Saturday, March 28, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 8

Unlocking the Merchant Job and Recruiting Half of the Loli Bandits

This is my continuing playthrough/guide to monster girl hentai game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  The first part of the epic quest can be found back here.

Yesterday Paradox was in remake mode as we repeated the loli bandit storyline from the first series.  The difference this time around is that they’re recruitable.

Goblin girl is the easiest.  Talk to the grandpa in this house.

Then catch Goblin girl while she runs around by the fountain.

The next is the mercantile-obsessed Vanilla, the Vampire Girl.  But before then we need to unlock the Merchant job.  This involves visiting the hill in the desert region to the east of Iliasville.  Chances are most players might have already been there as the wandering monsters surrounding it are low-level slimes.  In my first, doomed, look at the game this region was the second I visited as it looked the second place to go based on the strength of the monsters.  It might be, but I didn’t seem able to unlock the Merchant quest until after visiting Iliasburg. (EDIT - You can and probably should do the merchant quest before fighting the loli bandits)

To unlock the quest you need to speak to the merchant NPC in the item shop in Iliasville.

Then it’s over to Talus Hills (which translates to the Hill of Cod through one of my machine translators).  They can be found here:

The guard at the entrance gives the helpful hint that mandragoras are weak to fire.  Mandragora was the first optional encounter in MGQ and had an annoying paralysing scream.  The hills are full of them.  With them are a brand new type of monster girl – a wee little dog girl.

Not my type really, but she might scratch someone’s itchy frontal lobes.

Her temptation attack is a sloppy blowjob with lots of tongue that carries on into the Bad End.  Then I think you end up sort of her involuntary master, or something like that.

One of the disappointing things about the demo was the only new monsters were her and the pink Bunni slime.  It didn’t bother me too much as I knew it was almost certain Toro Toro Resistance had created ridiculous numbers of new monster girls to play with anyway.  I’m not sure it sent out the right signal having so many repeats in the demo though.

Rami, the big-titted imp, is very useful in this area as her fire magic is good for setting mandragoras on fire and the dog girls – as Beasts – are vulnerable to pleasure attacks like the imps’ Melty Kiss.

Somewhere a little north of the entrance the lost merchant can be found flat on his back next to a mandragora.  Bless her, she says her scream 'accidentally' paralysed him and she’s staying with him to make sure no harm comes to him.  Or so she says.  She could have been fucking him senseless a few moments ago for all we know.  Giving the merchant Full Moon Grass (the paralysation cure) gets him back on his feet.

Back in Iliasville and the merchant gives us a nice reward including the certificate required to unlock the Merchant job.

I don’t think it’s a bad idea to change Luka to the Merchant job.  It nerfs his attacking abilities, but most of the time Luka is either using Talk to recruit new party member or flat on his back underneath a horny monster girl (they nearly always target him for the dirty stuff).  Merchant has a boost to HP (good for the battle-fucks) and provides a nice 1.5x modifier to gold picked up after winning battles.

Forget all this violent adventuring malarkey, son.  Trading is where it’s at.

Now it’s time for the loli Vampire Girl.  She’s trying to sell her own wares in the item shop in Iliasburg.  As her wares are commonplace things like acorns, rocks and weeds, she’s not having much success.

It’s freshly-graduated-from-school-of-merchanting Luka to the rescue.  This is another quest.

Speak to the merchant NPC back in Iliasville.  He recommends going back to the Talus Hills and looking for a big beetle because… JRPG.  The big beetle can be found on this big tree in the west part of Talus Hills.

I don’t really know why big beetle, but after we take it back to Vanilla she’s able to sell it to some gullible local lad and this pleases her enough for her to join the party in the hope of finding more lucrative business opportunities.

Recruiting Vanilla also opens up the item shop in the Pocket Castle.  This is to the right of the main entrance.  Either Vanilla will be standing behind the counter or one of her bat minions if she’s currently in the party.

The selection in the shop starts off pitiful, but can be expanded by performing a series of missions for Vanilla.  They all seem to start the same way – have Vanilla in the party and buy something from her shop.  Afterwards she’ll tell you what she’s missing and where to go to find it.

The first expansion is adding Medicinal Herbs to the selection.  That’s done by taking Vanilla to the same NPC merchant from the merchant quest line above.

The second expansion adds abnormal status curing items.  Initially that involves talking to the same merchant, but then he sends us back out to the Talus Hills and the same mandragora as before.  Talk to her and Vanilla will cut a deal.

After that is Phoenix Tail Feather.  But first that involves…  Oh yeah, we’ll get to that tomorrow when we head off to the Nameless Slum in search of Amira’s information.

These missions require Vanilla to be in the party, but to be honest, she’s a surprisingly useful party member anyway.  She starts as Merchant, which gives the 1.5x bonus to gold found.  She also has the Thievery ability to nick stuff off enemies, which means she can fulfil the party thief role.  On top of that she has a number of magic and special attacks such as Lightning, HP Drain and even attacking multiple opponents with a flock of bats.  Coupled with the (presumably) high base stats of the Vampire race and she’s a lot in a single pint-sized package.  Her one weakness is she doesn’t like being set on fire, but that tends to put a crimp on the day for most people.


  1. You're sure not kidding that there is a lot to do in this game. Fun to read your guide as always.

    1. From what I've seen so far it plays a lot like a fully-fledged commercial JRPG and lengthwise seems about the same.

  2. Monster-Girl Lover29/03/2015, 05:05

    Actually, with Vanilla's shop, you don't have to buy anything from it. Just enter the shop interface and then go back out, and you'll get the next step of her quest.

  3. Desert Eagle28/04/2015, 23:05

    You can recruit goblin girl in part 1? When I finished the bandit quest, I looked for all of the girls in Iliasburg but I never found goblin girl. Well, I did see her but I didn't understand how recruit her. I thought she ran off to Yamatai.

    Well, it's been fixed now. :)