Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 4

Unlocking the Soldier Job and finding the Imps

This is part 4 of my playthrough of monster girl hentai game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  The first part can be read back here.

So far we haven’t made that much progress.  Mainly because it looks like Toro Toro Resistance has stuffed this game full of game mechanics.  It took nearly 2,000 words and two blog posts to describe the tutorial stuff.

But now we’re free.  We’re out in the open countryside, baby.  Let’s see what debauchery awaits us.

I let the freedom go a little to my head and wander a little too far.  In the west there’s a big forest.  The notice at the entrance warns novice adventurers not to enter.  Now where’s the fun in that.

I deliberately wander into the forest and a pair of fairies obliterate me so savagely it’s comical.  After a bit of naughty flower suction applied to Luka’s member I decide I’m probably not supposed to go in there just yet.

Or too far north apparently either.

We run into an earthworm girl.  She coils around the party one-by-one and reduces each to quivering orgasm (yes, the monster girls can do the sexy stuff to each other) and then applies the suction tail to Luka’s cock and slurps him up until he’s empty.

Hmm.  I suspect this is following the Dark Souls school of player guiding.  The correct path to follow is the one where the monsters don’t obliterate you in two combat rounds.

That would appear to be the small cave in the south.  Along the way I bump into more pink bunny slimes and one of them joins the party.

The other monster girls are the slug girls that were encountered just after Alice in the original MGQ series.  While the artwork and Bad End is the same, they do have some additional art linked to their temptation attack.  In this case the Slug Girl offers to wind her long, slimy tongue around Luka’s cock and give him a very satisfying blowjob.

If you accept a temptation attack and let the monster girl carry on doing the nice stuff until your HP runs out, the rest of the party expresses their disgust and leaves Luka to his Bad End.

I suspect this will be a very common fate for Luka…

I was a little disappointed when I played the demo and saw most of the encounters were monster girls that had already appeared in the previous MGQ series.  Normally that would look a little lazy, but I think what Paradox has done in giving the old monster girls new art and moves (slime girl’s slime heaven scene in the Pocket Castle, slug girl's temptation blowjob) keeps them from coming across as too stale.

The Cave of Trials that contains the item needed to unlock the soldier job is a little way to the south of Iliasville.

Down in the cave a new monster girl shows up – the stupendously busty imp.  In the original series she was a joke encounter that appeared later on (twice).  Luka only lost to her if he chose to and there was even a special achievement if you unloaded Luka’s max-powered sword skill on her.  Here she appears at a time more in line with her power level and can fight.

The imp also has some fairly aggressive sex attacks.  A few times Luka was thrown on the floor and found his dick wedged up in tight imp pussy.  This is another change from the original series.  In those games if Luka’s manhood ever entered monster girl pussy that was usually the end of the fight.  It might take a while for the sexy monster girl to suck out all his HP, but the moment Luka entered her he was helpless to do anything as she slowly slurped up his HP.  In Paradox he has a party backing him up.  If they beat the imp before she makes him come it’s all good.  In fact it doesn’t even matter if the imp rides him all the way to lusty cumplosions.  Luka is just a member of the party.  As long as the whole party isn’t wiped it doesn’t matter how badly he’s despoiled in the process.

Conceptually this is a pretty big change.  The sexy stuff being done to Luka has less impact when it’s just part of a general party melee.  The game can’t really use the different art showing bound status either (not just Luka can be bound).  Personally I think there’s a trade-off here in that the fights and party management have grown in complexity at the expense of the eroticism of the original player-on-their-own fights of the original series.  To be fair the developers have tried to compensate for this with the new temptation attacks as well as the higher-happiness-unlocking-new-sex-acts mechanic in the pocket castle.

Like all the other monster girls so far, the imp is also recruitable.  I didn’t think it was possible to convey the imp’s ridiculous bustiness in the topdown dungeon-wandering sprites, but the artist in this case made a damn good fist of it.

DoA breast physics – JRPG-style.

The Proof of Courage is in a chest at the bottom of the dungeon.  After picking that up we head back to Iliasville.

With Rami the imp in the party it’s now possible to recruit her two friends.  Both can be found in Iliasville.

Remi, who appears to be very timid, is hiding in the village stores (they can be reached down some stairs not far from the poison marsh).

The other one, Rumi, is sitting on a strawberry patch.

Remi is a useful backup priest.  Rumi starts out as a Martial Artist, but I changed her job to make her a backup Thief.  I’ve found it’s always good to have a backup Priest and Thief in case the other ones get knocked out.  The game gives you a lot of flexibility in swapping between main and backup parties even in the middle of combat.

Rami herself is a Magician and quite adept at setting things on fire.  What I did find useful about the imps was their Sexcraft attacks.  Melty Kiss has a chance of making the target horny, which (I think) increases the amount of damage future pleasure attacks do.  Melty Kiss followed by a pleasure attack like Lime’s Slime Draw often does a lot of damage.

Combos, combos…

Anyway, I’ll leave it there.  Next time I think we’ll leave Iliasville behind and head off to Iliasburg.


  1. Monster-Girl Lover24/03/2015, 11:53

    There's another sidequest you can do before heading off to Iliasbug. Talk to the merchant standing in the corner of the item shop, and you'll get told about a friend of his that's gone missing. Otherwise the stuff near Iliasburg might still kick your butt a bit.

  2. I found out there is a secret H-Scene with the Imp if you have her wear the Risky Swimsuit and make the request that is unlocked when her affection is 50 or higher. She's wearing a cow-print bikini...its fucking amazing