Sunday, November 16, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 3

When I picked up DramaraQuest V and blasted through half of it (while making notes) in one night, I did think this was one playthrough (1st part is here new visitors) I’d be able keep to a regular, maybe daily, schedule.  Hmm, last week didn’t quite work out that way.  Let’s see if we can get back on track this week (with this and other writing!)

Last off we were dragged out of the first dungeon after receiving a sexy malleting by our friendly neighbourhood soldier.

Back in the cave we find some stairs down to level two.  The first encounter is a new monster girl.  She looks very succubus-y.

I might have ‘thrown’ this fight as well.

I suspect our friendly neighbourhood solider might be starting to get a little suspicious.

Down on level two of the caves I do a bit of exploring and the trigger event is in the southwest corner.  There’s a girl sprite with blue hair with a pink bow in it.  A soldier runs past us, leading me to believe this will be the first boss fight.  We can’t explore elsewhere and come back because there’s some odd pheromones preventing us from leaving.

Well, I was sure this was going to be a boss fight, but it ends up being a H-scene.  I think the girl might be the adult version of Flora from the boat.  Machine translation doesn’t help here.

After doing the deed the girl fades away.

There’s a big rock in the cave.  I have no idea what to do with it, same as I have no idea how I’m supposed to reach the boat on the first level of the cave.  Maybe they’re just decoration.

Back to exploring the caves and there isn’t much else apart from another one of the mallet girls chasing a girl in a bug costume.

Back out of the cave and there’s the obligatory JRPG flail around while I try and figure out who to talk to in order to advance the story along.  This time it’s the innkeeper.  He tells us to get some rest for the night and the next morning Pops is back to drag everyone off to the next village to drop some medicine off.

The game is still on rails apart from the talk-to-everyone-in-the-village bits.

When we get control back Bianca, the innkeeper’s daughter is tagging along.  This is going to make the hentai battles a little awkward – “Look away fair innkeeper’s daughter while the debauched monster girl with the huge boobies sucks me off.”

There are no battles for the moment as we’re still trapped in the village.  Lots more blah blah blah while I try to find the next trigger person.  Most of them tell me snippets about a castle and a ghost, which I assume is the next dungeon.  The trigger to advance the story appears to be talking to a group of three children.  After that talk Bianca suggests going back to the inn for the night.

Bianca wakes us in the middle of the night.  Everyone in the village is asleep, most importantly the soldier guarding the entrance, so finally it’s time to go exploring and enter the world map.  Come back next time to see what perverse perils await our intrepid hero out in the big world. 

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