Saturday, August 23, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 9

This is a continuation of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough, which started hereViolated Hero 5 is a squicky hentai game, so the usual rules apply.  If you’re easily offended or underage, please leave now.

Last off we faced off against the mysterious Cura of the incubators, apparently given World 6 to use as her own personal breeding ground by the angels.  Luka-clone doesn’t get a chance to order her to stop harassing humans this time.  As soon as he beats her she melts right into the ground.  Once again I get the impression Luka-clone’s activities haven’t really caused any long-lasting change to this world.

Afterwards Safi, Pissed-Off Dragon Princess returns.  Our new companion?

Nope, she wants a fight.

Hey, no fair.  No Boss Rushes without giving me a chance to level up and recover HP in between.

It doesn’t matter as it’s another unwinnable boss fight.  0, 0, 0, and then how about we dish out 9999 right to your noggin.  That potion I took to restore both HP and MP beforehand was wisely used then.  Sigh.

After Safi kicks our ass Luka-clone lies on the floor and waits for the worse.  Safi doesn’t follow through and administer a coup de grace.  She thinks it’s unsporting considering the fight was right after a battle with the world boss.

I think I’ve figured out Luka-clone’s hidden power.  He looks so much like a helpless choirboy the big bads can’t bring themselves to finish him off.

Safi decides she should at least get something out of this.

That something being a footjob on Luka-clone.

Hmm, those claws look a little . . . ouch . . . uncomfortable.  This’ll restart the scaly paws threads on 4chan again.

And in comes her tail.  For a big suck.

When did dragon tails start doing that?  I suppose it’s better than it going in the ass, especially with those spikes.

Safi sucks harder and harder and asks us to grovel and beg for mercy.  (She could suck the cock right off.  Shush, Horror-head.  Stop getting ideas).

Luka-clone eventually faints.  Amazingly, Safi is all apologetic for going at it too hard.  Hmm, Ariel, you might not be the loopiest character in this game after all.

And talking of Ariel, Little Miss Loopy shows up right after Safi departs.  Ariel interrogates us as to how we got here.

It was a bad girl wot teleported us, Miss.  A bad girl with a snake tail and a silly hat.

Ariel starts talking about pizza, I think, which makes me think the auto-translation has gone haywire again.  She’s unhappy Luka-clone offed the boss of this world.  Um, I don’t think we really offed her.

Now it’s time to head off to the moth caves.

There are giant scorpions on the wall.  That can’t be good.

The mooks for this level are girls covered in piles of snakes.  No, the snakes don’t go away if you knock them down to half health, but you do get to see a nipple.

Oddly, the mooks have less HP than the sheep women from the last world.

We reach the end of the level and Luka-clone starts sneezing on moth powder.  Then the moth swoops down and we can guess what Luka-clone is fixated on.

Ariel berates him, telling us we should be used to this by now.  She slaps him out of vile temptations.  Or probably because she just enjoys slapping Luka-clone.

Moth girl’s name is Lapis and she’s probably the weirdest monster girl design for this installment of Violated Hero.  I have no idea what’s going on below the waist at all.  Overall VH5’s monster girl designs have been much more vanilla in comparison to the previous games.

Her feeler attack is a cutaway of some kind of tube with bobbles inside.

The bad end starts with a bit of paizuri while Luka-clone’s legs and arms are bound by her tentacles.  Lapis thinks Luka-clone is a little too nervous, so she starts exuding aphrodisiac honey from her skin.  This makes her breasts really slippery and Luka-clone is soon spurting cum in her face (she loves it, obviously).

The aphrodisiac honey sweat isn’t enough, so Lapis starts wrapping silk thread around us as well.

And keeps wrapping.

Scene two starts with Luka-clone all wrapped up in a cocoon.  Lapis has a feeler in there and is giving a Luka-clone a good suck.

Things get a little weird as she inserts the other end of the feeler into her pussy so she can syphon Luka-clone’s sperm into her.  Huh, having problems with the topology of that one.  No matter, she pumps her vaginal secretions down the pipe, drives Luka-clone into ecstasy and sucks up his cum as he ejaculates over and over.

VH5 is continuing to give me a thrashing in the comparison stakes.  No moth girl story in my extensive back catalogue unfortunately.  There is a spider-girl story where somebody gets cocooned in this collection, though (and that story doesn’t appear anywhere else).

Next time we get to see the first of the fan winners for VH5 as we head off to the realm of the mirror demon.


  1. Good Lord. The first Bad End that isn't actually a Horrific Bad End. And without invading the protagonist's private passage.
    Have they gone soft? (He hasn't - giggedy-giggedy)

  2. All of these foot jobs are giving me a foot fetish...