Saturday, April 25, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 32

The Hunt for Eva (Just how many skills do you have?!)

Hello and welcome to part 32 of the epic Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough (the first part can be read here).  I seem to have slipped to later in the day for the updates.  I'll try and get on top of that.

Last up we visited the slums of Monte Carlo and a wannabe superhero sent us off on a mission to track down the succubus who's been stalking the back alleys.  We agreed for truth and justice and other hero-y things.  And not because our target is a succubus and can screw our brains out in more ways than we can count.  Honest.  Ahem.

Succubus Eva is hiding out in some hills close to the slums.  I guess that's these hills.

New area means new monster girls.  Tarantula girl and Minotauress come back from the previous series.  Minotauress is very eager to tell us how much she likes eating beef even though she knows it's sort of like cannibalism.  I'm not sure of the logic behind this, but she has a ginormous axe so I'm not going to argue.

There are some new monster girls.  Bandersnatch:

And Sabotless:

That's the name spat out by the machine translator.  I don't have the slightest idea what that's supposed to mean or what she is.  She doesn't appear to be any organism cross I can recognise and I don't recognise her from mythology either.  At first I thought she was an Insect, then I recruited one and saw she was a type of Scylla.  Turns out my first instinct was partially correct as a dig into her Jobs & Races reveals she's a dual-race Insect Scylla.

She wants to be pirate, I think.  Her temptation move has its own artwork.

It's a little… toothy for my tastes.

Her Bad End is also a little scary.  She threatens to bite Luka's dick off if he ejaculates prematurely.  I'm not sure that's the problem here, love.  To be honest I think Luka deserves a medal and a long and successful career in the porn industry for managing to stay hard through all this.

It turns out she's only playing (and the Bad End is even more playing).  That's in keeping with the overall style of the MGQ series.  Despite the vore and other squickness, the artwork never depicts Luka being mutilated or actually shrivelling up like a raisin as a monster girl sucks all his fluids out.

(I'd have written a scene with her biting it off.  You know I would.  That's because I have a black cancerous mass of utter sickness squatting in my intelligence.  Make your readers worry the turn of each page might result in a landmine going off in their face.  That's the fun of writing.  Hyuk hyuk.)

Eva is easy to find.  Just go straight north after entering the hill section and you'll come across her tent.

Eva is living on hard times as the party members note.  Then it's a fight.  Eva has a similar temptation attack to the first series where she turns around and reveals her ass.

Resist, Luka, resist.

After winning the fight Luka tries to get Eva to stop molesting the inhabitants of Monte Carlo.  Eva has a huge strop about how things are so hard for her at the moment and forces her way into the party.

Sure Eva, you can come along with us.

Blimy.  Eva has been around.  There's an obvious joke at her circumstances in that she's a maxed-out, level 10 Unemployed when she joins the party.  A check of her Jobs & Races reveals she has tons of job levels all over the place.  Flirt, maxed out.  Fortune Teller, maxed out.  Levels in Cook, Nurse, Prostitute, Thief and Maid.  Eva has clearly been around the block and back again.  As her trait is Dexterous Poor Succubus, she can also use all of these skills regardless of her current job.  This makes her close to the ultimate support character, like all the loli bandits merged into a single character.  Although all this versatility does come with the drawback she might not always follow orders.

Turns out Eva is a very talented woman.  She has many skills.  Like... um... this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And don't forget this:

Or this:

And even this:

*raises eyebrows*  What is it with the armpit sex?

Oh yes, Eva has a bunch of skills that are an… ahem… asset to the party.

(Now if you'll excuse me I need a good lie down and several bottles of zinc pills.)

Back in Monte Carlo, Kaiser rewards us by unlocking the Hero of Justice job.  She also reveals her other role as a battle-fucker.  Examine her costume thoroughly, refrain from soiling it and she'll reward you with the Burning Soul(?) accessory.

I said there'd be more sex this time.

Tomorrow I'll clean up a bunch of side quests before we head off to find our first elemental spirit.

Hmm, given that this post does have a ton of sex, I reckon this might be a good time to sneak in a plug.  Do you like sexy succubi like you've seen so far?  You'll find plenty more hiding within the pages of my books.


  1. "Her Bad End is also a little scary. She threatens to bite Luka's dick off if he ejaculates prematurely. I'm not sure that's the problem here, love."
    I haven't actually seen her bad end, but I *have* seen her request scene. At least there, it's the other way 'round:
    Luka shrivels up (or, well, is about to), so she threatens to bit his dick of if he doesn't ejaculate within x minutes. So he has to beg for stimulation.
    She's still referencing Premature Ejaculation, but in an "See, it can be an advantage!" kind of context. "Look, you came so fast! Now that I have semen, I won't eat your sausage!"

    Also, Eve is hot. She *would* have been my favourite monster in the original MGQ... if it weren't for her "fucking Luka to death"-ending. Sorry, I prefer non-lethal sex scenes.
    Now that her Affection: 100 scene gets rid of that minor complaint, she's awesome, and one of my permanent backrow characters. (I used to use her wagon skill to get around, until I decided to turn Ilias into a time mage)

    1. (Also, the world must be comming to an end yet again. You advertised your books in a sexy playthrough episode)

  2. haven't seen you write any stories where curtain body parts are removed/eaten, seen you shrivel people up.

    1. I remember he wrote one where Nyte ate a dude's eye while she fucked him.

    2. It's hard to do so without destroying the eroticism. I might think about doing it in some stories... just to keep the reader on their toes... ;)

  3. Some more comments by me!

    In case anyone missed it: This is a Jaberwocky reference. The Bandersnatch is one of the monsters the protagonist of the poem is warned about, together with the Jubjub Bird and the Jaberwock.
    Given that the poem is featured in the sequel to Alice in Wonderland (called "Through the Looking-Glass, and What Alice Found There"), and that Alice in Wonderland is already referenced in both the original MGQ and Paradox (for example, the White Rabbit), this is definitely intentional, and I'm expecting the Jubjub Bird and the Jaberwock to make appearances, too.

    That being said, a "Bander" was apparently a term for a group leader, making a "Bandersnatch" someone or something that attacked the leader of a group.

    It's written as サボレス
    Those are Katakana, so it's supposed to be some western term(s). My translator splits it into "Sabo" and "Resu".
    "Sabo" can mean truancy, skipping school or sabotage by idleness. It can also mean "Sabot" as in "Wooden Shoe". That's a dutch term.
    "Resu" can mean "response", "less" or "-less", apparently.

    So, possible interpretations would be, for example, "No Truancy", "Sabotage Response" or "(Wooden) Shoeless".
    I'm going to interpret the name as "No Wooden Shoes". Because this monster is not foot fetish friendly.

    1. Cheers, keep up the observations. I remembered Bandersnatch from Jabberwocky. I forgot the connection to Alice in Wonderland. I wonder if we're going to see Jabberwock Girl and Jubjub Girl at some point :)

    2. Kenku Cross does have a Jaberwocky Girl in his Monster Girl Encyclopedia. It's basically a dragon, from the "Wonderland"-region (together with the Cheshire Cat, which also has an entry).

      A bit bland (it's basically just a more lewd version of the regular dragon), but better than nothing.

  4. Great, just what the MGQ series needed. More vagina dentata.