Sunday, April 05, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 16


Where we at now?  Part 16.  Man, and I bet we're 2.nothing% into the game as well.  I'm still going to be writing this when I'm old and my teeth are falling out.  The Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough first started back here.

Right, time to pack the wellies and waterproofs.  Things are going to get extremely slimy.

The first quest from Midas Village is to sort out the slug problem in Midas Village.  The source originates from a tower in the west.  This tower.

(by this point you might want to start using the various Encounter Half abilities/accessories.  I had four parties of lusty orcs, bee girls and other assorted monster girls throw themselves at my feet in the journey to the tower.  How there are any human males left in Ilias continent I have no idea.)

Right, slug girls.  When it comes to creating a sexy (YMMV) monster girl the standard approach is to start with the famous ones of myth – your mermaids, harpies, lamia and the like.  Then, if you're feeling creative, you can invent other types by splicing different organisms to sexy women.  Conceivably that could include slugs.  I mean we already have things like spiders and octopuses.  And slugs and octopuses are both molluscs after all.

But at what point does someone go, "You know, one slug girl isn't enough.  What this game really needs is more slug."

(says the person planning to write "Sandwiched by Slugs" later this year)

Slug tower is a whole load of more slug (but no snails funnily enough).  The original slug girl isn't present, presumably because she'd be woefully under-levelled at this point.  Instead we get two new designs.

Slugs tend to the goth end of the fashion market apparently.  Although the one in the nun habit seems to be legitimately into the worship of a god that hates her.  Which is fairly hardcore goth when you think about it.

(renounce the false Goth music and embrace your lord and saviour, Black Metal!)

That one's likely showing my age.

Ah that picture of the girl with the wide-open mouth from the promo material – it's sister slug's temptation attack.  And, in a surprise for this game, she just wants to wrap her slimy tongue around our cock rather than us.

The Bad End sees her go down on her knees between Luka's legs.  I could say something about altar boys and priests, but I suspect I'm already beyond my limit of allowed risqué material after the sections with Mini and the loli bandits.

Sister slug is very well behaved for an MGQ monster girl.  At one point in the Bad End it even looks like she's going to let us go afterwards.  Then she asks if we'd like to accompany her on a pilgrimage and that becomes Luka's new quest.  There are worse fates in this world.  Like the one about two paragraphs down.

Not sure I trust sister slug's mate, the yellowy one, though.  Something in the way she's licking her lips.  She seems a little too fond of meat.  Careful there, Luka, it's not always your semen the girls are after.

Ulp, too late.

Did I remember to warn you the MGQ series occasionally shows really gruesome Bad Ends where Luka is eaten alive by the monster girl in a really gruesome manner?  That one might have slipped my mind.

She also eats you alive back in the pocket castle if you request the wrong sex favour.

Really eats you, team-mate or not.  Luka has to make the trek back from Hades and respawns back at the gate to the castle.  This is the first monster girl that happens with I think.  It also surprised me as it had different artwork.  Up until then I'd assumed that most of the requests either duplicated the Bad Ends with slightly different dialogues or were new scenes like Lime's Slime Heaven.  Now I'm wondering what else I might have missed as most of the time I've been avoiding losing (walking back from town is annoying) because I figured I'd see the scenes in the castle after recruiting the monster girl.

Predation is just one of Elizabeth's (the carnivorous slug girl) five scenes back at the castle (six counting her Bad End).  That part of the game is a little random.  I think the only criteria determining how many scenes a particular monster girl gets is how enthusiastic their artist is for drawing them.

With Elizabeth you get a slimy paizuri scene

And various sex scenes

Including one that touches on the fact a lot of slugs are hermaphrodites

(although I suspect some could have quite happily gone without being shown that).

Kudos to the artist (I think it's UN_DO) for putting in that little bit extra.

At the top of the slug tower the slug boss is actually three bosses.  They're having sticky fun with some poor (jammy) lad.  He's nearly out of baby juice, so it's rather convenient Luka happened to come along at this precise moment…

The slug queen is a three-in-one boss.  She counts as a single target, but has three separate attacks.  Barnny's Land-Dweller Killer attacks whittle her down to no HP eventually.

After beating her Luka tells her about the slug epidemic in Midas Village.  The slug queens admit they might have got a little carried away with reproduction.  But it's okay, they'll just copulate for pleasure from now on.

That works, I suppose.

The slug queen(s) can be recruited to the party.  This requires Luka proving he has enough love for the slug race.  It can be done by feeding the original slug girl enough lettuce to get her happiness above 100.  She then gives you a slug medal which can be presented to the slug queens as proof.

The slug queens also like lettuce and their 100 happiness H-scene is oddly beautiful in a weirdly mystical way.  Certainly imaginative and worth a look.

(I did consider posting it here, but I'm also conscious that what I'm doing here could be seen as not much different to the posts of all the CGIs that appeared on some sites within a couple of days of Paradox coming out.  For that reason I will be deliberately omitting some material.  The artists and creators of Monmusu Quest: Paradox have done a good job.  Please support them by buying the game so they'll go on to make more.)

That's the slugs exterminated in as much as Luka ever exterminates anything.  Not that it makes any difference as Midas Village is still infested with slug girls.  Flora, the legendary maid, says that's okay.  It was the same last time.  The numbers dropped to manageable levels over the following year.  Poor slug girls, they die so young.  Anyway, that's the Maid job unlocked.

Tomorrow it's time to get some gold so the nice man in the metalsmith shop can make us some glittery new gear.


  1. Fun fact: one of the slug H scenes is based on how certain types of real slugs mate (i.e. twining together huge, flower like penises while hanging from a rope of slime).

  2. I actually really like both of the slugs queens CGs, look forward to them being translated to English.

  3. Just a question: Are you unable to recruit the Nun Slug? I've been grinding her for a long time, and gotten affinity to 100, but she still doesn't want to join....