Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let's Play Monmusu Quest: Paradox! part 35

Abandoned Village (+ that cutscene)

Another day, another post of the seemingly never-ending Monmusu Quest: Paradox playthrough.  This game is certainly value for money.  This is part 35.  Part 1 can be found here.

First up, there's a bit I missed off in San Ilia.  I would have included it in the Side-Quest round-up of a couple of days ago had I spotted it sooner.

The first time visiting San Ilia there is a staircase that's blocked by a guard.  At some point he stands out of the way (I'm not sure when – it might be after doing the guard duty quest for the pope).

Those steps lead down to some kind of secret tech lab.  The scientist dude will give you some more machine type things.  I think they're for the Engineer job, but I don't know for sure as I haven't made much use of that job at all so far.  Talking to one of the dudes will also give you the item required to unlock the Gunner job.

Back to the main storyline and it's time to head west.  We've already done the Monte Carlo stuff, so it's time to continue on along the road.  Further along is the abandoned fishing village.  All the inhabitants have vanished.  There's an investigative team from Sabasa trying to figure out where everyone went.  The only clue is a note saying they've gone to live with God.

Backtracking to the east along the south side of the mountain range reveals the entrance to some tunnels.

Here was where I was a little unsure of the sequencing.  After leaving one of the houses in the abandoned village Alice suggests pushing on towards Sabasa.  The walkthrough I have suggests going back to the cave.  What I did do originally was head out across the desert.  Then I noticed the monsters in the caves appear earlier in the Monster Library (this game's monsterpedia).  As a result I've rejigged the playthrough notes a little and put things back in the sequence I think they're supposed to be done.

Right, so we're looking for some missing villagers.  Also, the item needed to recruit Chrome is supposed to be around here as well.

There's another new encounter in the caves – centipede girl.

She's another returning monster girl appearing out of sequence.  I think she originally appeared in the Forest of Nope (Plansect Village) in the second chapter.  I don't know why she has another three centipede heads sticking out of her ass.  Maybe her inspiration is more from a mythological centipede demon rather than MGQ's usual approach of grafting porn star body onto whatever living organism the encyclopaedia happened to fall open on.

The cave loops around on itself.  Near the end there's a choice to carry on to the Puppet-master's Tower or investigate the lower levels of the caves.

We exit the caves and step out onto a plateau.  To confuse matters, the monsters that appear here are a jump above the monsters in the desert on the way to Sabasa.  It doesn't matter as there's not much to do here, yet.

Entering the Puppet-master's Tower triggers a cutscene.  This caught me by surprise as the guide I'm working from said the tower was locked and doesn't open in this chapter.  I'm not sure if it was because the person writing the original guide wanted to avoid spoilers, or if the cutscene only triggers under certain conditions (Looking for the item Chrome wants.  Currently not having the item Chrome wants).  Luka is met by a mysterious masked figure.  Luka asks if they have the item Chrome wants and is told it can be found at the bottom of the caves before being evicted from the tower by a mysterious magical force.

The masked figure is either a mysterious figure known as Shadow Pongee or a servant of them.  Shadow Pongee is a powerful demon that keeps themself to themself.  Alice imparts what she knows on them, and also mentions that her mother warned her not to mess with Shadow Pongee.

Then there's a cutscene in the tower, but it's a bit spoilery, so I'll shift it to the end of the post.

As for Demon Thread Chrome wants, it's in a chest at the bottom of the caves.

I wasn't able to find the villagers.  I think they might be in the tower (which is now locked).  This is probably not good for them.  Mad scientists need their spare parts…

Now we have the Demon Thread we can recruit Chrome.  Recruiting Chrome also recruits her buddy, Frederikastein.  Chrome is like Eva in that she has a ton of different job levels.  Her stats also reveal what she actually is.  I've been wondering that from the first MGQ series.  Her race is given as Imp, which is a little surprising as sex-obsessed imps develop into the even more sex-obsessed succubi.  This probably explains why Chrome is only a level four imp.  She's too interested in playing around with dead body parts and being little Miss Herbert West.

Next up it's time to head off into the deserts.


And now for that spoilery cutscene.

Back in the Puppet-master's Tower the masked figure is up in the throne room.  Then we get our first sighting of Black Alice in a very literal example of 'power behind the throne'.

Black Alice is still unequivocally evil.  Oh, wait.  Did I catch that right?  This Black Alice sounds like the same Black Alice from the original story.  She mentions how being infused with the 'White Rabbit' (In MGQ this was an experimental mixture of holy and demon elements that turned already monstrous monster girls into Resident Evil-esque abominations) was not enough to defeat the unblessed hero (Luka, in the original series).

Then we get a whole load of brand new boss characters as the game introduces some new sub-bosses for Black Alice.  I don't think TTR has even spoiled any of these on his website or blog.

I was too busy taking screenshots to catch names or details on them.  I also wasn't paying attention enough to spot if these were existing boss monster girls or artificial creatures created by Shadow Pongee to mimic mythological monster girl deities.

And that's not all of it either.  Shadow Pongee has been a very busy mad scientist.  She's been using a fusion of zombie and doll techniques to resurrect previous monster lords.

There's the 9th:

The 10th and 11th (combined into one because much of their bodies was missing):

And even Black Alice's own grandmother, the 6th:

Little Alice, I think you have a lot of unresolved issues.

As for Luka, it looks like a boss rush through the entire Monster Lord lineage is in our future.

I think this is TTR's way of saying, "What, you thought I was running out of ideas.  Look, still got all these."


  1. I Followed the same guide and no matter what i did I coundn't unlock that silly tower urgh

  2. Chrome was revealed to be a succubus in Part 3 of MGQ in her rape scene with the Ghosts.

  3. That is a lot of bosses, there seems to be so many monster lords running about here. Also, Alice the 9th? Alice the 8th own daughter? ouch.

    1. alice the 9th isn't black alice daughter in fact in the game they say that she is black alice litle sister

  4. She was revealed as a Succubus in MGQ1 during her rape scence, any hoo.....Holy shit I was wondering where all those monsters in CH rips came from. So they all are confirmed enemies, I am gonna have to figure out what triggers this cutscenes, but I am wondering if it has anything to do with having Illias with you or not cause she was in my game and I could not enter the tower to save my life.

    1. Nah, Ilias nor not shouldn't make a difference.
      As far as I can tell, you need to:
      1) Have beaten Chrome,
      2) Talked to her again, so she asks for the special Magical Puppeteer String or something so she can start becoming a Puppeteer
      3) Go to the tower *before* you get said Pupeteer String.
      That's probably all, but the Walkthrough gets the order wrong.

  5. Now hydra when you say bosses does this mean we fight ANY of them in this first game?

    1. I don't think so, although I'm still about 5-6 locations away from the end. I'm pretty sure the scene is just foreshadowing for parts 2 or 3.

    2. Just foreshadowing. None of them show up in part 1.

    3. god dammit they look so awesome!

  6. Really enjoying your playthrough, thanks for posting it

    I must admit I'd never really been exposed to this particular niche of games. Do you have any recommendations for an accessible title to try out?

    1. The original Monster Girl Quest (or Monmusu Quest). It's more of visual novel with battles at regular intervals. There's also a full English translation for it.

  7. Soo...
    I don't really have anything to add for this post, for a change.

    Oh, wait, I do!
    "The masked figure is either a mysterious figure known as Shadow Pongee or a servant of them."
    1): "Pongee" is "Soft thin cloth woven from raw silk".
    I don't think this is something that should be translated - their name is Kagetsumugi, not "Shadow Pongee".
    And they're a servant of the Puppet Master.

    Which is weird, because Alice and Ilias point out that
    1) "Kagetsumugi" herself is a puppet master, and
    2) "Kagetsumugi" is an inherited name given to the head of a specific family - a family so powerful Alice's mother told her "Don't mess with them." Whom would such a person serve?
    (Answer: Black Alice, apparently.)

    1. Ohh...
      I just had a closer look at the cut scene, and I can comment some more (and correct myself in the process).
      1) Kagetsumugi is "Kagetsumugi of the Puppet Masters", as in, the "no"-kana here indicated the inherited title, not a servitude relationship... I think.
      2) "Kagetsugumi", as a title, and the Puppet Masters as a school/clan, were founded four (monster) generations ago, apparently to serve Black Alice. Or maybe just the monster lord in general.
      The various monsters seem to be just powerful monsters, no dolls/zombies/whatever - actually independant followers of Alice.
      The various Alices are indeed Doll/Zombie combinations. Also, we get told that Alice the 9th was Alice the 8th/Black Alice's *sister*, not daughter - so, it's possible that Alice the 8th never had children. It also shows (again - see Cassandra) that sometimes, the Monster Lord lineage splits.

  8. Desert Eagle29/04/2015, 01:44

    A lot of people had trouble triggering the puppeteer tower cutscene. From what I've heard, they forgot to talk to Chrome to receive the mini-quest. They also didn't do research in Monte Carlo to learn of the tower's existence. After they already obtained the quest item, the tower cutscene could no longer trigger.

  9. how to open the blue chest, my eva is lvl 10 thief but can't open the chest

  10. The various monsters that are shown prior to the monster lords are:
    Azi Dahaka: aka Zahhak, Bivar Asp, an evil figure in Iranian mythology and Zoroastrianism
    Sun Wukong: aka the Monkey King, who appears in Journey to the West
    Quetzalcoatl: a Mesoamerican deity, represented as a feathered serpent
    Tetzcatlipoca: Aztec deity associated with many concepts, whose sacred animal was the Jaguar
    Izanami: Japanese goddess of creation and death, who died after giving birth to the god of fire and became a rotting corpse covered in maggots
    Himiko?: not sure on this one, but apparently a shaman queen in ancient Japan