Thursday, September 11, 2014

Let's Play Violated Hero 5! part 15

And we’re getting near the end of the Violated Hero 5 playthrough.  Four major bosses down, nine of the minor bosses.  That leaves us with one major boss, a minor boss (who I really hope isn’t some kind of hidden content I managed to miss) and whatever deliciously naughty scenes we get at the end.  If you want to see where it all started, the link to the first part is here.  Usual disclaimers apply: It’s a hentai game featuring lots of sexually explicit cartoons—go no further if you’re underage or a moaning prude.

Okay, so last time around Luka-clone added Team ‘Good’ to his list of conquests (not that way—this isn’t a Rance game!).  As with Satan (and most of the other bosses if we’re perfectly honest), ‘defeating’ Luna-Tea doesn’t actually equate to defeating her.  She’s about to power up to turn Luka-clone into a Rorschach smear when the throne room goes all starry and wibbly-wobbly.

This upsets Luna-Tea, who starts saying it’s too soon and she’s not ready.

Then Alice-clone with a silly hat shows up—the real Big Bad.

Luna-Tea knows who she is.  Satan doesn’t.  Alice-clone gives her real name as Destruction God Shiva.

Whelp.  If that’s not a name to run from really fast I don’t know what it.

Because both Satan and the goddess were defeated by Luka-clone, a lowly human, it means the balance has collapsed and Shiva gets to eat the universe.

Good news, Luka-clone.  You beat both Team Evil and Team Good.

Bad news, Luka-clone.  Because of that the universe is about to be destroyed.

Uh oh, I think we done a very bad thing.

They talk about more background, which I can only get snippets of because my ability to read Japanese is non-existent and automatic machine translation is only marginally better.  There was once an abyss filled with hundreds of worlds.  Shiva destroyed most of them.  It’s her curse.

Luna-Tea mentions a hidden world.  Ooh, is this where we’ll find mystery minor boss no.10.

Shiva reminds Luka-clone he is responsible for all this.  He can fix it, but it means going to her home turf and defeating her.

After Shiva leaves it’s an opportunity for everyone to cheer him on.

Luka-clone mentions the naughty ceremonies Ariel put him through to boost his powers.  Luna-Tea says that’s all lies.  Haha.  Busted, Ariel!

Oh, or maybe not.  I’m thinking this game really needs to be translated.  I’m missing a ton of story points and to be fair to Dieselmine, I think they might have put a better story together this time.

Okay, it seems like Ariel’s shenanigans actually worked as some kind of placebo.  Luka-clone must have picked up a power boost from doing the naughty with Ariel, otherwise there was no way he should have been able to defeat both Satan and Luna-Tea.

Uh oh.  Both Satan and Luna-Tea have come to the conclusion Luka-clone does get a power boost from all the naughty sex stuff.

That means there’s only one way to save the universe.  They both pounce on him and wrap their ginormous boobies around his cock.

Quit complaining Luka-clone.  It’s to save the world!

(and it looks fucken hot)

After a bit of smooshing, Luka-clone ends up dirtying their breasts.  They like the taste so much they start sucking directly from the source.

Satan says to give it all until our balls and head are empty.  Um, isn’t that defeating the whole point of this?

So after Luka-clone has been sucked dry by the big fluffy breasts and hot lips of Satan and Luna-Tea he falls over in a wizened . . .

Don’t be silly.  He’s a VH protagonist.  Their balls are literally bottomless.

All the girls wish him luck before his trip to the abyss.  Hate to point this out, Luka-clone, but you’re doomed whatever happens.  Even if you beat Shiva there’s no way you’re going to survive the attentions of this horny foursome when you return.  Then it's time to enter the abyss.

He’s not going into the abyss alone.  Ariel is coming with him (Not by choice—the goddess forced her).

And after that monstrous pile-up of cut scene followed by boss fight followed by cut scene followed by boss fight, etc. etc., we’re back to the main game board.

I 100% the last level and find out the new special attack Satan and Luna-Tea have gifted me with does a lot of damage but uses up nearly all my MP to use.

Back to the map screen and ooh look, new world.

And there, if I’m not very much mistaken is the missing minor boss no.10.

In the abyss the wandering mooks are moth girls with no arms.  The pissed-off-looking one vants to suck our blud.

At the end of the track Ariel warns us a follower of Shiva is about and then the last minor boss finally makes an appearance.  She looks very succubus-y and is wearing a mask.  She also talks about darkness a lot, which probably explains the mask.  I’m not sure what her name is, mainly because I’m not sure what the first character is.  It seems to be missing off the first 10 katakana charts I googled.  I think it’s a ‘Wa’, which would make her name something like Warumine, but I’m not totally sure on this.

I go and check the dlsite for Violated Hero 5 and find out she’s not a succubus, but a Darkwitch.  They don’t give her name in English.  This is where I also find out they do have the names of the major characters and I’ve been getting them completely wrong for the past month.  I’d like to claim this was deliberate, in the same way I always call the protagonist Luka-clone, but no, it’s me being stupid.  I forgot to check for some reason.  I was probably distracted by boobies.  Anyway, I’ll keep using the names I’ve been using rather than confuse everyone.

Also distracted by boobies is our hero, Luka-clone.  Ariel shows why Luna-Tea sent her along by slapping him out of it.  And then the fight.

It shouldn’t be too hard, she’s just a minor boss after all.  A quick check to see how many HP she has and . . .

Whoa!  Is that right?

Time to abuse more super potions.  She talks a lot about darkness and her sex feeler attack is generic black suction tube.  Once again a single super potion is all I need to quaff and that’s enough juice for me to reduce that massive HP total to 0.

Which means it’s time to yank alt!Luka-clone off the bench as our official Bad End tester.  Don’t worry, buddy.  I have a good feeling about this one.  She looks hot.

Scene one starts off with a nice bit of paizuri.  The voice actress sounds familiar.  If she’s the one I think she is we’re about to be blown by a vacuum pump.

Yep.  Many deliciously filthy blowjob sounds follow as lots of creamy cum gets sucked from Luka-clone’s balls.

At the end of the first scene Luka-clone is yanked into darkness.  This could be worrying as VH has been  relatively well restrained for a while.  Their writers must be itching to do something crazy.

No, it’s a very nice woman-on-top scene.

She says she’s going to drown him darkness.  I think she’s getting darkness and pleasure mixed up.  She rubs her pussy along the outside and then her labia puff up to a ridiculous degree as she takes him inside.  Then there’s a lot of tight squeezing and bouncing up and down until Luka-clone sprays white stuff all over the place.  Again.  And Again.  And Again.  Eventually his mind gets overwhelmed by the darkness and he forgets why he came down here.

See, I said I had a good feeling about this one.

Unless she drains us to a withered husk . . .

But no.  She takes us into the darkness and keeps us as a cum slave.  Apart from the little matter of Shiva blowing up the known universe, it’s not that bad of a Bad End at all.

Apart from the early bosses, Violated Hero has been very restrained on the whole violated bit.  There’s only Shiva left now.  Maybe they’ve been saving up all the freaky stuff for her Bad Ends.  Find out here.


  1. Keep it going :)
    Btw, do you intend to redo all the other VH games? I'd love to see them as well.

    1. Not sure. It's fun to do these, but they take time and I'm way behind on most of my writing projects.

  2. This seems to have gone very Yu-Gi-Oh: you've beaten the source of all evil (in this case Satan), now it's time to fight the source of all evil FROM SPACE!