Monday, November 03, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 1

Okay-dokey.  Time to check out the new DramaraQuest.

Rather confusingly, it seems to be called DramaraQuest 5 despite being the second instalment in the DramaraQuest series.  DramaraQuest is a porn parody of the DragonQuest series of JRPGs, so I’m guessing the reason for the odd numbering is because this is a porn parody of the 5th game in that series.  I know of the original series, but have only played DragonQuest IX on a DS emulator (and was impressed with the storytelling).  DragonQuest has the legendarily innuendo-tastic puff-puff attack – something I’ve previously exploited/corrupted in one of my own erotica stories.

As always, the first issue is setting AGTH up to be able to hook the text correctly so it can be passed to a machine translator.  Checking the ulmf forums suggests this hook code:
/c1250 /X3 /W1 /kf64:16 /ks1

This gives a ton of options in the AGTH dropdown box.  One of them looks similar to the text on screen.  Not that machine translation actually helps that much with the three options I’m presented.  The 1st seems to start the game.

Then there’s more fiddling around to find a configuration that finds the right text and doesn’t duplicate or lose any of the characters (even after all this fiddling about we still get such machine-translation delights as “Japanese spaniel refuse” – and to think Elon Musk was warning us all about the dangers of AI a week or so ago.  I think the sun blowing up might get us before the machines do, Elon).

First option is to pick a name, and we can type this one in.  What to name?  What to name . . .

Yeah, there was only ever one choice.

The game starts with a needless little scene about the hero being born.  I’m assuming it’s only here to mirror the events of the original DragonQuest 5.

Then the game begins proper with us running around a ship in an attempt to find the one person that will trigger the next event.

Okay, let’s check out the menu options.

The 1st one sounds suspiciously like the protagonist is taking a wank.

The 2nd one looks like a monsterpedia.

The 3rd one carts us off to an underground cavern.

Ah, I remember this from the first DramaraQuest.  This is the room where you replay monster girl battles and Bad Ends.  So, monsterpedia: 3D version with extra smut-o-vision.

The 4th brings up a list with one item at the top – “Let’s translate this.”  Nope, no clue.

The 5th appears to be the Save option.

Okay, let’s get horny Luka-clone off this boat and laid.

It’s the usual for JRPGs – run around and find the right person to talk to.  The ship docks and then a girl with blue hair and a pink bow appear.  Flora – love interest?

Or rather bonk interest.  Lusty Luka-clone doesn’t waste much time in giving her a good bonking in her room.  That appears to be the event that unlocks the next area as the ship goes away and leaves us behind in a hut by the sea.

Then it’s off to the world map.  The way north is blocked by a slime girl.  Have ‘at ‘er, Luka-clone.

Let’s take a look at the combat options.

1.  Attack.  Or rather, Insert Cock as this is a battle-fuck game.

2.  Magic.  There is an option that does nothing when selected.  I think this removed clothes in the previous game.  Not much use against blue slime here as she’s already in her birthday suit.

3.  Defend.  Or rather, Do Nothing and see what naughty-sexy attacks the monster girl has.

4.  The ever-popular Surrender and let her bonk your brains out option.

5.  The ubiquitous and dull Run Away option.

There is a bit of pseudo-animation.  As with the previous game it’s simple movements and distortions of the base sprite.  It’s still quite effective, although not as good as the animations of games like ROBF or Erotical Nights.

I force Luka-clone to sit still and let the slime girl have her way with him.  The Bad End is more jiggling of her sprite and textual taunting as she gets our willy in her pussy and milks us until her belly goes white.

That’ll do for part one.  I’ll carry on from where I left off tomorrow (or maybe the day after)


  1. Thanks for sharing :) This looks like a sweet title to add into my MG collection. The legend of Luka - Clone lives on !

  2. Have you tried ITH (Interactive Text Hooker) rather than AGTH? While I won't say it's the answer to all problems, after messing with both I found the former to be much easier to setup and use.