Thursday, April 16, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 23

Treasure Cave (Oh fuck, Mimic!)

I'm back from my travels.  Unfortunately the journey back ran into a few more delays than I would have liked, so I missed a couple of days posting.  I should be back to a daily schedule now though.  Anyway, we're up to part 23 of the Monmusu Quest: Paradox walkthrough.  The first part of this insanity can be read back here.

Okay it's time to enter the Treasure Cave.  This is supposedly where the legendary pirate, Selene, stashed her treasures.  In there is the Neptune's Bell we need to be able to travel to the next continent (and meet lots of new sexy monster girls).

On entering the cave Alice repeats her dialogue from the first series.

"Smells like fox."

"What does fox smell like?"

"Fried tofu."

This requires knowing a bit more of MGQ's background.  Tamamo, a kitsune, is/was Alice's tutor (and likes tofu).  This is where Luka first encountered her in the original series.  Tamamo was also one of my favourite characters from the first series.  Oddly, as an actual character rather than fetish fuel.  The set up and then reveal of what she actually is in the third chapter of MGQ is a moment of pure class.

The cave is full of yet more treasure chests to pillage.

Ack.  I should have noticed that chest was positioned suspiciously.

Mimic showed up in the first series in this location as well.  She was a hard optional fight if Luka was stupid enough to open a suspiciously positioned chest.  Like… uh… now.

Oh well.  It won't matter.  I've been grinding a lot.  I'm probably over-levelled for this section anywa—


Um… yeah.

Jeebers.  Mimic is a total death machine.  If she's not swallowing party members whole, she's killing them outright with Death spells.  She also has a shriek attack that has a chance of stunning everyone in the party.  And she has two of these attacks Every Turn.  I don't think I had the slightest chance of winning that one.

Luka gets his dick glooped in digestive jelly.  Then the rest of him.  Then… let's leave it at that as it's all a bit icky.

Fair play.  The whole point of mimics and chest monsters in general in RPGs is to rough the player up so badly they never look at a treasure chest the same way again.  Objective achieved.

I respect the game for that.  Most of the time I'm being greedy and running around with a party full of flimsy merchants and a back line crippled with Bondage Ropes so they can all suckle on that sweet double XP.  This is the game letting me know it's not standing for any of that kind of shit, and I respect it for that.

Let's leave those treasure chests alone for now.

(And when you finally manage to recruit Mimic be very careful when she asks you to step in her chest with her.  Remember kiddies, always make sure your monster girl is well fed with plenty of meat before having sexy fun with her.)

The other monsters are repeats from this section in the original series.  The unusual Meda are floating around (and are still utterly unrecruitable for me for some reason).  Joining them is a two-tailed kitsune and a spider girl I never really liked the artwork of the first time around.

The new addition this time is a serious-faced kitsune in red robes.

Her temptation attack is a fluffy tailjob, followed by giving Luka's cock a good bite… blowjob.

About halfway through exploring the caves I take a slight detour.  Lime picked up the Lockpick II ability and it's time to have a quick flythrough the places I've already visited to see what juicy treasures are hiding in the green chests.  The most interesting is an accessory found in the chest next to the Harpy Queen that gives all attacks a chance of inflicting instant death.  That combos quite nicely with hit-all weapons like boomerang and whip, and does speed up the fighty parts of the game.

As before we have Nanabi, the seven-tailed kitsune, waiting for us outside the treasure vault.

She recognises Alice, but it doesn't matter.  She has a job to do, which is keep us out.  Vanilla thinks it's impossible.  She might be right.  Barnny's first salvo of arrows does a whopping zero points of damage.  We are so fucked.


Who is this mysterious succubus that never appeared in the first game?

Ah, Alice the 17th.

Wait!  Isn't that worse?

Alice the 17th does about 20,000 damage with a single special attack.

Backing away right now.  Turn.  Run.

And then we have the first heavenly knight sighting of the Paradox series as Tamamo shows up (as she did in the first series).  Poor Alice (The 16th).  Tamamo seems to have rejected her for the new Alice on the block.

Now it gets a little confusing due to the vagaries of machine translation.  I think Alice the 17th knows Luka defeated Nanabi in a parallel world.

As if things weren't already complicated enough, the White Rabbit shows up.  It sounds like her ‘side' is trying to get Luka to follow the same path.  Alice the 17th is a wrinkle.  She shouldn't be here.  The White Rabbit tries to pull the same Time Stop trick to remove her, only for Nero to step in and intervene.

Yep.  No fucking clue.

They vanish, time restarts and Alice the 17th keeps talking.

Hmm.  Alice the 17th, possibly from the original MGQ timeline.  Could she actually be Luka and Alice's daughter in that reality?

That adds a whole different complexion to her flirtatiously asking Luka if he wants to date.  Feh, what's a bit of incest to a succubus?  Does it still count as incest if it's with the parallel-world younger version of your Dad?  I mean, technically they're not the same person…

Yeah, probably best not to go there.  We pick up the Neptune/Poseidon bell from one of the chests and head back to Iliasport.

Tomorrow (and hopefully it will actually be tomorrow this time!) we'll catch a ship to continents new.

Oh, and if you're new to all this, as Anonymous mentioned in the comments yesterday, the original Monster Girl Quest has been updated with an official English version from the English side of  I don't know if this is RogueTranslator's version or a brand new translation.

If you've already bought the original this counts as an update, so you should be able to download it for free.  (unless, like me, you were too impatient to wait and bought it off the Japanese side and don't have that account info any more)


  1. What machine translator do you use? I have been enjoying your playthrough, and I want to play myself, but I am not patient enough for dargoth. Any help?

    1. I'm (...not Manyeyed Hydra, but also using a machine translator and such think I might be able to answer that. I am) using Chiitrans Lite. You'd have to change its settings to use something else but Google Translate, though, since that's only giving Error Messages right now - I set it to use Honyaku (and SDL, for a "second opinion")

  2. How cold hearted of Tamamo to abandon Alice #16. I imagine that she will join the party in a part 2 or 3, but still.

  3. Actually, that "Tamamo abandoned Alice" is probably a misunderstanding due to machine translation.
    You see, Tamamo walks in, and speaks as if Luka defeated Nanabi in his sleep. Alice the 17th goes "Nope, he didn't. I did, but how comes you knew how he defeated her in the original timeline?"...
    And then Tamamo turns into the White Rabbit. As in, the White Rabbit was disguised as Tamamo.

    Also, as I understood it, the White Rabit was targeting Luka, but that would probably be a misunderstanding on my part. Having played through the game, it makes more sense if she was targeting Alice the 17th...

    Anyway, Nanabi even comments on the fake Tamamo if you talk to her again - she's embarrased that someone fooled her, and that she didn't recognise the fake Tamamo as an imposter.
    If you then challenge and defeat Nanabi (good luck, she's level 30), she'll join you, hoping that she'll grow stronger and not fall to such tricks again.

    1. Ah. That makes more sense.

      I got the impression she was after Alice 17th. White Rabbit seems to be trying to make reality replay the events of MGQ - might be wrong there though.

      I didn't try fighting Nanabi afterwards. From the threads I've seen that's something to do once everything else in the chapter is done.

    2. As I understand it, pretty much everyone is doing the "Original Timeline" juggeling. They just vary on what bits they deem important and what bits they think can be changed.

      The reason for that is explained the third time you enter Tartarus. In that alternat world, [censored for spoiler] makes a reapearence, and she's awesome. In a very, very creepy way.

    3. Actually that Tamamo you encounter in the cave is just an illusion. I think Alice 17th or the white rabbit herself said the reason she did this is to "fix the timeline back to the right one."
      Also Alice 17th really give me the feeling she is some sort of player playing a game like how Welch is in the star ocean series.

  4. Oh, by the way, the Spider Girl in that cave?
    She's a Time Mage. Which means, she can learn "Warp" and "Teleport" - Warp is essentially a Harpy Wing for 2MP, Teleport is an Escape Rope (TPs you out of a dungeon) for 4 MP.

    (Nero also happens to be a time mage, but at least parts of his skills, including the "Za Warudo"/acting while time is stopped, come from his race. Which I'm not going to explain since his race explains exactly who he is and where he comes from.)

    1. And while I'm mentioning monsters with unique jobs:
      The Kitsune (both the two random encounter ones, and Nanabi) are the only ones who can become Taoists and Ninjas (right now, at least). Also, of the random encounter ones, one can always use Taoism skills, the other one always Ninja skills.

  5. Incubusknight16/04/2015, 18:21

    Those mimic fights -.-.
    Having not been 100% sure if I could recruit her later (since in the original MGQ you only met her here in this cave) I stuck around until I finally managed to beat her and then recruit her. (a lot of save reloads) Luckily that doesn't seem to be the case since she becomes a recurring surprise death sentence after this cave. How I beat her through is through Rami and Alice nuking her with flare (At the time I think she died with about 5-6 flares with Barnny using fire arrow and Luka doing "Flaming Decapitation" whenever they where free and didn't need to revive the others). Luka had the traits "Appeal", resist digestion and Goddess protection. I had Barnny be my phoenix Tail monkey's and didn't worry about healing damage since it was pointless with her instant death moves. In the back row I had Sonya, Promestein and Remi ready to jump in and revive if needed and Pochi was my replacement phoenix tail monkey if Barnny was swallowed. It looks like her swallow whole ability has a low chance of working unless someone's covered in digestive juices or is paralyzed from her scream. When that happened I just switch folks to the back and remove those nasty effects before switching them back in.

    As far as Meda goes...yeah it took forever for me to recruit her. It just happened randomly while I was farming Job exp in the cave with the candle monster girls.
    Slime killer + Burn! Spinning Decapitation + 4 candle girls weak to fire = fast job exp :)

    1. I beat her twice and she joined after the second loss. Suspect that part might have been lucky. First fight Lime's digestion slime was doing a lot of damage. Second time it was mainly Gob's Goblin May Cry. I've been doing a fair bit of grinding as I go to try and recruit everyone. That combined with always using bondage rope on the back line means most of my characters are probably a little too overlevelled.

    2. Wait til you get to the honey pots......>.>

    3. CivilDeviation17/04/2015, 07:03

      Still, I think I'd rather run into the pots than Nurse Honey. Then again, given her H-scene I almost think Nyte would be better than meeting Morganna... almost.

      Lets hope Hydra doesn't take notes...not sure Phil's school could last the two of them.

  6. Heh. I just noticed something...

    You're right. If a post contains a skimpy succubus and Mimic rape, you obviously forget to mention your books...

    1. On another note, I'm really liking the additional info you're adding in the comments. Its making the playthrough feel more complete as MEH obviously can't be expected to get everything with the machine translations).

  7. The translation of MGQ Origin appears to be a new one. At least it looks nowhere like Rogue's.
    (Granbellia sounds so strange)

  8. Desert Eagle29/04/2015, 00:31

    Some monsters girls are harder to recruit than others. You just have to live with it and keep trying.

  9. I know at this point it likely means nothing to you. But what you said about Alice 17 being luka's daughter clicked a tone of things in my head. What you said I think is right on the dot, remember that Alice 16 had the power to change from a lamba to human even change her skin. She could look like that and the power she holds could easily be luka and Alices. She knows about the other world and everything which means she traveled from one to another. Which luka could have also given her letting her truly show just how strong their child would be. The incest part is really nothing new if I remeber right there were a lot of things that were given birth on bad ends and the wanted to also fuck their dad [harpies come to mind a lot].
    But you can take it a step farther and remember that Alice and luka had twins at the end a boy and a girl. Enter in Nero someone with supreme power and a VERY strong moral compass. Stepping in to help only when needed who also has the power to step between worlds and could go time locking with the white rabbit. My thought goes to the 17th and Nero are the brother and sister and they are watching this time lines dad. Nero giving things that are needed and the 17th stepping in when he was in trouble. [I'm not that far in the game so all of this could be revealed]