Friday, April 24, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 31

Monte Carlo

Right, we're up to part 31 of the Monmusu Quest: Paradox.  If you're new to all this madness, part 1 can be found back here.

It's time for parts anew as we cross the bridge west from San Ilia.  Following the road west takes us to Monte Carlo.  It's another dump.  Perentie asked a while back how relationships between monster girls and humans were different in the Paradox universe, and why the humans hadn't declared war on the more hostile monster girls.  It's odd, as in this world there's far more co-operation between humanity and some monster girl races with xenophobic Ilias absent, but the world seems much more dystopian in appearance.  It's almost a Dark Ages setting – wars going on, people huddled together behind town walls while terrible bandits roam the countryside outside.  This is reflected in the game play where we can’t walk more than a few yards without some terrifying monster girl jumping out and trying to shove us in her hungry mouth/pussy.  Definite mixed messages here.  I wonder if it's intentional.

As with all RPGs, the NPCs of Monte Carlo are on hand to impart rumours about the surrounding area.  Sabasa, our next big destination, is some way to the west, and getting there requires traversing some fairly hostile desert.  On the way is a small fishing village.  Bad things are happening there as well as the entire populace vanished overnight.  Monte Carlo also has its problems – a succubus is on the prowl in the back alleys.

As with the other slum village, Monte Carlo is run by some gangster types.  Or freedom fighter types.  Can't tell for sure to be honest.  There's mention of Erika.  I'm not sure if that’s the name of the organisation or the person running it.

Their headquarters is to the north-east, across a bridge.  Currently it's blocked by a guard.  To get him to shift his ass you need to follow these steps.

First buy information from the information dealer in the second tent.  He lets us know that Lazarus has connections to Erika.

Next step is to fly all the way back to Iliasville (You do know how to use Harpy Wings by now, right) and get Lazarus – who is involved, the dirty drunk – to write a letter of introduction.

The guard then lets us in.

He takes us directly to Erika.  I'm not sure what use this is as the useless bastard doesn't seem to have any information at all on either Marcellus or the White Rabbit.  However, he is the person Vanilla needs…

Ah, this is awkward.  My notes are a little out of order here.  I was planning to hold the various side quests back and put them in a single update post.  Which means this bit won't make a lick of sense on account of forgetting to post the previous segments of Vanilla's side quest.

Many-Eyed Hydra, so useless he can't even get a non-live Let's Play correct.

Oh well, keep the gang leader in mind when you're wandering around with Vanilla.

In the HQ there's also a big clue about how to recruit Chrome.  The doll mechanism she's after can be found in a cave in the mountain range to the west.

The HQ bit might also be the trigger for the next section.  Walking back past the inn there's a commotion in the back alley.

A succubus is on the prowl.  She should also be familiar to players of MGQ: chapter 3.

It's Eva, the succubus that tried to take over the succubus village.  This is another little sub theme of the Sentora region.  While most of the monster girl repeats are from the first chapter, there have been a few thrown in from chapter three as well.  The repeats from chapter three have all been monster girls that were recruited by Black Alice and jazzed up with Promestein's artificial spirits.  This also makes for an interesting continuity snarl up.  This reality's Luka won't be able to have those fights as the girls are all already on his side.  I wonder if this is a deliberate plot point.

Anyway time to 'recruit' Eva before she slurps up that (un)lucky lad.

(And I'm not licking my lips at the thought of having her in the castle and available to do her many sexy succubus moves to us.  No, not at all.)

Or maybe not.

Who is that mysterious heroic figure in red?

She's Kaiser and seems to be some kind of wannabe super-hero.  It's enough to persuade Eva to teleport out of there anyway.

Kaiser can then be found in the house next to the inn.  She has a mission for us.  Do we want to be heroes?  (Alice's reaction to this is priceless).

Kaiser wants us to track down Eva and bring her to justice.  She's hiding out in the hills to the south-east of Monte Carlo.  Kaiser would deal with Eva herself, but it gets too hot in her costume.  (Sonya repeatedly asks her why doesn't she just take the stupid costume off to no great effect).

Okay, that's the story part out of the way.  Tomorrow we'll get to the juicy sex parts as we hunt down the rogue succubus.

On an unrelated note, D-Gate(Camel)'s new game Card Quest 2 came out on today.

As with the original Card Quest, the game will likely focus more on vore than sex, but Camel does have a knack for drawing some hawt monster girls.  I'll give it a look once I'm finished with Monmusu Quest: Paradox.


  1. "(You do know how to use Harpy Wings by now, right)"
    Actually, Or get the Time Mage spider girl and just use "Warp". Much cheaper =P

    1. ...That "Actually" was from a vanished sentence that suggested using the "Wagon" ability of level 7 merchants...

  2. Thanks MEH, and double thanks for the Card Quest 2 mention. I actually missed the first Card Quest, but had seen some of the Despair Game series of vore scenes before. And yes, it is pretty hawt.

  3. I only just noticed...
    "It's odd, as in this world there's far more co-operation between humanity and some monster girl races with xenophobic Ilias absent, but the world seems much more dystopian in appearance. It's almost a Dark Ages setting – wars going on, people huddled together behind town walls while terrible bandits roam the countryside outside"
    I think MGQ-world was always intended to look like this. How often did Luka get attacked on the road in the original MGQ? At least a few times. We didn't see that "huddled behind the castle walls" because we couldn't explore the world as freely as we can in Paradox. The only new thing are the wars - but those happen because there are a few to many monster lords running around, as well as some more people who play puppet master.

    1. Except Alice said there were proportionally very few monsters who killed and ate humans, and that bad relations with humans were a major reason for a lot of the predation that did occur. Luka confirmed that it was rare to ever hear of someone being killed by a monster. All of that seems to be contradicted in this game. Admittedly the Tartarus monster girls may contribute to this impression as many of them seem pretty unnatural, deadly, and didn't exist before.

      Additionally, while we couldn't explore much in the previous game, we did get a lot of cases of Luka travelling great distances (for days and such) without being attacked. His unusual tastiness was sometimes indicates to be why some monster girls would try to kill him as well (though admittedly others seemed to spare him for that same reason).

    2. Still, I think it's just a change in medium (linear story vs. RPG with random encounters).
      Having a linear story with dozens of the same monster attacking, again and again, just gets boring. An RPG with each monster attacking only once? Also boring, they'd never manage to get enough monsters together.

      Luka's special tastiness isn't mentioned here as far as I know, but then, there are also explicitely other people traveling around, without getting eaten, and even Iliasville, where the guards are incapable of escaping a simple swap by themselves, is safe from monster attack.

      Basically, this is what TVTropes calls "Gameplay and story segregation" - Yes, we encounter countless enemies when traveling from X to Y, but then, we also just *happen* to get a camp scene right when we are about to enter specific towns, and NPCs just *happen* to get to these same places without encountering any hardship.
      (Later on, you meet someone who's KO because they fell and hit their head, and who casually uses a Harpy Wing to go home. If "falling and hitting their head" knocks them out, how come they walked around in one of the last areas of the game?)

    3. Oh, to be clear I get that trope, I just can't help being curious if the game ever makes attempts to justify such things the way it did in the first game (which I thought did fairly well explaining how peace with monster girls was worthwhile and possible despite the horrible things a number of them were doing, even those not working for Black Alice).

      Another example of this gameplay and story segregation might be how the recruited monster girls each are a single character even though they are recruited from a race where you can fight multiple ones. That is ones like the orc have a name and appear at various points in the story, despite them also being common encounters. Am I right to assume you only recruit one of each monster girl that can be recruited? i.e. no team of identical orcs?

    4. The monster girl races are all different from what I've seen. Some (Harpies, Mermaids) mingle alongside humans, while others function like bandits and render some areas off-limits or dangerous to travel through (Roper). Within the races there are also different individuals as well - e.g. the friendly mimic in Chrome's mansion that just seems to want some peace and quiet.

      There is a bit of gameplay and story segregation on recruitment. Affection is shared across the whole race and it is a bit silly that you can only recruit one (and one only) of each monster girl type. Sometimes gameplay and story can't always mesh nicely, I guess.

    5. It also gets a bit hilarious since you can, essentially, recruit four harpies.
      It's just that one is a regular harpy, another is a "Sparrow Girl", and the last two are two regular harpies that share one character slot.

      Also, it's explained that traveling with more than eight characters, four in the "front group", four in the back row, would be impractical.
      BUT there are several "group" characters that count as only one character: two harpy sisters, the four lamina sisters, the four zombie girls, various fairies (ok, they're small, so whatever), so you can easily have 11 human-sized characters in your front row alone - but they still only count as four.

      Also, Sylph in tiny fairy form takes the same amount of space as a Sandworm Girl, who is casually crushing a building in her CG. No explanation whatsoever how you manage to bring her into towns.