Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 5

This is a continuation of my playthrough of the DramaraQuest V hentai parody JRPG of Dragon Quest 5.  The first part is here.

After a little sortie in the outside world, it’s off to the next dungeon – a spooky castle.

Hmm, burnt out bonfire.  Massive double doors to enter.  Anyone having flashbacks here?

Rargh!  The demon with the fat arse is going to mash us into the flagstones again.

(Dark Souls reference)

(Other aside – wouldn’t a porn parody of Dark Souls be awesome.  Prepare to Die . . . Sexily!)

The main door to the castle is locked.  There’s a ladder on the right-hand side.  Climbing up leads to an open door on the topmost floor.  It looks like we’ll be fighting our way down to unlock the main gate from the other side.  On the second floor down a bunch of ghosts materialise and spirit Bianca away.

Rescue the princess . . . uh, innkeeper’s daughter.

Then there’s a bit of weirdness.  On a parapet outside I find two gravestones – one with Luka-clone’s name, the other with Bianca’s.  She reappears after touching her gravestone.

Well, that was a short rescue mission.  A ghost in the next room moves some bookcases and exposes a stairway down.  Another ghost in another room mentions we need to find something (a torch) by a piano to defeat ghosts.  A few staircases later and a stone statue comes to life and tries to molest us.

The crude animation is done fairly well here.  There are sprites layered over each other to give a greater semblance of movement.  In this case it’s the stone statue giving her hips a little swirl.

She beats me.  And this time it’s legitimate rather than ordering Luka-clone to throw the fight.  I’m probably under-levelled from trying to rush through too quickly.  In the Bad End she keeps swirling those hips around with Luka-clone’s dick in her pussy.  Nice.

And there’s no real cost to losing.  We wake up outside the castle by the bonfire.

During the rematch I realise she’s probably a mid-boss character given the change in the battle theme music.  She also has a buff to her attacks after her boobs are uncovered.  That would explain why she critted me from nowhere.  I also notice that I learnt a healing spell after going up to level 4.  That makes the fight somewhat easier.

Downstairs there are a few new monsters and we find out the reason for the anti-ghost weapon.  It’s the key to open a door (the passageway blocked by an angry black cloud).

Roaming around finds a new monster to play with – a crazy chick with a scythe and chains.  She’s less threatening than she looks and talks a lot about being the experienced “older sister” when she fucks us.

Down another flight of stairs and there’s the piano.  It’s also the bottommost floor and we can now open the front door.  A nice shortcut for when we “accidentally” lose to these sexy spirits.  In the piano room are two more new monsters:

A flame spirit (I think we might need an asbestos condom here, Luka-clone).

And a rather buxom ghost candle girl.  I guess she likes a bit of hot wax play.  She’s definitely hot stuff (Ba-da-bum.  Sorry).

Checking the piano reveals inevitable angst over whether I’m standing on the right spot when checking it as there’s bugger all there.  Then there’s much running around and wasted time while I try to figure out which trigger I’ve missed.  Did I read the old duffer ghost’s task right?

Yes, I did.  After going back to check, turns out the old duffer had it wrong and it was in a chest of drawers in his room the whole time.

Ha ha, hilarious.  Fuck you, DramaraQuest.  Grumble grumble.

Anyway, that’s the key to get past the door masquerading as an angry black blob.

Join us next time for part two of the spooky castle.


  1. Fire spirit and candle girl, eh?

  2. Search Demon's Sperm my friend... Demon's Souls hentai game! :D

    1. Ha, yeah. I looked that up and saw some vids on youtube. Looked nice. Demon on female hero doesn't do much for me though. Much prefer the naughty monster girls ;)

    2. naughty MG ftw :D

  3. There's a point coming up where I got stuck, after talking to the sprite in the first village again. I think what she said was important, but I ignored it and don't know how to progress now. Don't make the same mistake!

    1. Hmm. I didn't get stuck, but I did miss one of the NPC sex scenes.

  4. The wax girl is probably my favourite so far even though she's so simple. I just wish the ending was more creative, maybe its all the MGQ or even VH but I wouldn't mind her waxyness being more of a factor in sealing your fate.
    For example if she defeats you she mounts you and takes you into her, she reveals that due to her melty wax nature if you don't keep up constant friction then she'll harden with you trapped inside. After an extended and vigorous attempt to avoid this fate, Luka-clone realises his hands are sinking into her breasts. She then reveals what she mischievously left out: if she gets too turned on, her entire body becomes slightly yielding, just enough that anyone in contact with her is drawn into her deceptively deep waxy interior like horny, waxy quicksand.
    End result, Luka-clone completely absorbed into the candle girl's depths, cuming periodically into the warm swirls and mounds being formed, reformed, and shifted about inside her...
    (Yeah maybe too much MGQ, lol)

    1. There's probably a good crossover between slime girl and hox wax fetish there. Maybe another one of Annette Brite's "special" candles.