Saturday, May 16, 2015

Introducing: Okasare Kenny

Coming soon on this very blog:

Okasare Kenny

Ken Parker-Stone is on a quest.  That’s what Celestrico, a sexy devil girl with blue hair and bat wings, tells him.  She’s his faithful guide on a holy mission to slay the demon queen.

Ken doesn’t trust her.  This world feels wrong.  It feels like a videogame.  Worse, it feels like a hardcore Japanese hentai videogame.  Ken needs to find a way out.  This won’t be easy.  Standing between Ken and the exit are thirteen of the most depraved and perverted monster girls in the universe.  And they want to do some very bad things with Kenny.  Naughty things.  Perverted things...

Slight change of plan.  I was going to jump back into the world of Jackson in HRPG-World, but this idea has been straining at the back of my head for a while.  Rather than fight it, I thought I’d let it leap, gibbering, into an unsuspecting world (and at the moment I’m up for trying anything to get back to a regular writing schedule).

This is my attempt to out-Violated Hero Violated Hero.  Or even out-Xelvy/Delphinus Xelvy/Delphinus.  Let’s see what the little black cells can come up with when given free reign.

As I’m going to try to pin myself to a daily schedule in the same way I wrote my Let’s Play series of Monmusu Quest: Paradox I reckon the pressure and strain will induce the required level of insanity after a couple of weeks.  Should be fun.

ETA: And the first part is now up 


  1. That sounds awesome! I hope we have a lot of bad ends! :D

  2. Desert Eagle16/05/2015, 13:15

    "Violated Kenny". This is going to be interesting... >:P

  3. Considering some of the thing's Xelvy and Delphinus have done... I fear what kind of indignities you shall inflict upon poor Kenny.

  4. I wonder if he'll have some companions to get picked off. Would be a nice way to show various Bad Ends(from both an internal and external viewpoint) as well as justify continuation of the journey.
    I know that out of the aquatic trio, the Anglerfishgirl is the only who hasn't had a story done about her, would be interesting seeing the perspectives on that.
    Either way, definitely looking forward to this.

  5. Oh my god, you violated Kenny! You bastard!

  6. soo, you want to surpass Xelvy and Delphinus?

    you truly have set yourself a herculean task....

    1. Two words: Langolier Monstergirl.
      There's no surpassing that.

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    4. She's from Tokyo Gore Police:

      I won't be quite that gory - there will at least be sex first ;)

    5. Oh, I was wondering why there was only two halves instead of a tri-... whatever-you-call-it.
      So if this is going to lead to the bad kind of sex (Where there IS in fact sex, but something bad might happen, such as guro, death, or destruction of soul), then is this guy going to have multiple lives or something?

  7. maybe you can do girls you've previously used for curtain rooms. I'm kind of interested to see what what kind of bad end would happen if L’katipia had gotten front instead of L’hassia the spidergirl sisters.