Sunday, April 19, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 26

South Sea Temple (Meia is a very naughty mermaid)

Okay, that's enough frolicking on the beach with crabs and shellfish (it makes sense in context).  It's time to descend into the South Sea Temple, get our hero on and rescue some hot, sexy mermaids.  Oh, and some fishermen as well.  (Maybe.  If we're lucky the sea anemone girls and jellyfish girls will have already eaten them.)

Oh, this is the epic and stupidly long playthrough of Monmusu Quest: Paradox which is now up to part 26.  Part 1 can be found all the way back here.

As with the original Monster Girl Quest: Chapter 1 (now with an official English translation), we're heading down into South Sea Temple.

In the original series it was to ask the Queen of the South Seas to bless a marriage.  This time it's to investigate some mysterious disappearances.  As before the way is blocked by a variety of marine-organism-themed monster girls.

So we have sea anemone girl:

And jellyfish girl and anglerfish girl:

These gals really like their man meat, and I mean that in the hyper-literal sense.  Luka will not have a good fate if he succumbs to any of these.  You've been warned.

Hmm, can I get away with a sneaky aside to plug my writing here?  Fuck it.  I've written a couple of times previously about where I get my inspiration from and this is where the original MGQ series was a direct inspiration for two of my stories.  The sea anemone girl inspired the story "Snared, Sucked and Slurped" (which can be read here).  And the jellyfish girl inspired "Riding the Medusa" (this one's not online, but present in my collection A Succubus for Freedom and other tales).

I haven't yet done anything with an anglerfish girl, but the operative word there is yet.  (C'mon, there's no way I can pass up playing around with that particular biological quirk.  Expect ick.  Lots of ick ;) ).

Anyway, that's the mandatory book plug (the only reason I can justify doing this crazy endeavour) out of the way, so we can now resume our regular programming of smutty videogame pixels.

The fourth monster girl is a new one – seaweed girl.

I mentioned her yesterday as she also crops up in the beach section.  Her Bad End is to wrap her nuru nuru fronds around our cock and absorb all our 'moisture' until we've dried up like a piece of jerky.  In this part of the world that qualifies as one of the nicer fates.

Somehow I manage to defeat and recruit a mimic at only the second attempt.  She wants to see the outside world, but is a little frightened it might be dangerous.  Could she please tag along with a brave party to protect her?

Um mimic, you're a nigh unstoppable death machine capable of eating just about everything you might encounter out there in the big wide world.

Also yes, as you're a nigh unstoppable death machine I'd love to add your talents to our merry band of adventurers.

(just don't step in her chest unless you've fed her plenty of meat beforehand, Luka)

There are two cells full of mermaids that are currently locked.  No sign of the fishermen.  I guess they were eaten after all.  The lower cell reveals Meia is behind all this nefarious activity.

Meia?  What, sweet innocent (okay, that's stretching things a little) Meia from the first series?

Sure enough, there she is with her harem of… um, don’t they look a little young to be fishermen?

Hmm.  Meia is claiming to be the Queen of the South Seas.  In the first series that was Kraken.  And it should be here too, according to Alice.  Something screwy is up.

Meia has a lot of HP and can heal herself for a lot at each spell.  Fortunately we land a poison spell on her early and that eats big chunks out of her HP and we take the fight.

Oh that.  That's just alt!Luka.  He succumbed to temptation and was rewarded with a delightful blowjob.  This didn't happen to our Luka at all, no sir.

After the fight Meia comes to her senses and recounts how all this came about.  She came down here to seek Kraken's blessing for a marriage and instead found the mysterious succubus in red – Astaroth.

It sounds like she came in right after Astaroth and Kraken fought, with Astaroth emerging the victor.  Kraken is now dried squid (Astaroth probably did the succubus-y thing and slurped all her juices out during sexy-sexy fun times).  Astaroth hypnotizes Meia into thinking she is the queen and should do all those naughty little things she wants to do.  Which apparently is stealing all the local fishermen and de-aging them into her own personal boy harem.

That's just the hypnotism bringing out her bad side, she's really a lovely mermaid when you get to know—

Meia, why does your twenty-five-year-old husband look like a… yeah, probably best not to go there.  Mermaids!  Dating them makes you feel… um… young.

Anyway, we now have possession of the sealed form of Kraken.  We can't unseal her just yet, so Luka stores her somewhere safe for now (where hopefully Alice won't eat her by mistake).  The mermaids give us a reward for rescuing everyone and Meia agrees to join the party to make amends for her brainwashed behaviour (talk to her in her house when you get back to Natalia Port).

Her request moves in the pocket castle are the blowjob at low affection and full sex at 100 affection.

Yes, she is married.  Yes, this is adultery.  Yes, she takes great pleasure in pointing that out while she's fucking Luka's brains out.  Naughty boy, Luka.  Think of her poor husband waiting back at port.

That's the main quest for Natalia Port done.  Tomorrow we'll head off to the next city, San Ilias (and hopefully it will be posted a little earlier in the day).


  1. "Yes, she is married. Yes, this is adultery. Yes, she takes great pleasure in pointing that out while she's fucking Luka's brains out. Naughty boy, Luka. Think of her poor husband waiting back at port."
    You know, I thought she did the same "I only love my husband, so since I don't love you, this isn't cheating"-justification as she did in the original MGQ, but... She only does that in the blowjob scene. In the sex scene, she just keeps pointing out "Oh, my husband loves it when I do this" and stuff...

  2. Incubusknight20/04/2015, 04:24

    First arriving at the port I wondered around looking for Meia since she was in the first MGQ game and was surprised to see she wasn't there. (Playing with no translation so didn't understand the message on the door that was her home)
    Wandering into the undersea temple I only needed one glimpse of the mermaid sprite surrounded by shota's to recognize her as Meia before even talking to her and my first thoughts where "dear god!" I laughed and then went into battle with her. Right after she used her first heal spell I countered her with silence which made her a cake walk since she'll often try to cast and end up wasting her turn.

    Still I enjoyed this dungeon since finding Meia as the boss was a funny surprise.

  3. Desert Eagle29/04/2015, 00:48

    You know, if you want to raise her affinity rating to 100 just for the heck of it, she has some very funny dialog options. In one of her talks, she asks you what her favourite food is. There are three options for that, and the 3rd one is "little boys". I can't help but giggle at that. xD

  4. Meia has high health? Not high enough to save her from my trio of Imps.