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Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 13

Happiness Village and where have all the harpies gone?

And we’re up to number 13 in the Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough.  I posted the first part back here.

Last time the story kicked up a notch as Luka and party went through Tartarus and found themselves in a parallel version of MGQ universe where Luka didn’t challenge Granberia in Iliasburg and they saw the consequences of this as the future world was scoured clean by Ilias’s angels (also be worth remembering that this is information only the player would know – Paradox!Luka also didn’t challenge Granberia in Iliasburg because the White Rabbit was there instead.  We still don’t know what the hell is going to happen in the third, Paradox, universe.)

Back in their timeline and Alice calls a war council to plan what to do next.  Once again you’ll have to forgive my lack of Japanese reading comprehension for not being able to fill in the exact plot.  From machine translation the gist of it is Alice is going to continue to hunt the White Rabbit for answers, but they should also look for Luka’s father, Marcellus, to find out why Luka is able to do things he really shouldn’t be able to do.  In the meantime the plan is to head off to the harpy village to investigate rumours of mysterious disappearances there.

Before we do, there’s another quick job quest to complete.  Before the journey into Tartarus an engineer at the excavation site asks to see an example of the unusual technology that can be found in Tartarus.  We’ve been through Tartarus and picked up some unusual items.  Showing them to him will earn the certificate to unlock the engineer job.

This is where my notes and first impressions from two different start to get jumbled up.  As I talked about back here, Paradox has a main story progression that requires tagging the correct flags in order.  Miss a flag and you can still head off to the different parts of the map, but some dungeons are closed off and the NPCs required to advance the story don’t appear.

This happened to me first time around as I didn’t find Amira and wandered cluelessly through the wilds.  Back then I was using the returning monsters from MGQ as a clue for which area I should be in at any particular time.  So far they've appeared in roughly the same order as they showed up in the original series.

This seemed to hold as bee girls started showing up when I went west.  Luka (obviously) succumbs to their temptation attack and gets licked all over with a long tongue.

This was also one of the spots where I thought the re-use of scenes from the original didn’t quite fit.  During the Bad End the bee girl taunts Luka about him enjoying the taboo act of putting his willy in hot monster girl pussy as this is against Ilias’s decrees.  That held true for the original series, but in Paradox-world Ilias hasn’t been seen for 30 years and humans seem a lot more relaxed about co-existing with monsters.

There are two brand new monster girls in this area – orcs and sparrow daughters.

The sparrow daughters are wearing animal costumes.  That seems so vanilla and unlike MGQ I immediately suspect something must be up.

But no, they are actual harpies.  Losing gives the typical harpy, babies forever ending.

As common for a lot of hentai games, orcs in MGQ-verse world seem to be a type of pigman (or rather pigwoman).  They’re lewd, crude and very much on the voluptuous side.  The first time around they also disabused me of the notion this was the correct place to be as my party got battered by some solid club swings.

They also have curly vaginas that are very good for getting men to come apparently.  Luka at least gets to experience some nice sex before being dragged off into slavery.

A fun thing.  After recruiting an orc girl (Hip) to the party, as long as she isn’t selected for one of the eight party slots, she starts showing up in the towns and villages being orc-y and rowdy (apart from Pornburg – that’s too much even for her and you’ll find her cowering up on the hill).  This can block the gambler off if you manage to recruit an orc before carrying out the ‘look for Amira’ quest in IliasBurg, but is easily fixed by putting her in the party.

Amira also does something similar, but with a sub-quest.  She hides in each of the settlements and finding her rewards the player with stats-boosting items.

The next settlement is Happiness Village and in Paradox everything is flipped from MGQ.  In MGQ the village had a critical shortage of men because the harpies had carried them all off for breeding purposes.  In Paradox it’s the harpies that have buggered off somewhere and it’s all the men that are upset that their harpy wives have all run off.  I don’t think Ilias’s decrees are taken very seriously in this village (and another reason to regret not taking Ilias – her impotent anger at being on the ground and seeing what humans and monster girls are getting up to with each other would probably be very amusing).

The battle-fuck location is up in the top-right corner of the village.

Hmm, did Luka just pay for a handjob off a boy?  Oh well, I suppose it broadens the mind.

There’s also a useful fairy blacksmith in the village.  She can imbue some armour pieces with wind stones.  This becomes very useful when we come to fight harpies.

According to rumour, the harpies have all flown off and secluded themselves in an ancient tower up in the north.

Guess that’s where we’ll be off to tomorrow then.

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  1. I'm torn. On one hand I want to continue reading because of your humour and because I'm interested. On the other hand....Spoilers

    If only Dargoth didn't take so long :(