Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 29

Luddite Village and Ancient Shrine (I like the pope, the pope kicks ass)

We're deep in the Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough.  This is part 29 (of likely many).  The first part was last month sometime.

Last up we found the mithril ore needed by both the San Ilia blacksmith and the Captain of the Guard as proof of our ability.  First up its shopping time as the mithril items are better than everything I've currently got aside from a few items plucked from blue and green chests.  It's still a pain to compare all the gear.  I hate this part of RPGs and the RPGmaker games don't have a particularly good interface for sorting all the gear out.  (Yes, I can just hit the Equip Best button, but that doesn't always equip the right weapon or prioritise the right stats).

Now that we're all blinged up we can go on this top secret mission for the pope.  It's some kind of guard duty.  He needs to perform a ceremony at the ancient shrine near the Luddite village and needs us around to keep any wandering demons from interfering.

Sounds straightforward enough.  Not sure what it has to do with the overall quest of saving the world, but we might as well go along with it for now.

Ooh, time for another mention of the random encounters.  Alongside the Pac-man watermelon girls there's another new plant-type monster girl in this section – pitcher plant girls.

Now these will definitely eat you if they get a chance.  And also spray digesting juices from their nipples, apparently.  I feel like I've wandered into a Yoshihiro Nishimura movie.

If you like them, I wrote about pitcher plant girls in a story once.  People got laid.  Then eaten.  I didn't have them spray acid from their titties.  I feel MQ:Paradox has one-upped me there.

Luddite Village is a dump.  Even Hips the orc is creeped out by it.  She's hiding in the trees to the north.  I'm guessing TTR is having a swipe at those that trust religion over progress.  All the women are terrified and either won't speak or make it very clear they're desperate to escape.  There's also mention of the war that closed off the tunnel to the north and affected the village's prosperity.

The way to the ancient shrine is through the woods to the west.  I think you have to talk to one of the clerics first (there are two of them in the village) and then one of them meets us on the path to the shrine.  The path snakes west, then north, and finally ends in a cave with a guard standing outside.

The first part of the cave is needlessly large and absent of just about anything.  We head west and eventually meet up with the pope outside another cave.  He joins the party as a non-combatant and teases Sonia about her relationship with Lazarus.  Someone tried to blow the pope up a while back and the rumours are that Lazarus was involved.

We walk into…

…Whoa.  This is not a cave.  Or an ancient shrine.  What the f is a high-tech lab doing here?  Is this more Tartarus?

New location means new monster girls.  First up we get one of Xelvy's bugs.  Which means I'm a little scared to lose to her.

Little bug is actually quite lickle.  She also has good piston action apparently.  Yeah, I was probably right to be scared.

The second monster girl is a repeat, of sorts.

Chapter three of MGQ had a bunch of chimera monster girls that couldn't be fought and seemed to exist purely to jam a few extra sex scenes into the game.  I was critical of it at the time.  Now we finally get to fight them, although the party fights aren't really as sexy as the one-on-one puzzle battles of MGQ.

XX-7's Bad End is very odd.  Three knights appear seemingly from nowhere just so she can suck them up into withered husks.  It seems an awfully contrived way to reuse the art from MGQ.  Then her attentions turn back to Luka and we do get new artwork.

The game spares us the spectacle of Luka withering up into a dried up husk as little miss power-vac sucks out all his juices.

I thought these were the only two monster girls for this area, then I bumped into another one on one of the higher levels – Cancer Roid.  She's some kind of crab chimera-robot.  And very vore-y.

Probably shouldn't have let her get you in that digestion sac, Luka.

I'm not sure I trust this pope.  He seems completely unfazed by what is clearly not an ancient shrine.  Halfway through explorations he talks about the bomb attempt on his life.  It should have killed him, but the technology here kept him alive.  The only drawback is he has to return here every year for maintenance.

At the top we find a capsule with a girl inside.  I remember her from the front cover of the game.  She's a new character like Nuruko and Sonia.

The pope goes to heal himself and Luka balls things up by waking up the sleeping princess.  Whoops.  She goes hostile and as she does Alice is freaked out when she notices both light and dark energy.

Woah.  This world's pope is a little more badass than the one I remembered from MGQ.  Enter Robo-Pope!

Never change, Japan.

Sadly, he's not badass enough as machine girl kicks our asses and then goes succubus machine on Luka.  She even manages the impossible and empties the bottomless testicles of the ambulatory bag of concentrated semen.  There's even X-ray art showing it happen.  Thanks for that, Xelvy.

Note to self.  Make sure you remove Playfulness and all the other nega-abilities/equipment before entering a tough boss fight.

So obviously I don't.  I forget there's pretty much no opportunity to get control of the party between entering the room and the start of the battle.  Worse, if Robo-Pope died in the previous attempt, he starts off incapacitated for subsequent attempts.

On the 3rd attempt I remember to save outside.  It's a blood long walk to get here!  Hild, the machine girl, is bloody tough and hits hard.  On the third attempt I get lucky and Barnny blinds her with one of her arrows.  Her reduced accuracy gives me enough of a breather to whale on her with various lightning attacks until she falls over.

Afterwards Hild reveals she was created – although she doesn't know by who – to save the world in exactly this type of scenario.  Alice points out that we're trying to do the same thing.  And with that little misunderstanding out of the way, she decides to join the party.

She's not the only new recruit.  Back in San Ilia, Robo-Pope decides to join as well.  When Luka and the others point out he'll be missed he shows them a mechanical facsimile created for just this purpose (I suspect Luka just wanted his harem to himself).

That's another quest out of the way.  Tomorrow it's time to pay a visit to Chrome's spooky mansion.


  1. Another male party member? Heresy! Nah, robo Pope is cool. It may be good for Luka to have somebody around who doesn't want in his pants.

    I wonder if recruited fairies will take a liking to him like in the first game?

    On another note, its nice that it seems most sex scenes are optional. It allows one to recruit Meia and not be forced to facilitate her cheating ways (she's a cool character other than that quirk). Same for some Xelvy monsters that might be useful party members but not things I want touching Luka.

  2. Incubusknight22/04/2015, 14:57

    I laughed at robo pope. It's this crazy humor within the series that made me really enjoy the MGQ game. I hope TTR keeps it up!

    Speaking of TTR if you haven't seen yet TTR has released an update on what's going to be in the next patch. From what I've gathered from translators it looks like all the BFs are getting added art (the ones without really a sex scene) and will be recruitable. There's quite a bit being added actually looking forward to it.
    Sources being TTR's blog and Dargothstranslation site.

    1. Also, I've heard of five new *male* party members.
      Which only made me wonder: What for? Why would they do that?

  3. "(I like the pope, the pope kicks ass)" His unique trait is "Mecha Pope". But yah, I prefer Robo-Pope, or possibly Pope Dredd.

    "Alongside the Pac-man watermelon girls there's another new plant-type monster girl in this section – pitcher plant girls."
    Those are the ones that say "Nice, that sounds tasty" when they hear how people train to get stronger.

    "Halfway through explorations he talks about the bomb attempt on his life."
    You don't have Sonya with you, do you?
    Because this is a tiny bit of weird continuity from MGQ.
    If you have Sonya with you, the dialogue between her and the Pope tells you a bit more about it.
    Because the main suspect?

    Yes, the guy who, in MGQ, was the leader of Ilias Kreuz and tried to spark an all-out war against monster girls using bomb terror tactics... now possibly tried to kill the *pope* with a bomb. (Sonya insists he'd never do that, but she's his adopted daughter, so yah. Also, some weird stuff happens later that's optional, but I'll only mention it when you're in the right town for it.)

    The pope seems less annoyed by the fact that someone tried to kill him (that's just politics, nothing personal), but that a bomb was used, thus threatening those around him at the time as well.

    Also, if you bring Promestein to the lab, you get some additional background information - the lab was run by someone using methods similar to Promestein, and with intimate knowledge of Promestein's past experiments. But, most likely, not Promestein herself, since (Brun)Hild does not recognise Promestein as her master.
    Given the high-tech state of the labratory, the fact that two of the "Four Seekers of Truth" are recruitable (You already have Promestein, you later have the choice between Lily and Lucia, the later was a partner of Promestein) and a third is [Censored for spoiler reason], I'm guessing the lab was run by Laplace, the robot build by Promestein, and the fourth member of the Four Seekers of Truth.

    1. Sonya and Alice are always assumed to be in the party for their dialogue. I use Remi as my main priest as when she levels up to Succubus Witch she gets the Mega Fire/Ice/Lightning spells as well as all the healing spells. With the Sexcraft skills on top she's very versatile (and it's funny to see her timid apologies before she jumps on top and fucks a monster girl's brains out :) ). Seems like all of the characters can be levelled up in a way that makes them useful. Which I guess is probably the intention - let everyone customize their main party from their favs.

      Just gone back with Promestein and Hild. I'll include that in a roundup post with the various side missions.

  4. Monster-Girl Lover22/04/2015, 19:41

    FYI, if you're playing version 1.03 of Paradox, you can hit A on the keyboard while in the equip screen to bring up an item's stats, and then hit A again to toggle through the special abilities and such, like if an item deals Fire damage or the like. Just make sure NOT to do it on an empty slot or the empty space at the end of your gear list, game will crash, and TTR hasn't fixed that yet. We've got that part of the interface translated, but patch isn't being pushed until after 1.1 comes out. Cheers!

    1. I've got the version that's last compatible with Dargoth's translated files. I heard the English patch wouldn't work with the later MQ:P patches and didn't upgrade mine for the time being.

  5. Desert Eagle29/04/2015, 01:11

    Mecha-Pope. At that part of the game, I just started laughing. xD

  6. I can't get in the temple for some reason, i must have missed something somewhere (i brought the mithril, but still can't go , the guard blocks me)
    any idea?

    1. ok, i found i didn't speak to the priest in the "church" in the town -_-

  7. I seem to not be able to access this Pope quest..

    I messed up a bit and my chronological way of things were :
    -> San Illia ( didn't talk to Pope )
    -> Luditte ( buy weapons, talk to everyone )
    -> Mount St. Amos ( went all the way to the top without anything happening )
    -> back to San Illias, this time progressing to Pope, beating the pages, and reporting to Pope, then straight back to the top of Amos, picking up mithril ore along the way.
    After the cutscene with the angel is done,
    I went back to San Illias blacksmith and handed over the ore just fine.
    But I can't access any significant dialogue with the Pope, guard captain, or anyone in the castle.
    Tried talking to everyone in San Illias and Luditte, but the path inside the "Ancient Ruins" is still blocked by a guard.
    I fear there may have been a choice to reject the Pope's request to accompany him permanently ? Am I locked out of getting Brynhildr..
    Oh please no..

    1. You know what, I posted without seeing the guy above me, so I've managed to make myself look even stupider than anyone else, ever.

      If you see this, thanks, Pejman :)

      And thank you ME Hydra for making me remember this great monmusu eroge series

      I thought after MGQ3 there wouldn't be anymore MGQ, but THANK GODDESS ILLIAS, the pleasure road still continues ;)