Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 14

Hmm.  So last week ended up being a little strange.  I was engaged in a mad race to finish a short story for a competition (and failed because the damn thing ran over 10K words) and then got distracted by the current upheaval in the videogaming community.  That’s enough of that anyway.  Time to get back to the playthrough of Violated Hero 5 (The first part is here for new visitors).

On the off chance I picked up some new readers with my last few blog posts, this warning is important:  Violated Hero 5 is a sexually explicit hentai game.  The following is not suitable browsing material for minors.  And I definitely don’t want any holier-than-thou types sniffing around for things to feed their outrage habit.

With all that out of the way, where were we?

Oh yeah, we kicked Satan’s ass.  Sweet.

Satan is a little shocked at being beaten.  Luka-clone does his usual naive hero thing of asking Satan politely to desist from oppressing the poor humans.

Um dude, this is like Satan.  The supreme evil in the universe and all that.

Oh shit.  I think she's mad about losing.

Turns out she’s not exactly “defeated” either.

At this point I got a little confused by the translation.  I thought Luka-clone might have killed her in that typical ‘the enemy I refuse to kill because of my morals obligingly leaps onto the end of my sword’ way storytellers use when they need a baddie dead but don't want their hero to actually do the dirty deed directly.

Nope.  This time it’s the opposite way around from the Safi scene.  Satan is about to tear Luka-clone apart – in the giblets and gore sense rather than the sexual sense VH usually employs.  Thankfully, Luna-Tea show up at that moment.  Or maybe not thankfully, her silhouette was on the level map as a boss fight as well.

Then it gets a bit Reservoir Dogs complicated.  Luna-Tea starts powering up to obliterate Satan once and for all.  Safi comes charging to the rescue and Ariel gets in between Safi and Luna-Tea.

Turns out Safi’s intervention didn’t achieve a great deal and we’re back to the goddess charging up to dish out Satan’s imminent obliteration.  Which leaves . . .

Luka-clone, don’t tell me you’re stupid enough to step right into the middle of . . .

Yes, of course Luka-clone, the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen and hopelessly naive hero, is going to step right between a goddess and the supreme evil of that universe.  Why not.  Sigh.

Ariel, who’s been completely terrified of Luna-Tea all game, frantically begs Luka-clone to get on his knees and beg for mercy before he ends up like Rorschach at the end of Watchmen (does that still need a spoiler warning?  Both the comic and film have been out for aeons).

Luna-Tea decides not to turn our hero into a smear of giblets and gore and offers to make him king of the humans.

That’s weakness!  If they don’t obliterate you on the spot they’re scared of you.  Get in there, Luka-clone!

. . . and fight both of them.  At the same time.  Ulp.

Um, Luka-clone buddy, I think we may have been a little rash here.

I think this is a new thing for the series.  I don’t think they’ve ever set two bosses on the main character simultaneously before (although I might be wrong as I never made it to the last sections of VH3).  It’s less intimidating that it first looks.  Neither hits that hard.  Once again the tier 2 special attack seems to do more damage than the tier 3 special attack for some reason.  Quaffing one super potion is enough to get past Ariel and another two give me enough juice to take out Luna-Tea.  It also helps that they switch to the useless sex attack at critical points in the fight.  (Ariel’s is some weird slime tube thing.  I have no idea where she’s been stashing that).

The annoying thing from my perspective is I don’t know whether I’ll need to repeat the fight multiple times to check if the Bad End varies depending on whether you lose to both, or Ariel or Luna-Tea on their own after the other is taken out.

Anyway, I use the handy boot icon (escape vs normal mooks, instant death vs bosses) to throw the fight to both.

Afterwards Luna-Tea decides not to murderate us.  She needs a puppet king and that post has Luka-clone’s name on it.  Luka-clone refuses, obviously, which means we get to see what perverted sexual stuff the goddess will use to break poor Luka-clone’s fragile little mind.

And we start with that Violated Hero favourite – a good ole cock stamping.

Hmm, if Luna-Tea’s foot is going down on Luka-clone’s penis, then where is Ariel’s stamping foot going.  Oh yeah, best to not think about that too much.


You know how if you squeeze the bottom of a tube of toothpaste . . .

No, let’s not think about that either.  Or delicate dangly parts of the male anatomy being squished in general.

They complain about Luka-clone dirtying a goddess’s foot with his semen (Hey, not our fault!) and so they get Luka-clone to clean it off.  With his mouth.

You have to watch out for the “good” ones.  They’re always meaner.

Now it’s time for scene two and . . .

Ah.  Thanks Dieselmine.  Tons of angry holier-than-thou fucks on the rampage and you give me something that doesn’t look dodgy at all . . .

I should probably remind people again that these are cartoons and the thing with cartoons is you can screw around with size and proportion to exaggerate certain things for effect.  I mean look at the size of Ariel’s foot as she tries to boot Luka-clone into Luna-Tea’s pussy.  I’m sure she was about the same size as Luka-clone when they were doing the naughty earlier.  The size changes also become more obvious when you check out the other pics below.

Generally these games try to hit a range of kinks to make sure a wide audience can find at least one scene that hammers their fetish button.  I suspect this is flirting with pseudo-incest mother-son fantasies.  The last game had Busty, the ludicrously pneumatic cow demoness, in a Bad End that also played around with size differences, as well as big breasts and lactation.  That’s how these games tend to be.  Sometimes they stray into territory that’s a little dubious by Western standards.  Personally I’d prefer it if the protagonist for VH6 was six foot tall, built like a brick shithouse . . . and still got sexually demolished by hot, big-titted succubi, but I’m guessing Dieselmine know their audience better than me.  They had me hooked at big-titted demon girls anyway.

I didn't want to say anything on this, but sensitive area, people getting wrong idea, massive outrage machine on the internet, yadda, yadda, only here for the giant demon boobies anyway.

Moving on . . .

Luka-clone gets to fuck a goddess with some help from Ariel.  I feel a little sorry for Ariel as she doesn’t seem to be getting much out of this.  Then she pulls a flogger out and starts flogging our back.

Well that’s what sympathy gets you.  Thanks Ariel, would you like to rub some lemon juice into the flayed flesh while you’re here.

So we have a sort of half-maternal, half-BDSM hybrid Bad End scene.  Luka-clone breaks after he pours most of his spirit along with his cum into Luna-Tea’s juicy pussy.

Because they’re a major boss, we get the usual interlude followed by an extra Bad End scene.

Luna-Tea talks with Ariel a bit about balance, I think.  The impression I get is that if things aren’t in balance then a scary monster girl will show up and eat all the worlds.  I’m guessing that’s Alice-clone in a silly hat and she’ll turn out to be the overall final boss (They did drop a big hint – she’s the girl on the cover of the game after all).

Afterwards Luna-Tea goes off to have fun with her boy-toy Luka-clone (who seems to have grown a foot and a half since the last scene).  Aside from a blindfold on Luka-clone this is a much more restrained scene as the amply-gifted-in-the-chest-department goddess rides him to multiple magic-induced orgasms.

Oh, and we’re not done either.

At the end Ariel shows up and complains that she’s been left out.

Does this mean?  Yes, it’s a fourth scene featuring Luna-Tea and Ariel double pussy-rubbing Luka-clone’s cock.

The scene looks a little complicated and I’m not entirely sure what’s happened to Luna-Tea’s left leg, but everyone appears to be having a good time.  Luna-Tea and Ariel take turns to put Luka-clone’s manhood in their vaginas.  Everyone gets splattered with the white stuff.

It’s good to be the king, I guess.

It's also good for me as with four scenes I can be reasonably certain the same Bad End is used regardless of which combination of Ariel and Luna-Tea is around when they defeat you.

So the rule for VH protagonists:  Lose to the later bosses and not the early ones.  (Unless it’s the psycho one at the end of VH2.  If a tail goes in your ass and carries on until it comes out of your mouth, very bad things have happened to your insides).

So we’ve beaten both Team Evil and Team Good.  I guess that leaves Alice-clone in a silly hat.  Maybe we’ll also find out where the mystery tenth boss is hiding.


  1. WTF 2 boss at the SAME TIME!!? wow, i am guessing this is a foreshadowing of Violated Heroes Future Sequel by having 2 boss to fight at once becoming a regular thing.

  2. Ilias>>>> Luna-Tea

    1. I thought Ariel was the more obvious Ilias-clone. I think they might have had something like that in mind given how Shiva looks similar to Alice. The story is way different to MGQ though.

  3. Nice scenes :) I liked how you explained the different art styles and the reasons why they are being used xD

    Oh and by the way I want to share some of my extended ost themes : 3 are related to succubi ( Karis from Elsword, Succubus Boss from Vindictus, and Morrigan Aensland), and the title theme of Violated Hero 1.

    You can check them out on my channel : https://www.youtube.com/user/BillyChilly100/videos

    1. Nice. Stick 'em up. Reminds me I need to set that Vindictus beauty on Jackson at some point.

      I'm fairly bad at noticing soundtracks unless they standout.

      This segment from Silent Hill 2 is probably my favourite:

      But then everything about the scene it's from is near perfection.

      Never understood why the Silent Hill films didn't just lift the entire plot of SH2. It's easily one of the best videogame stories I've ever played through.

      (Unfortunately the HD remakes for Xbox and PS3 are too broken to be playable)

    2. Ah, vindictus...I remember the endless hours I spent on that game, the feeling of glory when I killed ancient Elchulus.

      If you think the succubus is hot, you should check out the succubus queen that they have on korean servers, just type 'succubus queen' into youtube

      she even has a quick time event where she lies you down on a bed, straddles you and eats your soul

      I think shes your kind of boss hydra

    3. Be right back. I'm just off to . . . um . . . google some stuff . . .

  4. Yeah that succubus is quite something. Her design and fighting style is quite unique too.

    That Silent Hill 2 scene is indeed amazing. Psychologically speaking it has a powerful meaning too ( James fighting the darkness, and the struggle with his inner demons).

    Well I really liked the first movie. It was really well made in my opinion for a movie based of a video game. It had the atmosphere and everything. Just imagine that Homecoming was influenced by it. For example they took the whole effects when the town was changing dimensions.

    The second movie was terrible I think, and that comes from someone whose favorite in the series was SH3. It had a lot of potential, but they kinda screwed up with the scenario and settings.

    I think the reason they never used SH 2 story is because it was heavy on symbolism and it is not connected to the original Silent Hill story ( Alessa and so on). It is more like a standalone story.

    HD remakes are arguably one of the worst ''games'' or remakes Konami has ever done. They left a bad taste to people who enjoyed the franchise.

    About that track you sent me....did you mean this link ? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1J8N6JL-w8&list=UUuZe25imhD30SCxva8-E__A

    1. Yep. That's the one. I think it's called Betrayal on the OST. Bloody awesome. Without Akira Yamaoka I don't think game would still be talked about now as it is.

      I liked the first movie. It's flawed, but there's some good stuff there. I really liked the evil vs evil theme of the ending - a demon coming to a tortured little girl and both of the unleashing chaos. (this might be obvious as I use the same theme a lot in my own stories).

      I didn't think the 2nd film was as bad as most made out. But I'm trying to remember what happened in it and I'm coming up blank, so it probably wasn't that memorable after all.

      It wouldn't surprise me if a talented horror film tries again and ends up with a film that stays on top 10 lists forever. So many of the pieces are already there.

  5. Shion tries to fight Lunatie and Ariel mostly less to protect Belph than because Lunatie reveals that she's going to take over all the linked worlds herself and micromanage everything, killing and promoting species as necessary to maintain a precise balance, and Shion wants a) some semblance of inter-species harmony and b) autonomy and self-determination for humans.

    Of course, Lunatie is doing all of this because of Shiva, but she doesn't tell anyone that until after Shiva actually shows up and Shiva says it wouldn't have worked in the long term, anyway.

    Honestly, I have no idea how you've managed to make out as much as you have with a machine translation, but I suspect parts of the next story sequence and the final bad ending (which is both longer and more interesting than the "good" ending) will give you a lot of trouble.

    1. Mostly I'm winging it on guesswork, knowledge of common storytelling tropes and skipping the bits where I haven't a clue.

      By the way, are you the same OtherSideofSky who's translated the Beyond the End series? If so, thanks and keep up the good work. I buy the originals because I like Setouchi's work and want to support him. It's great to also find a version I can read as well.

    2. Yes, I am. Thank you very much. It's good to know someone's benefiting from my fan translations and I'm not just flinging text into a void.