Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 28

St. Mount Amos (and SPOILERS!!!)

The crazy Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough project is now up to part 28.  If you've just arrived, the first part can be found here.

Last up we rescued a book to Luka from his Dad from the demon-haunted depths of the library in San Ilia.  The next step is to take the book up to the pope.  He wants us to take on a guard duty task for him in the ancient shrine in the Luddite village.  I think I must have missed how this was relevant to our current mission to save the world, but never mind.

The captain of the guard interjects saying it's too dangerous.  They mention going up St. Mount Amos to fetch some mithril ore first.  I'm not sure whether this is supposed to be a proof of competence, required equipment upgrade, or both.  You can of course ignore their suggestions and sign up for the guard duty right away, but who wouldn't take the opportunity to pimp out their current gear with some shiny mithril.  Off to the mountain we go.

On the way I might as well throw in another of the wandering monsters you can encounter in this region.  It's a returning monster girl – Slime Beth – but earlier than she appeared in the previous series.

In the original series she showed up midway through chapter three and was pumped up with Promestein's elemental spirit clones.  This showing is presumably closer to where her normal power level would be.

She's another one of those predatory monster girls.  In the castle you can choose to be engulfed and squidged to multiple-orgasm ecstasy, or engulfed and digested alive.  One of these is not like the other.  She likes sausages.  I suggest giving her plenty before embarking on any sexy-sexy fun times together.

St. Mount Amos (I think that's the correct name) can be found on the map here.

At the base Alice is excited about getting her hands on some shiny mithril ore.  Then she pauses and says she senses a great power on the top of the mountain.  An angel?

St. Mount Amos is a new location and that means mostly new monster girls.  There is a repeat in Sister Lamia showing up.  Like Slime Beth she is appearing out of sequence.  She still has her counter attack, so be wary when she opens her arms for a hug.

The new monster girls include a pair of beasts – grizzly bear girl and anteater girl.  There's also a succubus nun/priest.  A succubus priest?  Since when are succubi interested in religion?

Back in the castle, requesting sex from the succubus sister should be okay, right?  She's religious, sweet and totally not like the other crazy monster girl designs.  And during her low-affection scene she does tries to keep her succubus nature under control...

...only for the demon side to bust out during the naughty and her pussy to energy drain us to blissful oblivion.  Her liking sausages should have tipped me off.

The high-affection scene is roughly the same, except she stops just as Luka is passing out.

"Doesn't it feel so nice to be drained right to the point of death by a succubus."

I'll let you know once I get my heart going again.

It's a nice scene, but let down a little by the artist taking a few too many liberties with scale.  I know Luka is a shortass, but really.  They've either drawn Luka as an eight-year-old boy, or the succubus is eight feet tall.

The mithril can be found on the third level (I think), to the right.  It's a big crystal.

On the other side of the ledge we bump into Ilias and friends.  She also senses power at the summit.

At the top of the ladder everything goes dark, as if night has arrived early.  That's not ominous in the slightest, oh no.

Okay at this point I have to drop a massive spoiler alert before continuing.  If you don't want the spoilered version, the brief summary is this:

At the top Luka is given something that unlocks the Hero job.  If, like me, you were greedy and levelled up greedy jobs for Luka like Merchant, Hunter and/or Flirt this is extra ace as it also automatically gives Luka the prerequisites needed for Hero – level 10 Warrior and level 10 Apprentice Hero.

Afterwards we go back to San Ilia, upgrade our equipment with shiny new mithril gear and the adventure continues tomorrow.

And now the spoilered bits.  If you'd rather not know, stop reading now.




There's an angel at the summit.  A boss fight?  No, it's Micaela, Luka's angelic aunt.  Luka recognises her from his parallel-self flashbacks.  She's been worked over pretty badly and is dying.

The thing that worked her over, it's still here.

She's one of the new angels and calls herself Gnosis.  She's carrying out judgment, I think, but I'm not convinced it has anything to do with Ilias (she confirms this when you speak to her later).  There's something else about chaos and eating worlds, although I'm not sure who's supposed to be doing the eating.  Luka's bloodline comes up again.  The only reason Gnosis doesn't squash us like a gnat right now is because it wouldn't be safe.  Something about buggering up the timelines, I think.

Sonya tries to use her healing skills, but Micaela is too far gone.  She pops into little bursts of light after gifting Luka something that unlocks the Hero job.

Cue sad moment.

Despite the eat-or-be-eaten nature of the MGQ-verse, main character deaths were rare in the original series.  Taking Micaela out this early is a massive divergence between the two stories and a clear statement of intent from MQ:Paradox.  It's going to be interesting to see how the repercussions of this play out.

And after a sad moment, a moment of levity.  Returning here with Rami, the big-boobed imp, after carrying out her sub-quest on the slime mountain will give her another opportunity to fling herself off a very high place in an effort to fly.  Again it won't work and again her boobs will give her a soft landing.  The reward from this is a +20% Def boost ability.  She's also even more determined to find some place even higher.

And that's that for today.  Tomorrow we get blinged up and help the pope out with a bit of guard duty.


  1. Didn't know about Succubus priests? Don't you know Fall-From-Grace the celibate succubus priest from Planescape Torment who runs a brothel that does not offer sex?

    1. Never played the game (heard it's a classic). Know of the character though. I looked her up when researching material to use for the HRPG series. That game had some interesting characters.

  2. The Hero permit is literally called "Stamp of Baptism".

  3. "I think I must have missed how this was relevant to our current mission to save the world, but never mind."
    "Tomorrow we get blinged up and help the pope out with a bit of guard duty."

    "St. Mount Amos" Really? I think it's just "Mount Amos", with the "St." in front of it because they refer to it as a holy mountain (and "Holy" and "Saint" seem to use the same kanji in japanese - weapons and spells are marked as "Saint Element" when they're holy).

    "There's also a succubus nun/priest. A succubus priest?" Non-MGQ: The color says Cerulean, but Nyte just screams "Bondage Nun".

    "There's an angel at the summit. [...]"
    If you have Alice with you, Gnosis talks about the "current Luka and Demon King" having reached 26% of some judgement stage, which is apparently above average, but not enough to render dececive judgement.
    If she killed them now, they'd reach 125% jurdement rate, and Chaos Erosion would increase by 67% (...or something like that. These numbers get a lot scarier once you've seen the thirs Tartarus...)
    That's why she can't kill Luka - he's still to close to (original?) history. If he derivates from history, they will "render judgement".

    She comments how even a weakened Michaela should be scary strong, and defeating her should be very hard. And she doesn't know Gnosis. She asks Gnosis whether she came from a paralel world.
    Answer from Gnosis?
    "Lord Ilias, please forgive me for not being able to help you right now. When your strength returns to your immortal body, we will return to you without fail."
    With every respect-dial in japanese grammar dialed up to the maximum.
    She does recognise her, but right now, Ilias isn't the boss of them.
    You get none of that "We will return to pass judgement"-stuff, only a "please call us later"-apology.

    1. Ah, yes. Holy Mountain Amos makes much more sense.

      Interesting on Gnosis's dialogue. I thought she was an external agent. It sounds like everyone's trying to push Luka down the same path as MGQ at the moment. I'm curious to see how this one develops

    2. "I thought she was an external agent."
      She doesn't directly answer that, but she seems to be that, too. At least, Ilias still assumes so.
      Given that some of Ilias' memory doesn't match up with this world (she assumed Luka would think his father was dead, like in the original MGQ) and such, she and Gnosis might come from the same world - but then, why does Ilias not recognise her? Or at least some angels who are aware of Tartarus see all Ilias'es as their masters. Or something entirely different.

  4. When will we see any new info on your next Sandwiched story? I'm enjoying the play though so i don't mind waiting but was wondering which pair you decided on next.