Monday, March 30, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 10

Pornburg and yet more Rabbits

This is a continuation of the walkthrough for Monmusu Quest: Paradox I started back here.  Yep, it’s going to be a long one.

ETA: Dargoth Translations has just put out a new English patch.  I think this is concentrating more on adding more game mechanics translations (so people can actually play the game) rather than H-scenes.  I haven't tried it out yet.  Will probably give it a look tonight.

After carrying out Amira’s mission to the Nameless Slums she’s now prepared to give us information on the White Rabbit Alice is chasing after.  Apparently there’s been a sighting of a rabbit in Pornburg down to the south-east.

Pornburg?  That name’s not suspicious in the slightest.

Pornburg is a colony of sexually-liberated types (translation: perverts).  Everyone is wandering around in their underwear.  The mayor lusts after Alice despite her being sealed in a little-girl form.  One of the houses contains Captain Scatological, who wants you to drink some very suspicious tea and wigs Sonya out so much she won’t let the party go back into the house.  Basically, if you hadn’t already seen the dubious Bad End scenes, five mins of wandering around Pornburg would be enough to let you know this is not a kid’s game.

The main quest component is fairly straightforward.  The rabbit is in the inn and once again it’s the wrong rabbit.  It’s one of the pink-haired rabbit girls that can be found roaming around this area (more on them later).  She says she might have heard of a white rabbit being seen around the excavation of the Tartarus pit, so I guess that’s the next destination.  But first Alice wants to go back to Iliasburg to show Amira her displeasure at giving out wrong information.

But before that there are other things to be done in this area.

A new job can be unlocked here.  Give the fortune teller on the hill overlooking the town a Hard Growth Wrist (not to be confused with Hard Job Wrist) and they will give you the certificate unlocking the Fortune Teller job.  The Hard Growth Wrist is the reward for surviving Stella’s (see Nameless Slums) handjob BF.

There’s another battle-fucker here as well.  One of the bunny girls (conventional rather than actual bunny girl, I think – so many damn rabbits running around this part of the game!) in the downstairs casino will give you a bit of frottage that will likely end up in making her fluffy tail sticky unless Luka is pumped up with HP bonuses.

There’s also a house containing an underwear thief.  From the explanation, if you level the job Unemployed up you’ll eventually learn a skill to steal monster girls’ underwear.  Don’t know much about this as haven’t levelled Unemployed up at all.

ETA (or rather correct): I've been told this is a mistranslation my part.  It's lvl 10 Flirt that learns the Shameful Theft skill.

To the north are some iron mines.  At the bottom of three levels a key item, Chunk of Iron, can be picked up.

There are also plenty of chests containing improved armour and weapons.  Of special note is the wand found in the blue chest.  This gives Magic a big boost and in the hands of a Magician like Rami will likely have her one-shotting any enemy with a weakness to either fire, ice or lightning for the next few sections.

There are three types of monster girl wandering around this region.  Two of them – rabbit girl and sheep girl – are new while the leech girl returns from the first series.

The rabbit girl is my favourite of the new monster girls seen so far.  To be honest the other ones had left me a little cold.  Bernie (or Barnny – although the translated spelling seems a little weird), the rabbit girl, is a lot more sexy than the other beast girl art.  She’s also an extremely useful addition to the party.  As a level four Hunter she has access to the skill Beast Killer.  That combined with the bow found in the chest in the tunnels to Nameless Slums means you have a party member that will likely one-shot most Beasts in the Ilias continent (and most of the monster girls in the starting areas are classed as Beast).

Enough of the boring game stats stuff.  What about the real things that matter?

Her Bad End scene is a footjob.  A little unfortunate as feet don’t hit my spots at all (My level of disinterest is so high it’s one of the few fetishes I don’t think I’ve written a scene for – will have to rectify that at some point).

The main difference between her low-happiness scenes in the castle is whether she’s barefoot or not.

However, get her up to 100 happiness and you can unlock her sex scene.

Being part rabbit, she’s… um… quite pneumatic in the whole up’n’down department.

Hmm, Lime’s 100-happiness scene and now this.  I think I can see what the creators are encouraging players to do.  That level seems to be where the good stuff is at – although how the hell it will work with some of MGQ’s more vore-happy girls I’ll be interested to see.  Maybe they spit you out before the digestive juices get too far.

Right we’re done with the village of perverts.  Back in Iliasburg we can now recruit Amira by talking to her.  It’s no great surprise to see she has no happiness-sex options.  Even MGQ has limits.  Instead she hangs around by the castle entrance and gives tidbits of information on where to go next.  From her I also saw that the Jobs max out at level 10 (assuming they all have the same number of levels) as she joins the party as a maxed-out level 10 Information Dealer (this job is unlocked after speaking to her on returning from the Nameless Slum mission).

Another of the loli bandits can also be recruited at this point.  Give Dragon Puppy the Lump of Iron and she’ll make an Iron Sword then join the party.  She can be found in the Blacksmith’s in Iliasburg.  Like all the loli bandits so far she comes with the Steal skill as standard and keeps it regardless of which job she’s moved to.  She’s also a freakin’ dragon, which means she’ll probably level up into a monstrous machine of mayhem at some point.

So many damn party options…

Tomorrow it’s time to enter the mysterious Tartarus pit in the south of the Ilias continent.


  1. Not Unemployed, but Flirt.

  2. Could be. I might have misunderstood the translation. Although I do have a character at level 9 Flirt (at 7 it gets a 150% XP ability, which means it's good to level up characters on the back row where Flirt's unreliability isn't an issue). Could be the level 10 skill. I'm writing down the bonuses as I unlock them. When I'm done with the walkthrough I'll post the various tables of all the Jobs.


    1. Cool. Looks like it is the 10th level skill of Flirt. I'll update the post.

  4. Yeah the some of the vore girls decide to let you live

  5. Desert Eagle28/04/2015, 23:16

    The village is called Pornof though. Spelled po-ru-no-fu (The 'u' is pronounced silent).