Friday, August 08, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 6

Time for more Violated Hero 5: Even More Anal Intrusions.  The first part of the playthrough is here.  The ‘anal intrusions’ mention might have already tipped you off, but if it hasn’t be warned that Violated Hero 5 is a mucky hentai game and minors and the easily offended should stop reading at this point.

Last time around Luka-clone got tripled teamed by a trio of muscular former martial artists who were also not really feminine in other anatomical features as well.  In canon reality Luka-clone kicked their ass.  He doesn’t even have to get them to promise to be good girls as their shame at being owned by a feeble human has them resolve to go away and devote themselves to ascetic practices until they’ve improved.

Ariel slinks back and pats us on the head for being a good boy.

Again Luka-clone wonders if he’s achieved everything.  He suspects the Asuras will simply challenge him again once they’ve completed their training.

Ariel explains her running away is so that he can level up faster, or something like that.  Then she runs off again.

Oh.  Who’s this?  The screen goes all swirly and then we’re alone in the dark with another new character.  She looks like the girl from the cover of the game.  Is there a bigger bad behind the big bad.  She looks like Alice from Monster Girl Quest.  In a silly hat!

Mysterious snake girl refuses to give her name and mysteriously buggers off.  We’ll just call her Alice in a silly hat for now.

So what was all that about then?

Ariel comes back and her educational instruction involves slapping us around.  I’m pretty sure there are laws against that nowadays.

Off we metastatize to world number 4.  This one looks like some kind of temple.  It looks a bit like Petra, also known as the City Where Indiana Jones Found The Holy Grail.

Interestingly, the silhouettes of the wandering mooks don’t look like obvious palette swaps this time around.

Mook 1 has a huge axe.  They’re named Demon’s Little Pal.  Nothing little about that damn axe at all, although isn’t as scary as her mouth.  I’m going to take a guess and assume Demon’s Little Pal is not much of a kisser, not unless you’d like your lips fish-hooked off.

Mook 2 is . . .

Um . . . (snigger)

Mook 2 is . . .

Sorry, too busy laughing.

Bok bok bok.

Fear the wrath of Chicken Lady.

Normally it’s Red Oni, Blue Oni.  I’m guessing Blue Oni had other engagements that prevent her from appearing in this game.

At the end of the level we end up outside on some kind of plateau and Luka hears a strange sound.

Hello, naughty tentacles.  And, wow, Luka-clone is definitely more pro-active this time as he slices most of the up with his sword.

And also definitely more pervy.  Guess which bits he’s focused on when Little Miss Squid shows up.  Little Miss Squid is named Nayura.  I don’t know if that means anything in Japanese.  My translators failed and I had to look up the katakana.

“Your crying, I want to hear it.”

Um, thanks Nayura.  I don’t suppose you know any monster girls with a sweet disposition and GSoH?


Guess that’s a no then.  And fight!

Luka-clone, the little badass, hacks her into sushi.  That leaves alt!Luka-clone to stand up and take those naughty tentacles in various orifices in the name of gender equality.

The tentacles grab Luka-clone after his loss.  They almost get Ariel as well (o, what might have been), but she flies off.

This looks complicated.  So what do we have here?  Arms and legs sucked up in big tentacle tubes; tentacle wrapped around the throat; sucker working on one nipple; tentacle wrapped around cock; probably tentacles in the butt as well.  Yep, prognosis fucked.

Nayura gives us a blowjob.  She has tentacles in her mouth as well for added BJ skillz.

She ends the first scene saying she is both beautiful and horrifying, and Luka-clone will be reborn to be just like her.

Luka-clone goes under the cloak of tentacles.  Nayura sucks up our cock in a squish fuck-tube.

It starts to get ominous when more tentacles wrap around us.

“When you wake you’ll be just like me.”

And witness the birth of Luka-squid.  You’ve changed buddy.  There are a couple of growths on your chest and you appear to be wearing a squid for a hat.

I suppose it’s getting off lightly.  This time last game Luka-clone was being eaten by a giant sandworm with a slime girl for a tongue.  Not a bad scene, but again I wish the artwork wasn’t quite so cartoony.

Hmm, and as for my tentacle girl stories—I did hide a nice Octopus girl story in this recent collection.

Next up we’re off to Outer Space!  Aliens!  Lightning Android Girls!


  1. alice in a silly hat.....................

    works for me

  2. I wonder if VH5 has an unbirth scene

    a large part of why I liked most of the VH series is because they usually have at least one UB scene of some kind

    good UB stuff is hard to find ;_;

  3. DAMN, it must have sucked for our Luka clone, changing sex is not fun.

  4. Hydra, What program do you use to Translate the game? Cant seem to find an English patch during my search of the webs..