luka-clone to the floor and stamping on his cock.  Yep, I’m sure that will motivate us.

Ah, it’s the footjob scene.  Every Violated Hero since VH2 has featured a scene where the Big Bad shows up early, smacks the Luka-clone around and then gives him a sadistic footjob to show how powerful and dominant she is.  At least they change things around in VH5 in that it’s the companion that gets in on the cock-stamping.

This doesn’t seem very angelic, Ariel.  Just sayin’. . .

Oh.  Apparently there was a reason for the humiliation.  This was Ariel’s way of teaching Luka-clone a new magical attack.  Uh thanks, I think.

(Now let me go off and have a cry while I wait for my poor battered cock to stop throbbing in pain).

Hmm, that interlude was a little longer than expected.  I’ll break off the walkthrough here.  Part 4 and World 2 can be found here.


  1. I find it odd how the full-body battle art of Satan looks somewhat silly and disproportionate while the conversation art looks comparatively sexy and intimidating. But as another commentator noted this seems to be a problem with VH5.

    1. Yeah, the character art is all over the shop this time around. Strangely, the wandering monster has improved while the boss art is much worse (too cartoony).

    2. Admittedly there has long been a disconnect between how attractive the girls are in different scenes. I find the conversation and battle art of Fan Mei from VH3 to be some of the sexiest kitsune art out there, but most of her bad/good end scenes just look a bit off, like they drew her less attractive naked than clothed. Her sexy smug expressions also became simply too exaggerated in such scenes.