Monday, February 16, 2015

"Why don't you post your Let's Plays of Violated Hero and such on a site like XVideos?"

This question came up in the comments for the last blog post (thanks, anonymous!).  I was going to answer it there and then thought of a whole bunch of other stuff while I was writing and decided to splurge them out in a full post instead.

The short answer is I have absolutely no experience or knowledge on how to put together videos, edit them and upload them to sites like Youtube, Twitch, etc.  This is not a particularly good excuse as I could probably read up on these things and figure them out.  I even have the free time to attempt this if so inclined.

The bigger question is: Would it work?

One of the more interesting things I've learned from following #GamerGate over the last few months is just how popular youtubers like TotalBiscuit and Boogie2988 are.  I knew this kind of videogames coverage was out there, but I hadn't realised just how huge it was.  In fact, one of the more interesting narrative frames that can be applied to #GamerGate is that it's about one form of media (traditional blogging/journalism producing written articles for gaming websites) being supplanted by another form of media (new youtubers/twitchers producing gameplay videos for Youtube, etc) and raging at their own oncoming obsolescence.

(It is by no means the only narrative frame that can be applied to #GamerGate, but we're not going there.  Nope, definitely not going there.)

Let's Play videos are a big thing now.  Unfortunately, doing them for the type of monster girl hentai games I like runs into problems with hosting venues and audience expectation.  Youtube and Twitch have fairly strict anti-lewd rules which rule out a lot of explicit content.  There are Let's Plays of Monster Girl Quest that get around the problem by sticking black squares (or more humorous censors) over the lewd bits, but MGQ is a weird case in that the story and characters are still entertaining even without the lewdness.  It's still less than ideal though.  After all, what's the point of Let's Playing an eroge if you can't show off a nice pair of giant round tits.

Cap'n, we don't have a black square big enough!

The other option, as suggested, would be to go to one of the porn youtube clones like XVideos.  I don't think this would work because of audience expectation.  People go to Youtube for entertainment.  Person providing commentary while playing through something like Monster Girl Quest could be entertaining.  People go to porn youtube clones to fap.  Random British guy wittering over monster girl hentai game - not fap material.

I think Let's Play videos of various monster girl hentai games could be highly entertaining, I just don't think there's a good place to showcase them at the moment.  For that type of Let's Play video anyway.

While I was thinking of ideas, one thing I thought would work is to have a voice actress with a sexy voice play through the game and read out the dialogue of the female characters.  I think that could work very well on the porn youtube clones, but it does rely on the Let's Player being female, having a sexy voice, and not giving two fucks about weird smutty material.

Sexy voice + Alma Elma RP = profit?
As a lumpen Brit with a lumpen voice, this isn't really an option for me.

Could be a good opportunity for the right person though...


  1. "Sexy voice + Alma Elma RP = profit?"

    Well, Alma already is voiced, though only in the h-scenes...

    1. That is true, but not too helpful for the people that can't understand Japanese. :D

  2. It'd be awesome if you could simply host the videos yourself on your site, but I realize that's much easier said than done.

  3. Its me, Najmi, MEH. Anyway, there are monster girl hentai games on YouTube, the biggest probelm is that they are censored as hell. Maybe you should try uploading on Dailymotion because I've seen an uncensored version of MGQ with FULL sex scenes on it. Its been posted since 2011 and wasn't deleted for its sex and nudity.

  4. It would definitely be "amusing" to find an enterprising (and sexually spirited) female voice actress to do an English voice over of some of the more popular eroge. I seem to remember Asia Carrera doing a voice over of a couple hentai movies.
    But why stop at eroge, there are several of the audio files (hypnosis, ear cleaning, etc) at DLSite that might at least be "interesting" if voiced in English by a suitably sultry voice. In my opinion it would be a welcome change from some of the "screeching" that seems to be en vogue among the Japanese voice actresses.
    - Jake

  5. Hey, it's the anonymous who asked the question this replies to, anyhow, ignoring the fact that you cannot edit as of right now, did you consider uploading the videos without any commentary? I've seen a collection of all the MGQ scenes in a video without commentary, and it was still good fap material, well, as least to me. It is on this blog, if you want to see what it's like

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