Monday, April 06, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 17

The Gold Mines and Tunnels to Tartarus II

This is part 17 of my playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  The first part of this lunacy began back here.

It turns out I was right to do the slug tower before the gold mines.  For the purposes of this blog anyway.  The gold mines are too short for a single post, but overlap nicely with tunnels to the next location.  They share most of the same monsters anyway.

The gold mines can be found north of Midas Village here:

As with the other dungeons so far there are three types of the monster girl.  Two are the returning Roper and Meda (I have no idea what she is – she seems to be a monster-girl-arized version of Dragon Quest’s Lunatick).

I was certain the roper girl would eat you in the castle regardless of happiness.  And that’s true of the 10-happiness scene.  She leads Luka off to a quiet part of the castle where she knows she won’t be disturbed and then wraps him up in tentacles and dissolves him into delicious meaty mush.

You really should know better than running off with the predatory girls, Luka.

The 100-happiness scene looks like it’s going to go exactly the same way.  Except at the end the roper girl does spit him out (metaphorically) telling him she doesn’t eat her friends.

Remember, always use safe sex, Luka.  Feed your monster girl plenty of meat beforehand.

The third monster girl in the gold mines is a ragamuffin girl wearing a pumpkin for a helmet.  Not my type.  She looks more waif than waifu.  She’s a wizard and an extremely squishy one.  She can occasionally use Silence on the whole party, not that it helps when Barnny is using her SP attacks to turn her into a pincushion.

The lump of gold is found at the bottom of the mine.  Walk into this passageway.

And it’s at the end of the tunnel.

Take the gold back to the dude in the weapon shop and boy does his selection improve.  Gold everything.  I’m guessing gold has different properties in MGQ-verse that make it have better stats than steel.  His new selection also simplifies a lot of the equipping.  If a party member can equip it then buy it as the gold stuff is better than everything available so far.  The only exceptions to that being the bow and wand found in blue chests.

Now, fully geared up in gold, it’s time to brave the dangerous path to the second Tartarus location.

At the time I was thinking I might have to switch the party around as abusing the XP gain of the Bondage Rope item combined with my tendency to keep grinding an area until I’d recruited everything and seen all the different drops had left my regular party feeling a little overpowered.  Running into the new monster girl, Candle Wax Girl, in the tunnels quickly disabused me of that notion.

Three of them glooped up the party and set everyone on fire.  Nice combination of fetishes for the Bad End – a slime girl made out of hot, molten wax.

They’re an annoying monster at this stage.  They’re quick and tend to act first with annoying binds.  They also have fire attacks that hit the entire party (Not so good when the highly flammable Vanilla is in the party).  They didn’t seem weak to pleasure attacks, or any of the Barnny the Hunter’s special attacks.  I wasn’t even sure what race they were.  I thought they might be some kind of slime girl.

They’re not.  They’re actually the first Ghost race the player encounters.  Despite using fire a lot it turns out it’s also their weakness.  Which sort of makes sense given that they’re made out of sentient wax.

I should have probably caught the hint when the chest outside the tunnels gave me an anti-fire accessory.

Putting Rami back in the party made this section a lot easier.  The candle girls are the only new appearance.  The other monsters are ropers and medas, with the occasional orc or rabbit girl in the outside sections.

On the other side the monsters go back to the standard leech girls and wolf girls found across the rest of the Ilias continent.  Before heading directly off to the second Tartarus pit Alice suggests resting in the ruined village to the north.

The village has been destroyed and looks similar to the ruins of alt!Iliasville.  There are only two buildings that can be entered – a ruined inn and the ruins of a cook’s house.  We know it’s a cook’s house as there are stories about this village once playing host to a legendary chef who was lost when the a catastrophe befell the village.  This is confirmed when Luka finds a stash of recipes.  Alice is very sad at the loss of a great cooking talent.

Also in the cook’s house is Ilias.  She’s also planning to investigate Tartarus II for similar reasons as us.  She believes it’s the path to a parallel world(s).  There’s some other stuff but I’ll probably have to wait for Dargoth’s full translation as the automated stuff was in gibberish mode.

Her slime girl retainer has a friendly chat with Lime.  Both are happy with their fun adventure.

Okay.  Tomorrow it’s time to descend into Tartarus II


  1. Pumpkin is a fairy.

    Also, in Library, 3rd tab for recruited characters, 4th for defeated monstergirls. In 3rd, only new request scenes, the rest is in the bad ends.

    1. I'll have to pay more attention to that. Only use the first two tabs to see the weaknesses and what drops/stolen items I'm missing.

  2. I'm very interested in this candle wax girl.

    1. One of the better new monster girls. (They've been hit'n'miss so far, but to be fair the original was like that as well.) It's a good example of fetish made flesh. I'll have to try and fit something like her in a story at some point ;)