Thursday, April 23, 2015

New Story - "Safe Sex"

A quick bonus post.  I realised I'd been neglecting my regular audience at Literotica (woefully so with regards to finishing up Succubus Summoning 201), so I posted one of the short stories I have lying around.

You can read it here:

Some notes on how it came together.  At the time I wrote the story I'd just finished reading one of Thomas Ligotti's collections.  Ligotti has a monstrously powerful prose style.  Sentences and passages tend to loop around and around in a way that reinforces the neuroses and mental flaws of his protagonists.

"Safe Sex" was an attempt by me to play around with that style (and probably fuck up, but it was fun to try).

While the character's name is a play on Ligotti's name as a nod to where the inspiration came from, their actual character, what they believe and how they act, is something else entirely.  I don't do Take That!s (something I might go over in another post sometime).

The character is a non-too-subtle swipe at certain attitudes, though.  Guilty as charged there.  A writer has to have fun sometimes. :)

But what about Succubus Summoning 201?  And that monthly Sandwiched by series?

To be honest the events of last year (losing my job and being forced to move back to the UK) probably knocked me around more than I would have liked to have admit.  On the plus side, I have time and freedom now.  It's a case of getting the writing circuits switched back on and getting back into good habits again.  Blogging Monmusu Quest: Paradox is keeping me disciplined in that respect.  Next step is to get #DailyWriting up and running again and make it stick this time.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this little tale.  I did say I had a few Eryx and Eunectis stories lying around.  With a bit of luck I'll get Succubus Summoning and Sandwiched by back on a regular schedule again in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. I feel myself like a crack-head desperately waiting for a fix. I would sell my soul to sexy and deadly dangerous succubi.