Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 5

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough I started here.  The usual rules apply: if you’re easily offended by sexy-squicky stuff, now is your time to leave.

Last up Luka-clone got a whipping from sadistic little slime minx, Mel Alice.  Of course that was alternate reality Luka-clone.  Canon Luka-clone took her down.  Again he takes the standard approach of sparing Mel Alice so long as she promises not to attack anyone in the future.

Mel Alice laughs at that, turns to liquid and returns to the lake.  She threatens to force a rematch at any time, which leaves Luka-clone wondering if he’s going to be attacked from a pond at any moment as he leaves the world.

Erm, did we actually achieve anything here?

Back at tree-world and Ariel starts behaving a little loopy.  Luka-clone is having problems working out what she’s saying.  Me, with lousy machine translation (and blocked from google translate for being the centre of all depravity on the internet), has no chance.

Oh, she has to go back and check in on her boss, another angel.  I bet big boss angel is evil as well.

Poor Luka-clone is nothing more than a ping pong ball in big tit tennis.

She chews Ariel out for running out on Luka-clone.  It’s a fairly amusing character-establishing scene.  Ariel tries to sidle off screen during her bollocking and eventually just legs it.

Then she goes back and beats up on Luka-clone.

Despite the way the worlds are connected on the map, there is no choice on which world to go to next.  It’s a nice diagram, but they might as well be arranged in a single line.

World 3 appears to be some kind of cave system.

Filled with cute cat girls with oversize paws.

There’s also another one of the stats-gifting mini bosses.  She’s a flame spirit with the name of Olga.

I throw the fight to see her mini-Bad End.  That involves burning Luka-clone’s clothes off, some trampling on his cock and then a big fireball finish.  Let’s leave alt!Luka-clone’s ashes to rest in piece and return to the last save point.

At the end of the level there’s a big earthquake and world boss 3 appears.  Ah, this is one of the fan designs that didn’t make it for VH4 (or the Another Story add-on for VH4).

These are the Asuras.  Three beautiful martial artists died a ghastly death and were merged together as a monster girl.

Three martial artists?  We’re so getting our asses kicked.

Maybe Ariel can help o—

Oh, she’s already run off.  Call me unnecessarily harsh, but I think our little angelic helper might not be the most reliable ally.

We beat the Asuras without her help anyway.  Luka-clone ver 5.0 is a little badass.

Unfortunately alt!Luka-clone exists solely to run through the Bad Ends.  Don’t worry, buddy.  They might not snap you in half.

In the (about to be thrown) rematch I figure out that the sex attack is triggered whenever the monster girl is dropped to low life (and alt!Luka-clone accidentally beats her.  Luka-clone ver 5.0 - badass even when not supposed to be badass).  I don’t actually know what the sex attack thing is.  I’m not even sure the artist does either.  For some monster girls I think they just go ‘fuck it, generic fleshy sucky tube number 69’.

The Asuras beat the snot out of alt!Luka-clone.  They admire his attempts to try and get back up after they’ve beaten the snot out of him.  They decide to break his spirit with pleasure.  We will taste the joy of surrendering to a strong woman.

That’s not ominous in the slightest.

Then it’s all aboard the Luka-train for the Asuras as they sit on our face.  Wow, those are some abs.  I think even Taylor Lautner of Team Jacob fame might feel a little self-conscious around these gals.  The Asuras demand we lick their pussy or they’ll crush our head.

I wouldn’t argue with those thighs, Luka-clone buddy.

VH5 is working through the classic BDSM checklist.  This time we get the face-sitting and smothering (with a side helping of muscles).

Oh, and some bonus watersports to make it a two-in-one.

Smothered in pussy and drowned in piss, it’s a hard life being a protagonist in a monster girl hentai game.

The next scene has the Asura’s split into three for a bit of group sex.  They’re a little ripped, but I guess this isn’t so bad.  Hey wait, what’s the one with red hair doing lifting our legs like that . . .

Oh yeah, Violated Hero.  Luka-clone is contractually obligated to have something go in his butt for every bad end.

Your enjoyment of this scene will be predicated on how much you dig descriptions of meat spears jabbing away at your colon.

Everything ends up very sticky.  I think the ambulatory bag of semen got burst again.

On the plus side, at least the artwork wasn’t overly cute and cartoony this time around.

Oh, and I have a story to compete with (the only other one I posted in the first half of the year).  Eryzu isn’t a muscle-freak, but she’s more than capable at the rough stuff.

Next time we’re off to world 4, where we’ll be guaranteed even more anal invasions as the world boss looks like she’s made out of naughty tentacles.


  1. Arrg that must have been humiliating have those 3 muscle freak on him like that.

  2. As muscle fetish women go I've seen more extreme examples. They aren't so muscular as to be a utter turn off, to me at least. They are on the edge though.

    And this isn't simply a judgment on the female body either, I find the "extreme bodybuilder" type muscles offputting on anyone.

  3. Hmmm I am not gonna lie.... I liked Asura and ''their'' scenes. Normally I am not into muscle fetish myself, but it might be because I am training myself these days...Maybe because of this reflection I found this scenario...pretty hot strangely.

    Plus the whole ''you better lick me hard...or I squash your head with my thighs like a ripe tomato'' instance is nice as a domination.

    Quite contradictory to how I felt initially about VH 5 in general. The game does have some nice scenes after all (except the half of them with the cartoony child looking characters)

  4. Therefore I think it is a nice addition as a MG game, and there is at least something to find that you can like, since there are a number of fetishes here also.

    Still some more effort ( in the gameplay department), would boost the series by a lot.