Thursday, August 21, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 8

And I’m back.  Two weeks of being laid up in bed with the virus from hell wasn’t much fun.  Without further ado it’s time to carry on the Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  Currently we’re halfway through the ten worlds of squicky sex monsters.  If you want to see where it all started, part 1 is here.  If you’re under 18 or a bit of a holier-than-thou twat that likes to read things they don’t like just so you can complain about them, please fuck off now.

Last up I was too busy getting fried with electricity to realise we actually had a Violated Hero Bad End where the sanctity of Luka-clone’s anus was preserved.  In VH-world that makes Elekina (aka Little Miss Pikachu) a keeper.

After bashing Elekina down Luka-clone does his usual and tries to get her to promise to stop subjugating the puny humans.  And she accepts.

What?  That actually worked?

Elekina is very big on keeping to her word.  This combined with her lack of wanting to insert anything into Luka-clone’s ass makes me think she might have wandered into the wrong game by mistake.

Then it’s time to head off to the—

Oh, Ariel doesn’t want us to go to the next world for some reason.

Would this because the big secret you’re hiding from us is that angels are also monster girls and world 6 is their world, huh Ariel?

Ariel heads off to report in to her Big Boss Angel.  Everything goes black and swirly.  Alice-clone with a Silly Hat has returned.  She sends us to the next world instead.

World six is very airy and has rocks floating in the sky.  I’m guessing this is the angel world.  I must also admit to really liking the background art in VH5.

A further tipoff that this is the angel world comes when we bump into Dragon Princess Safi.  Last we saw her she was heading off to bother the angels and this is where we find her.  I wonder if we’re going to see a switchover, with Safi taking on companion duties.

Nope, not just yet.

We’re left alone to frolic across the Elysium fields.

Which appear to be inhabited by sheep girls that look as though they’ve just been dipped in crude oil.  Hmm, you don’t appear to be angels.

Neither does the mini-boss, Elvira, we encounter.  She looks full-on demon.

Let’s put our hands in front of our eyes and see what delights she bestows on us if we throw the fight and grovel at her feet.

That would be a good whipping to ‘horse train’ us.  Then we get eaten by the demon beast.

Uh, sex?  What happened to the sexy in the sexy Bad End?  Didn’t you read your contract, Elvira?

Then canon!Luka-clone requires the Gods of Save-Scumming to help him out.  I get a strange sequence from the random number generator when my attack does zero damage when they only have a sliver of health left.  Elvira gets to eat me a second time and—more embarrassingly—one of the sheep girls gives me a solid kick in the nuts for good measure.

Oh Luka-clone, what happened to your badass?

Thankfully we get our shit together and make it all the way through to the end boss.  And it’s another one of the fan rejects from VH4.  She’s the one with the weird wire dress.  Like the other fan reject from VH4 she also looks mature enough to be hot.  That makes me wonder if hers and the Asura’s artwork/scenes were already lying around on the Dieselmine office tables as so far every other world boss has been a little on the loli side.

Her name is Cura of the Incubators.  Although she looks fairly vanilla, she talks a lot about seedbeds, and that’s usually a fungus-y thing even if she doesn’t look very fungus-y.  Apparently she’s lodging here.  She has permission from the Goddess to use this world as her personal breeding ground.

Yes, told you, Luka-clone, the Goddess is evil.  JRPG, angel, evil every time.

canon!Luka-clone overcomes his random number generator problem to do the business.  This leaves alt!Luka-clone to unravel the riddle of what Cura actually is.

Her feeler attack looks like grey slime.  A slime girl?

A poisonous slime girl, apparently.  She secretes a powerful paralysis poison and helpfully tells us all about it after we’ve been beaten and it starts to take effect.

Now that we’re completely motionless and helpless, she starts off with a bit of 69 and gives a Luka-clone a good suck.  A real good suck.  Her mouth is some sort of specialised organ for extracting semen and starts wriggling all around Luka-clone’s cock as she coaxes him to let fly.

This is enough to fertilise her and little granular eggs start dribbling out with her vaginal secretions.  Guess we’ll be swallowing them then.  Pretend it’s caviar, Luka-clone.

Onto scene two and . . . uh . . . yeah . . . I guess this is a little creepy.  Cura straddles Luka-clone reverse cowgirl style, which is fine.  At the same time two little moppets are licking on Luka-clone’s nipples and calling him “Papi”, which is a little bit too close to the bucket marked unhealthy fantasy for my comfort.

Good thing this is all just fantasy and she—and more importantly, them—isn’t human.

I suppose I should be glad enough Luka-clone isn’t drawn like a midget choirboy this time around.

Back to the hentai scene and Cura takes him up inside her pussy just as some type of rubbery stuff forces its way out of Luka-clone’s mouth.  I suppose it’s more considerate than your average xenomorph.

Cura sends a feeler down Luka-clone’s urethra so she can flood his balls directly with her vaginal secretions.  Eventually she lets us come.  The slime crawling out of Luka-clone’s mouth coalesces into moppet number three.  By the sounds of things they’re going to keep doing this until Luka-clone runs out of babyjuice (or suffocates beneath the weight of newborn moppets).

It’s another imaginative scene, especially as Cura initially looks very vanilla compared to other VH girls.  The addition of the “daughters” is a little off-putting for me, though.

I seem to be (mostly) over this illness thing now, so we should be back on the original schedule.  Come back in a couple of days as we take on perhaps the weirdest-looking of VH5’s monster girls.


  1. Glad you're feeling better, dude.

  2. WOW fuck this is really scary and creepy. i don't like.