Friday, April 03, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 14

The Harpy Tower

The epic playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox continues.  The first part was posted back here.

Currently we’re looking for the harpies as they’ve all buggered off somewhere.  Some of the folks think it might be to a mysterious tower to the north.  Before then we might as well check out (translation: steal all their stuff while they’re buggered off) the harpy village.  It’s the big tree next to the village.

The harpy village is a ghost town.  It’s also a little weird to navigate as there are hidden paths around the back of the tree that take the player higher up.  If you’re wondering how you’re supposed to reach the higher branches, look for the sign post and then walk into the tree trunk.

Right at the top we find Nero drinking tea (out of his own cup – he brought it with him) in the chief’s house.  He has the answer to why all the harpies have vanished.  They’ve been infected with a virus that turns them into uncontrollable nymphomaniacs.

Hrm, isn’t this MGQ-verse?  I thought every monster girl was already an uncontrollable nymphomaniac.

Anyway, because the infected pose a risk to the humans around them, the queen has quarantined all the harpies off in a tower to the north.  The weird thing about the virus is everyone thought it extinct thousands of years ago.  More evidence of timey-wimey weirdness likely originating from the Tartarus pits.  If Luka can travel into the future of a parallel world then so too can ancient travellers from the past.  One of them must have brought the virus with them.

Nero, who clearly knows way more than he’s letting on, has a cure.  It’s the rare fruit of some kind of world tree.  I don’t think that location was in the first series.  Might be wrong though.

Armed with a cure, we toddle off north in search of the tower.

There’s a big forest and a whole lot of nothing in this region.  The monsters are the same bee girls, orcs, rabbit girls and sparrow daughters as before.  The tower is next to a lake at the north fringe of the big forest.

We knock on the door and tell them we have a cure.  A harpy opens the door.

“Forget the medicine.  Let’s have sex!”

This will not be straightforward.

Actually, the tower is fairly straightforward.  And a little dull.  There’s nothing new here.  The harpy and harpy twins return from the first game.  The other wandering monsters are the same sparrow daughters we’ve already fought (and fucked).

I think I might have got a little lucky with having the right people in the party.  Harpies have annoyingly high evasion and dodge most attacks.  I found this out later when I returned to the tower to try and recruit the harpy twins.  I’d noticed that the Slime race picks up a couple of anti-harpy skills around level 6 or 7.  I figured that was a hint the game was expecting Bunni and Lime to be useful in this section.  Unfortunately, damage bonuses only apply if you actually hit the target and the slimes are about as accurate as the England cricket team after a night on the piss.

The tower has three floors and on the top floor is a returning boss from the first series – the lovely harpy queen.

Despite desires on spiriting Luka off to be her babies-forever husband, the harpy queen was (sort of) one of the good guys.  Given that the human and harpy village are already co-existing, it was going to take something like this nympho-inducing plague to give Luka a reason to fight her.  She does try to fight the effects, but it’s Luka, and every monster girl in the planet wants his man meat.

As with the first series, the harpy queen is the first to employ a Counter stance (where attacking sets the player up for an instant loss).  I was wondering if Paradox would bring that back and how it’d be implemented with the party fights.  The game asks me if I want to attack and I wisely decide to hang back while queen harpy is showing her funky moves.

After the fight we find out that the quarantine is going to have to continue.  More powerful individuals need more of the cure and the harpy queen is so powerful that curing her would leave nothing left for her people.  Her solution is to stay in self-imposed quarantine.

This is also a convenient excuse to leave the harpy tower open for future visits.  If you didn’t pick up either Reina (the normal harpy) or Pina & Pii (the harpy twins), you can come back later.  I’d advise much later – the harpies are a damn pain to hit.

I’m not 100% on it, but I don’t think the harpy queen can be recruited this chapter.  I think this is a quest for future chapters.  It will be interesting to see if she’s been given any new H-scenes.  In the castle Reina and Chun (sparrow daughter) only have one request scene at 10 happiness.  Pina and Pii have three (they like bananas) and I think the 50 happiness might be new, although I can’t remember exactly how many scenes they had in the original series.

Back at the now populated harpy village and there’s some more story background.

In the harpy queen’s house one of the harpies tells Luka and others that a trio of powerful demons visited the queen right before the epidemic started.

Oh hello, first sighting of the succubus trio.

Morrigan (her name translates to ‘harpoon cancer’ amusingly):


And Astaroth:

Machine translation doesn’t help too much with what was said, or it might be that it was too late at night and my eyes had gone blurry.  Alice is a bit surprised at the names.  Sometimes demons might be given the names of a trio of infamous and powerful succubi from the past, but it’s considered bad form.

(uh oh, I think these might be the original name holders)

Alice decides the best plan from here is to investigate the second Tartarus hole in the east, but as it’s a bit difficult – and dangerous – to get to, they should visit Midas village in the north and get some better equipment.

Before then there are a few minor sub-quests to fill in now that the harpies have come back.

Talking to the harpies in the item shop with Vanilla will expand her inventory in the pocket castle item shop.  Harpy wings (an item to teleport to any town previously visited) will be available to buy.

Rami, the ludicrously busty imp, wants to fly.  She’s not too good at it (“too much air resistance” as Remi and Rumi joke).  Talking to a harpy in the inn will suggest she jump off the top of the mountain the slimes inhabit next to Iliasville.

With the harpies now back a couple of new characters can be recruited.  Tiny Lamia (her name is even Teeny) can be recruited from the Sutherland Inn in Iliasburg.  She’s of the Lamia race and likely the first recruit with the Maid job.  She also takes on running the inn in the pocket castle and the party can rest there for the ultra-cheap price of 1G.

The unfortunate harpy, Pyhar, can also now be recruited from Pornburg providing you have Amira in the party.

That’ll do for today.  I’ll pick it up again tomorrow.


  1. I'm so glad Astaroth and Lilith are in this game, and drawn by shiki/psychedelic g2. Their ridiculously oversized breasts aside, they're easily the most attractive-looking character ever to grace any of the MGQ games with their existence.

    Much needed to kindle my interest in Paradox, frankly. The high rate (i.e. greater than zero) of lolis and Xelvy in this game didn't make me want to even try it before this current update.

    1. I think it's a definite weakness the game is very zonal with the new monster girl types. Given how slow progression can be, a player might have to slog through a lot of repeated monster girls and cute-rather-than-sexy beast girls to get to something new they like.

  2. A bit disappointed that the game reuses the old Harpy Queen art rather than getting some new art depicting the gorgeous updated design she had in MGQ3. Oh well, hopefully we'll get some of that if/when she becomes recruitable in the future.

    1. To be honest I didn't throw this fight in the assumption the Bad End would be the same as in MGQ. I wouldn't be surprised if she has a lot of new scenes after being recruited (assuming that happens in a later chapter). So far how many extra scenes a monster girl has back in the castle seems a little random.

    2. Actually her temptation attack is her old CG but her bad end is the gang bang CG of MGQ3. I will admit I was kind of hoping to see you lose this fight, but if want you can refight her in Hades thats on the second floor of Illias's Temple >.>

    3. I've mostly been avoiding showing the old content unless it's new scenes. Probably would have helped here though as it doesn't seem like a lot of new content was added for the harpies.

  3. Incubusknight04/04/2015, 01:37

    Hey there Hydra ty for making this play through guide it's certainly saved me some time from having to wonder around aimlessly hoping to trigger the right event flags.
    So far I've only had problems in two area's:
    1) Before finding your play-through I had already paid the 1500 to Amira and then skipped the slums village entirely. Later I went back, recruited Amira and then did the slums village quest. Problem now is it doesn't look like I can finish that quest since Amira just acts like any of the other harem monster girls in the castle and now it seems I've missed out on the Informer job. Do you know of anyway around that? and if not it's no big deal since I'll be restarting anyway once Dragoth is finished with the translation.
    2) After saving the harpies I tried to upgrade Vanilla's items by talking to the harpy in the shop, however the harpy girl just acts normal and no additional dialog appears save for the buy menu screen. Vanilla is in my party but I'm wondering if there's a step I'm missing here. Any suggestions to both those problems would be appreciated thank you.

    1. 1) I think TTR put out a patch to solve this as it was easy for players to miss that quest line completely. Unfortunately that patch doesn't work with Dargoth's current English patch. You might be stuck waiting until a restart with the full English patch.

      2) This didn't trigger first time for me either. I went outside the harpy village, went to the item shop in the castle to trigger Vanilla's dialogue, then went back into the item shop in the harpy village and it seemed to trigger.

    2. Incubusknight05/04/2015, 03:47

      Gotcha thanks for the reply, will be looking forward to more of your play through. It's a fun read and we seem to share similar thoughts for each of the monster girls and events that are popping up this time around.

    3. Incubusknight06/04/2015, 19:22

      After playing a bit further I found out why Vanilla's trigger wasn't working. Seems I missed the step where Vanilla get's Phoenix Tails (by talking to Mini with Vanilla in party). After unlocking the Phoenix tails I was able to get the Harpy wing trigger without a problem.

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  5. i enter harpy village and going to top right house, but nobody there. what should i do, i finish amira quest to slum, recruit amira, then i just finished slug queen quest.