Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Let's Play DramaraQuest V! part 8

Hmm, another damn pause.  Been a rotten month for writing unfortunately.  Unsurprising, given what’s going on in my life.  Sigh.  Anyway, that’s boring and not why you’re here.  This is the continuation of the DramaraQuest V – a weirdly faithful porn parody of the Dragon Quest V JRPG - playthrough I started back here.

At the moment we’re out in the world map again, which has a distinctly snowy feel as the fairy realm is stuck under perpetual winter.  No worries there.  I’m sure we’ll soon find a nice monster girl willing to “warm” us up.  There are a few roaming the landscape.  Some are repeats, but there are some new additions to monsterpedia.  Let’s get to it, Luka-clone!  Gotta bang them all!

Okay, so we have a girl with a jellyfish for a hat.  And the jellyfish has mad googly eyes.  Nothing weird about this at all, no sir.

I think the hat is supposed to be a cure slime.  I seem to remember seeing those in the one Dragon Quest game I played (IX).  She wants to be human and for this needs – quelle surprise – semen.  At least she doesn’t want to eat us.

(Not that anyone would ever write a story as crazy as a jellyfish girl slurping up her lover . . .)

Ahem, moving along.

There are a couple of plant girls.  One is aptly called mad plant.

Mad plant has an interesting alt attack, but a really short Bad End.  Probably not a bad thing given that the eyes staring off in different directions don’t really add to the eroticism.

The other mad plant (you can tell she’s mad by the way she bounces across the screen) is a cactus girl.  Possible ouchies in that coupling.  She says we’ll get used to it.

Up in the north is a shy sorceress type in a big hood.

I think there was a similar monster girl(s) in the first DramaraQuest.   Her Bad End deviates from the usual as she plays around with some ejaculation control magic.  The game represents this by having the Press to Ejaculate button do nothing but earn a few taunts from her.  Always got to look out for the quiet ones.

There’s also a girl with a tan and a very long tongue.

As with crazy hammer-sex-toy girl, she has an additional attack where she wraps that long attack around our cock.  Keeps it warm in all this snow I guess.

It’s a little sad the developer didn’t give more of the monster girls' extra additional attacks.  They work well and add a lot to the sex battles.

Her Bad End is another tease.  She starts with the tongue, but stops when we hit X to ejaculate.  That would be wasteful to her (I don’t think she’s anything to worry about there.  I think we’ve already established the protagonists of these games have bottomless balls).  Then it’s the fucky-fucky.

Okay, after giving Luka-clone a chance to get his breath back from “battling” all the monsters in the area it’s time to move on with the plot.  Up in the north is another castle.  Unfortunately the doors are shut tight.  Looks like we have to go elsewhere first.  The only other location of note is an igloo/cave in the west.  We’ll check that out next time.

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