Sunday, August 10, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 7

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 walkthrough I started here.  Naughty sex and squickness abounds.  This is the final warning before we head into hentai-ville.

Last time around alt!Luka-clone did his bit for gender equality and was comprehensively ravished by naughty tentacles.  The real Luka-clone hacked her to pieces.  Actually, he hacks her up into so much calamari he thinks he might have murderated her.  As Luka-clone’s a gentle soul, he spends a moment in sad reflection on what he was forced to do.

Turns out she’s not dead at all.  She can regenerate her tentacles so long as the heart isn’t cut.

Hmm, then an obvious solution presents itself . . .

To be fair to Luka-clone, it seems like he’s going to do the deed, but Nayura squishes off into the darkness before he can.  She lets him know there will be a next time.  Seems like there are a lot of mentions of ‘next time’.  I sense the mother-of-all gangbangs lurking in our future.

There’s a brief interlude as the scene switches over to Satan’s throne room.  Dragon Princess Safi is unhappy about four worlds being captured.

Captured seems a little too strong a word.

Satan isn’t fussed.  Satan is hot for giving Mr Hero a good bit of violating when he’s all powered up.

Safi wants to get her hands on us as well.  I think she wants to hurt us.

Satan ‘no sirs’ her and they bicker for a while.  Satan likes to give her opponents a sporting chance (by sporting chance she means 1 in 10,000) to give her heart a flutter.  She sends bloodthirsty Safi off to bother the Big Boss Angel instead.

Back at the tree world Luka-clone senses bad things presumably because it’s the cheapest way to build up drama.

“You what a monkey a pig a pygmy hippopotamus.”

You know, I’m not even sure that’s iffy translation anymore.  I think that might be how Ariel actually thinks.

I think she’s trying to talk him into letting her carry out the second ceremony of divine protection.  Luka-clone’s a bit reluctant as he thinks Ariel’s using that as an excuse to do naughty things to him again.

And he’d be right as she drags him off to an inn for a spot of 69.

I’m not sure this qualifies as divine behaviour, Ariel.  Would your boss approve of this.

Methinks Ariel is abusing her position somewhat.  Good girl.

She is a little eager to taunt Luka-clone for being a masochist pig.  I’m not convinced that’s going to help his self-confidence.

Steady on.  Don't burst the ambulatory bag of semen.

With the protection given it’s time to head off.  Into Space!

World five looks like some kind of space station.

It’s even populated with alien poontang.  They have pong flippers for hands.

Ariel’s angelic protection is actually pretty useful as the new special attack one-shots most of Luka-clone’s opponents.

At the end there’s a flash of lightning and Ariel makes fun of us for screaming like a girl.  Then it’s time for thunderbolt girl to make an entrance.  I’m guessing she’s some kind of android judging by the strange seams in her arms.

Her name is Elekina or something similar and I think she wants us to take her seriously despite her being a lickle Miss Pikachu.

Luka-clone handily beats her into spare parts as the new special attack is more than a little handy.

That mean’s it’s time to roll out alt!Luka-clone.  Sorry dude, you might want to brace yourself.  I think the next half hour is going to be rather painful.

Elekina has a sex feeler attack.  Once again I think the artist tried to think about what she might have and then gave up and fell back on generic standard fleshy tube number 69.

After Luka-clone throws the fight we get the classic femdom stamp pose.

It looks bad, but at least we’re not being electro—

Bzzz!  Ow!

I’d advise not trying this out at home.  Remember kiddies, electricity is not a toy.

Little Miss Pikachu stamp-shocks him into a few ejaculations and then we’re off for scene two.

Hmm, I thought she was lickle.  And Luka-clone has a (used to be) trendy mini ponytail?

I guess we’re about to find the answer to that age-old question.  What happens if I shove my wang into a power socket (really don’t try this one at home, folks!).

Elekina can produce thunderbolts in her pussy.  THUNDER PUSSY!

Maybe if you come enough you might be able to short her out, Luka-clone.


Fortunately it’s a fantasy setting, so Luka-clone manages to take enough juice to power Tokyo for a month without being reduced to a blackened skeleton.

I must confess to being a little narrow on my erotic fiction in this area.  No android girls and not much in the way of electro-play.  But buy one of my books anyway.  Plenty of other sick monster girl filth to be found between the pages.

That’s half the worlds down.  Next up, Heaven (sort of).


  1. Well i guess that was shocking :) , yeah i know lame pun.

  2. I'm wondering, when do we get to run into the Candy General and that Mirror monster?

    1. Candy general? I don't remember seeing candy in this game.

    2. he's talking about "General Sweet commander of the candy fortress" or something along those lines.
      shes a few worlds away; mirror demon too.

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  4. Haha thunder pussy xD. It would be even more comedic if they made Sion's hair ''spiky'.

    If anyone is interested to know...someone currently took up the translation of VH 4. He might also continue with VH 4 AS and VH 5 eventually :

    It is good to see that there are people who help relieve Dargoth of his role as a MG game translator.

  5. good news

    VH4 is getting translated

  6. the demo for mgq paradox is out

    high traffic=slow download

    1. Nice :0 However, as you mentioned the traffic is quite heavy. Torotoro announced that he is going to add a different mirror. I suggest waiting for that....because when I was d/ling I had ''1-2 days left'' for a 471 MB demo xD