Friday, April 10, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 21


We might actually be getting off the first continent, maybe.  Just maybe.  This is Many-Eyed Hydra and you're reading my playthrough of monster girl hentai game Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  The first part is way back here.

Part 21.  That's like three weeks of daily posts.  Blimey.

And we're still on Ilias continent.  But maybe not for much longer as we cross the bridge north of Iliasburg and head off into new pastures on the way to Iliasport in the north.

In the original Monster Girl Quest rafflesia (I have to look that damn word every time to remember how to spell it correctly) girl and roper were the encounters between Iliasburg and Iliasport.  They are in Paradox as well, although they're joined by a new, third monster girl – very busty centaurs.

I'm not sure how centaurs got linked with big boobs.  I blame that Okayado fella for Centorea in his Everyday Monster Girls (Monster Musume) series.

Busty centaur's temptation attack is to give Luka a handjob while his face is buried in boobage.  I suppose that would be quite tempting.

For the Bad End we get to answer the age-old question for all centaurs – which end is the pussy at?

Ah it's horse pussy.  At this point various weird and possibly-too-judgemental people get to shriek, Bestiality!

It's fantasy.  No doubt at various points in the story Luka will be sticking his willy into snake bits, octopus bits and even spider bits.  All attached to charming, beautiful, sentient and likely carnivorous monster girls.

Admittedly, I've never really seen the appeal in centaurs.  Bit too horsey.

For some reason I'm reminded of a likely apocryphal tale of someone that got a little amorous with a cow.  Apparently cow pussies can generate a strong amount of suction and given that your average cow is bigger and has more mass than your average dude the inevitable consequence is getting… stuck.

Surgery might have been involved.

So there's the moral of the tale, kiddos.  Don't fuck cows.  Stick to sheep instead.

Just outside Iliasport there's another camping scene.  A couple of my party don't show up, likely because it would be impossible for the developers to factor in every combination of Luka's already-massive harem at this point.

Alice fills in some more of her back story.  In this world her mother was not killed by Marcellus and his band of heroes as in MGQ.  She went to investigate one of the Tartarus pits (I think) and never came back.  Alice is upset about losing her influence now that there are three rivals that have ignored her completely in their battles to become the undisputed monster lord.  She's determined to get her power back.  We (the players) are also determined to get her powers back.  Adult Alice is hot Alice.

She also teaches Luka a new sword skill – Bloody Thunder Thrust.

As with the original MGQ series, this is the point where Luka hints at his inhuman parentage by using a meditation skill that actually heals his wounds.  It's sticking with the lore, but likely isn't as valuable here given every party will have a priest or similar healer and Luka will have more important things to do (although in most of my battles those more important things to do seem to involve being pinned to the floor while a monster girl rides up and down on top of him).

Right, I'll break it off there.  We'll enter Iliasport tomorrow.

Yes, I am rationing out the material to make up for the fact I'm out of the country for a week.  Sorry about that.


  1. This series has been pretty fun to read, I remember you stating that you were using a machine translator to play this, I was wondering how you are doing this, as I think I would like to play the story, and I don't have the patience to wait for dargoth.

    1. Not sure how M.e.H. does it, but I use Chiitrans Lite.
      (I had to set it to a different online translator than Google, though, since google currently gives out error messages)

      There are other programs with similar functions (automatically catching text displayed in a program and machine translating it in a seperate window), but as far as I can see, only Chiitrans Lite has been updated within the last year...

    2. Desert Eagle29/04/2015, 00:21

      I use Translator Aggregator coupled with ITH, TAHelper and the substitution plugin for TAHelper. It also helps that I can read hiragana and katakana letters.

  2. Hmm... on your point about busty centaurs. While it's true that centaurs were originally all-male in the myths, and mythologists go on saying that ALL centaurs are flat-chested), the Okayado theory of big-breasted centaurs comes into play when one fact is accounted for: their size. In one of the omakes, he indirectly legitimizes it by having Centorea say "Centaur babies are very large when they are born, so they need large breasts to sustain them!" in regards to Miia wondering why her breasts are so big in the first place. And let's be honest, here. If a centaur had to give birth to something, while taking into account that all mammals lactate, then they probably would have some large milkers in real life... unless breast size has nothing to do with the volume of milk, in which case Okayado still gets points for making an explanation that makes sense... Besides, I'm an oppaimaniac, so no complaints here.

    1. Yes, Okayado tries to explain curious aspects of his monster girls with (mostly) logical explanations. That´s something I would expect from someone who comes up with very amusing situations in his stories.